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Biblical Audio Commentary – The Prophet’s Call

The Bible clearly shows us how a true prophet of God is called. More than that, it states how God declares when a prophet is His versus one that isn’t of Him. For a number of years in our current day we’ve had many among us who have declared they are prophets and apostles of God. Whether they acknowledge that they are part of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) or not is immaterial – they are. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, the odds are that it’s actually a duck, despite saying it’s an eagle. One such individual is the now very much disgraced Mike Bickle, founder of the International House of Prayer – Kansas City, a.k.a. IHOPKC.

Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 5-1-24 – Engaging the Text; Asking Pertinent Questions

This concept of engaging the text, i.e. the Biblical text, and asking pertinent questions about it has been floating around in my head for the past week or so following my Prophecy Update from last Wednesday in which I commented about House Speaker Mike Johnson.  If possible, without directly getting too deep into the one Biblical issue I raise periodically that causes angst and pushback, I hope in this Commentary to suggest a method of examining God’s Word more fully so as to really think about what it says.  In fact, I want to make the subject somewhat broader by looking at several Biblical issues that seem to cause people to studiously avoid deeper inspection and understanding.

There are three of these items I want to discuss.  They are:

* Gods mentioned in the Bible
* Promises to Israel vs to the church
* If-then consequences in the Old versus New Testaments

Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 4-24-24 – House Speaker Mike Johnson’s Descent into Darkness

When House Speaker Mike Johnson first started acting against his purported Christian and conservative principles, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt.  The first couple contrary issues were small, so I thought, “Okay, there may be a good reason for this, so I’ll not condemn rashly.”  Now I’m not a crazy political junkie, but I read a wide variety of news sources, primarily alternative and Christian.  I also still look at Drudge and Fox News to directly see the faux conservative mindset.  It was difficult to miss Johnson’s slide coming at me as it did from every direction.  What had been a man widely lauded as principled because of his deep Christian faith had become this political person simply not holding that line.  What the heck?

Awaken Biblical Prophecy Commentary – A Hard Heart

Doing what I do in this blog is a public endeavor that puts my beliefs and thoughts out for all to see. As you can imagine, that results in both positive and negative feedback. One has to develop somewhat of a thick skin to take the various darts and arrows.

One other thing I do on rare occasions is to comment on other people’s postings. It’s not a regular practice with me since I have enough to do without fueling more interactions. In recent weeks, however, I decided I had to comment and push back on something that was extremely derogatory toward God. He doesn’t need me or anybody else to protect Him, but there are times I believe we need to act as Biblical apologists.

Biblical Audio Commentary – Bible Stories

Over the years I’ve been doing these Commentaries, one of the foremost concepts I’ve constantly urged is that as true believers in Jesus Christ – especially those of us who are watching for His soon return in the pre-Tribulation Rapture – we should double-down on being in God’s Word each and every day.

Biblical Audio Commentary – Tree of Life & Eternal Security

What did the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden offer? I would argue that it provided eternal security. The problem God had with Adam and Eve eating from that tree after their disastrous bite of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was what that meant. They would be immortal just like all the other heavenly beings, except that the first couple would have a sinful nature.