Biblical Audio Commentary – America Worst Nation Ever?

Biblical Audio Commentary – America Worst Nation Ever?




If you’ve followed any of my work recently, you know that I’ve been reflecting on how Communism has impacted our nation for the absolute worst.  It appears that America began to be infiltrated by Communists from the USSR in the 1930s, and much of our foreign and domestic policy was heavily influenced in this manner.  The shocking fact is that in many ways, because of so many Communists placed at high-level government positions, we were effectively a vassal state of the Soviet Union.

That’s such a crazy statement that it’s hard to write and more so, to comprehend.  Confronting this declaration you might say, “Wait!  What are you talking about?  America is the land of the free and home of the brave.  Look at our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Think about all the good we’ve done in the world as the major superpower in these 90-some years.  Gary, you are just plain wrong!”

I wish.

As I noted in a recent Prophecy Update about the Deep State Swamp, the closest advisor to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt – FDR – was Harry Hopkins, a true-red Communist who basically took his orders directly from Joseph Stalin.  Hopkins for all intents and purposes was co-president with FDR.  Our policies as a result were geared toward what best benefited Stalin and Russia.

The vast majority of the Communist players who infiltrated our government and served our nation had the objective of making America subservient to the USSR and eventually bringing us down.  The purpose in this was to elevate Stalin’s Russia to greater prestige, power, and control.  They did such a good job that America capitulated to Russia in how we fought World War 2 and in the eventual logistics of handing over Eastern Europe to Stalin, whereas if we’d been our own man (so to speak), this would never have happened.  The war would likely have ended two years earlier – probably in 1943 rather that 1945 – with the resultant loss of many fewer lives.

None of the Communist rot was ever effectively dealt with in our nation, despite some valiant attempts to do so.  However, vital evidence was disappeared and/or critical communiques were stopped from reaching their intended recipients – both of which could have conveyed information regarding how badly compromised our government was.  As a result, the idea that Communism held such sway with us was laughed off and/or buried.

The Deep State Swamp that we know and love today is swarming with creatures that have allegiances elsewhere, certainly not to the ideal of our Representative Republic.  And that’s the real problem.

We have this concept of our nation because of our founding that we are good and righteous.  That was certainly true early on, but not now.  The problem is that we continue to be fed this lie, and we believe it.  Unfortunately, none of it is true.  What we knew as America – that shining city on a hill – has not been that for a very long time.

The Communist infiltration within our nation has morphed and is melded with the globalist fantasy of a One World Government.  I’d venture to say that 99% of the people who believe in the globalist ideals have either Communist roots or ascribe to Communist ideology.  But in this, they aren’t necessarily wedded to Soviet Russia any longer like they were in the beginning.  Many are tied to China, but it’s deeper than that.  Communism and globalism: these are ends unto themselves and are the utopia focus of those who hate America.

It used to be that we could say without hesitation that Communism under the USSR, China, and others caused those nations to be the worst examples of national identity.  They murdered millions of their own people and projected power (as China massively does today) in order to gain influence and control over other countries.  Their intent in this has been to access mineral and other resources for their own use.

In reflecting on all this, and considering what’s happening in America, I end up asking the question: “Is the United States now the worst nation ever to exist on the face of the earth?”

That’s a loaded one, isn’t it?

Well, just think about how we’ve conducted global affairs for a very long time.  We capitulated to Soviet Russia allowing it to enslave half of Europe for forty years while at the same time not caring that millions more people died through this obeisance to Stalin.  We have the Central Intelligence Agency, which has been working both at the behest of the highest levels of power in our nation and on its own initiative, to foment coups, rebellions, and wars worldwide.  This same CIA has assassinated world leaders. The idea is that the more chaos there is, the more we can insert ourselves militarily and politically so as to shape the ideology of nations.  We do this with the end being that:

  • This will eventually lead to a global government, and
  • America will exhaust its resources and become much less than it currently is

Within the borders of our nation, the CIA has partnered with other three-letter agencies like the FBI to facilitate con-jobs on the American public, such as with the Oklahoma City bombing, JFK’s assassination, 9/11, COVID, likely Lahaina, and so much more.  Why?  So as to provoke a reaction.  That might be the urge to go to war (e.g. WW2, Vietnam War, Iraq, Afghanistan); it might be to fight an unseen enemy (e.g. War on Terror, War on Drugs, COVID virus); or it might be to simply harm and destroy (e.g. East Palestine, Lahaina, unexplained fires and bombings at food production facilities, chemtrails, massive forest fires, etc.).

How did we attain this title of Worst Nation Ever?  I think that we can legitimately say that we achieved it these last three years, or perhaps cemented our claim to it.  COVID was developed in American bio-labs and then sent to China where it was released in some manner.  Through government protocols initiated by the WHO, CDC, NIH, etc. millions of people perished in hospitals – not from the supposed virus, but from drugs administered such as Remdesivir and Midazolam, and the placing of people onto ventilators that were amped up purposefully to blow out their lungs.

The so-called vaccines were developed under the loving and gentle guidance of the United States, one of the principal actors in this being Anthony Fauci.  As America goes, so goes the world.  Being intimately involved with the World Economic Forum and its Agenda 2030 initiative, our influence no doubt helped bring worldwide compliance in distributing these toxic jabs and killing many more millions.

To this end, early on we were getting some idea of the number of deaths in our nation associated with the shots.  Based on a prior Harvard study, we could say that VAERS – the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System – was undercounted by a factor of 1 to 100, likely the latter.  Thus with 30,000 reported deaths, the true number was probably much higher.  You could multiply that 30,000 by 100, and by coming up with 3,000,000, you’d have the more realistic death count.  Here we are a year from those numbers and VAERS as of 10-9-23 shows about 46,000 deaths; extrapolated this would be more than 4.6 Million.  The problem is that people have been dropping left and right in huge numbers – many young people.  These deaths aren’t reported in VAERS because they’re diagnosed as myocarditis, strokes, heart attacks, cancer, infant death, etc.  You can bet your bottom dollar that the jabs are the root cause, but there’s very little attribution to them.

I did a Prophecy Update several months ago about Depopulation.  Based on some very good inputs, it appears the world population is way down, far below the published number of 8 Billion; similarly the US population is in serious decline.  This is all purposeful and in accordance with Agenda 2030.  Who needs all those useless eaters?

The point is that it is America that is the guiding light behind the depopulation agenda.  It is our biotechnological products that are facilitating this and our worldwide influence behind it.  As to the world population, we may very well reach a level of 4-5 Billion by the end of 2025.  Let’s be generous: we’ll say that the world population will get down to 4 Billion only by 2030.  Likewise the US.  We should be somewhere around 100 Million in that time frame from our current 330 Million.  This being the case, America has, or will have, significant responsibility for the deaths of half of the population of the world – around 4 Billion people.

How does that compare with the Communist total of 100 Million?  Communism and what it wrought through other nations has absolutely nothing over us.

Given this sobering reality, what do you think?  All this kind of bursts the bubble, doesn’t it, about how “good” our nation is?  Are we there, or at least on track to be, the Worst Nation Ever on this planet?

4 Responses to “Biblical Audio Commentary – America Worst Nation Ever?”

  1. Reply Robin McCann

    I think America is the worst simply because it has been the leading nation in the world, no one makes a move without America’s approval. Further, California sets the trends that spread like brushfires across America then it does the same for the rest of the world. The trending sodomy started in America and it was legalized. The next step is to legalize sodomy against children. I’d say America is way worse. And just to clench it, America was founded on Judeo-Christian values. The it kicked God out of it. No, this is not the nation that I was born and raised in. It is not the United Stated of America. It is, in fact, the Divided States of Sodom.

  2. Reply Kelly Pearson

    All I can think of after reading this is “and they did evil in the eyes of the Lord” and it feels like the age of sorrows. But does it feel this way all over our planet no matter the continent? I wonder….especially now in the Middle East.

    Even so, Jesus come quickly!

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      I think this agenda is being perpetrated worldwide. We just happen to be the focal point and perhaps the most important target since they [the globalists] have to take us down to succeed.

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