Biblical Audio Commentary – What God is Doing

Biblical Audio Commentary – What God is Doing




Many of us in the pre-Tribulation Rapture community are convinced that 2023 is THE year.  This is it!  Before the year ends, we’re out of here!  I hope to God that’s the case.  I’m really and truly tired and fed up with this world.  For God to Rapture His true church and remove us from this evil and alien place right now would suit me just fine.

Despite a goodly number of us feeling in our guts that God will make this desire so, there are also some of us – a somewhat smaller number perhaps? – who think we’re destined to remain in the pigsty just a little while longer.  As I’ve repeatedly said, that idea gives me no pleasure.  I take no pride in the fact that I’ve been saying this for several years while at the same time many were predicting NOW! – this year! – right around the corner!  Yet here we still are.


My working hypothesis to date has been that God wants to loosen the grip of far too many Christians who won’t let go of this world.  We’ll come back to this shortly.  Certainly, there are numerous reasons God may be delaying the inevitable.  Of course, we ask: How much more sin and evil can accrue before God finally judges, which He must do?

I’ve spoken of how the fullness of the sin of the Amorites in the land of Israel had to reach a certain point before God delivered His people from their bondage in Egypt and subsequently rid the land of these corrupt tribes.  The analogy is the fullness of the sin of the Gentiles today.  Perhaps there is a level of wickedness that the world must reach before God acts.  In the same manner, perhaps there are a certain number of people that God wants to be saved prior to Judgment.  These two contrary forces may need to come together – to clash, if you will – for that glorious moment to be right.

Fleshing these factors out a little more may be helpful.

Pastor JD Farag in his Sunday, August 20, 2023 Prophecy Update discussed the horrific events in Maui the prior week.  In his view, with which I completely concur, Lahaina was targeted for destruction, likely with a combination of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and geoengineering, which may have caused the hurricane winds that should have blown west to east, to instead blow in an easterly direction.  These winds fanned the flames that were already causing terrible damage.  DEW are military lasers that can be focused anywhere and used to incinerate their target – exactly what happened.  HAARP radar array has been proven to be the means for causing droughts, earthquakes, and numerous other anomalous weather conditions.  What occurred here was not climate change – not an act of nature.  It was caused by evil men under the direct sway of Satan.  The globalists behind this atrocity are demon-possessed and will do anything to harm God’s creation in the interest of grieving God Himself.  Were there contributing factors like the electricity not being turned off from power lines and mismanagement of forest undergrowth?  Absolutely, but those were only contributing factors to the intentional destruction.

Why would God allow this?  Can any good come of it?  As to the first question, we’re freewill individuals who can choose to work with God or against Him.  Sadly, many have chosen the latter path.  Their wickedness has risen to such insane levels because Satan knows this is the end and that his time is short.  If it was limited when Paul wrote about that, imagine now how little time our adversary has left.

It’s the good that is important to focus on; to realize that God doesn’t leave us defenseless.  He is present in the midst of tragedies like this.  He is working through His people, both those on the ground administering direct aid, and with those who pray and/or contribute to the true relief efforts.  I phrase it like that because there are so-called relief organizations that are actually hindering the administration of assistance to those in need.  Be careful what you support.  I advise staying away from FEMA and the Red Cross in particular.  Plus, there are many scams being run.  Be wise and discerning.

The good that can come out of this that was intended solely for evil is the salvation of many.  You know the drill.  When we are completely broken and left for dead in the miry pit, if we call out to God, He loves to show up to demonstrate His might and glory, bringing bountiful blessings where there were only ashes in the embers.  (That might be a mixed metaphor, but I imagine you get the point.)

So this is the positive.  In the midst of death and destruction, hopelessness and grief, God works through His children to raise up people of no or little faith into something wonderful and miraculous.

Of course, a question that nobody really wants to explore is: How many more “Lahainas” will God allow?  If the evil perpetrated there brings so much good, might God stay His hand for a little while longer such that the cabal perpetrates some number more of these kinds of horrors?  That’s a not a very pleasant idea to contemplate, is it?  That could mean there are additional travesties like this that we’ll have to witness, or God forbid, experience ourselves.  That doesn’t thrill me one bit, but it’s a possibility – right?

Now, here’s the other angle on this Commentary relating to our fellow Christ-followers who seemingly prefer this world over being in Christ’s presence.  Note: I’m specifically speaking about those who are truly saved.

This whole thing about their loving the world more than what God has in store for us is highly disturbing to me.  Whether it’s because of wanting to see kids grow up and marry with grandchildren, etc.; or believing that through their political efforts the Swamp will be drained and the world will go back to normal; or thinking they’re going to kick butt in God’s Name during the Tribulation; or that they’ll simply be protected during this period of unmitigated disaster upon the planet while they cool their heels in their sustainable communities – one way or the other, they aren’t looking forward to Jesus appearing and snatching us away from this hostile place.

In these and other fantasies the post-Tribulation Rapture folks have, one thing stands out to me.  They are attempting to accomplish all these activities through their own power.  Yes, admittedly many pray for God to act and bring their prayers to fruition.  But, at the end of the day, they are working in this world to change it in their own strength.

What’s missing?

Frankly, I think it’s surrender.

Nobody wants to hear that we shouldn’t work to bring God’s Name back into society at large.  Surely, just as in times past, when the Christian community acted, God heard and provided.  The question is: Are the times we’re in now like those of the past?  I don’t think so.

According to the Scriptural standard, the morning sky is red and we know rain is coming today.  The fig tree is in bloom and the figs should be about ripe.  All the converging signs of the times are flashing WARNING! WARNING!  Thus, these really are different times, and that means another approach is necessary.

It’s always been the case that we should surrender to the Lord so that He will act – not that most of God’s people over the ages have been terribly good at that.  But again, what is it that brings us to our knees in this act of contrition?  Hard times.  Brokenness.

What if God wants all of our brothers and sisters in Christ to stop striving for this world?  What if He want us to stop trying to accomplish the impossible?  Why is it impossible?  Because Bible prophecy tells us that.  There is no relenting in this downward spiral toward the Tribulation.

Instead of all this effort to make the world a better place, perhaps God wants us to give it up.  It may be that this additional time that we are (ahem) privileged to endure in the midst of this evil, is necessary for those who haven’t yet concluded that life as they knew it is gone.  Perhaps only when a certain number of our brethren reach this mental and heart state will God relent and bring us home.  This really stinks – I know – and I hope I’m whistling in the wind.  But it could be a reality leading to another year or two of this mess.

Another quick thought: The Rapture as an imminent event has no preconditions.  Jesus said watch, stay awake, be alert; it could happen at any time.  Granted.

Do you know what does have preconditions?  The Tribulation.  All the technology, the people and the situation in the world have to be ready and ripe for the Trib to begin.  Israel, primarily, has to be ready.  Can we say she is?

We think the bio-technology supporting the eventual Mark of the Beast is completely ready, but is it?

In the spiritual realm, does Satan have all his players at the ready?  We have no idea.  It could be that God needs something more to happen in that realm for when He allows it to have free rein over the earth for a time.

All crazy questions – right?  From our perspective, or at least from some of our perspectives, we’re ready to roll.  Is God ready?  He’s kind of the primary mover and shaker behind all this, so that’s the ultimate test.

Only time will tell where all this falls out.  I’m hoping for the Rapture to occur sooner rather than later, but I also know that I have to rest in the Lord, patiently enduring, as much as I’d prefer not to.

As usual, the message is to me as much as to you.  We have to wait on the Lord and give Him glory in all circumstances.

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  1. Reply RobinL

    I pray JD Farag is right 😉.

    While many theologians believe more set-up for the Tribulation has to occur, I don’t. First, God clearly has a timeline He is following. He doesn’t wait on anyone, which is why multitudes of new saints will come to Him after the Rapture, but not before. He’s given the world ample evidence of what is underway, they can believe it or not, but time is almost up.

    I’m beside myself with some eschatology “experts” claiming that Satan doesn’t want to spend any time working on the MOB infrastructure after the Rapture so it must be in place before we are taken. (That’s some crazy logic, as if God cares one whit what Satan wants!)

    The groundwork is already well laid to implement the Beast System, especially when everything shifts because hundreds of millions of Christians vanish. Talk about a crisis that will empower the demon-controlled cabal! They’ll launch their totalitarian agenda at a dizzying rate and have almost zero resistance. It’ll be amazing how much they accomplish, and quickly, when we are gone.

    Everyone I follow claim they know what the “new world order” will look like in the context of the Tribulation, but I don’t think they do. They try to superimpose our current world into the judgements of Revelation, and it’s the other way around: the new world will not look anything like the old. Just one example: an average of 1.5 million people dead EVERY DAY for 1260 days. There are no words and there is no context or precedent for our minds to anticipate what is coming. None.

    Even the best imaginations can’t fully comprehend because it is too terrible to put into words. For Christians, the only people who do understand, we turn away from such things because they’re so painful to consider. We are commanded to guard our hearts and minds from the thoughts and practices of (extreme) evil.

    What the Lord has foretold will come to pass, and I pray we are oblivious to it in Heaven…or at least the worst of it.

    May it be today, please come Lord Jesus.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      I completely agree! Come, Lord Jesus. Make me wrong – please!

      BTW – Listening yesterday to last week’s Jan Markell hosting Holly Pivec and Doug Gievett talking about NAR: If anybody wants to impose their view onto the world, NAR is it. They mentioned the “Billion Soul Harvest” which I hadn’t heard of before. Made me think how that clashes with the depopulation agenda that has already made significant inroads. Fodder for an upcoming Commentary?

      • Reply RobinL

        I heard that inter view about NAR with Jan. I’d also heard of the billion soul harvest. Seriously! How’s that working out?!

        If the earth continued for another 50 years, NAR, WOF, RCC and the rest are so apostate they’d be “worshiping” by roasting babies on the white hot arms of Molach. In fact, probably a lot sooner.

        I’m so over this world 🌎.

  2. Reply GaryW.

    I would suppose we are like children who can’t wait for Christmas day to open their presents. I also would be happy if the Rapture occurred before I finish writing this. I also believe the time is ripe. I wonder just how much more evil the world can become before God pulls us out. Of course, it’s not my decision. As I read recently, there are no longer any breaks between the, terrible events (like weather, politics, etc.) that effect America. They just keep rolling in like waves. Too many people believe these events will pass and we will go back to “normal”. Perhaps they cannot face the truth of what is happening.

  3. Reply KimD.

    I believe we are going home this year. God has given the world warning signs after warning signs, how many more signs and how much more evil can keep compounding until the sleepwalkers finally snap out of it? It’s astounding to me that so many Christians continue to be so oblivious. I can only think that it’s willful ignorance. I believe only the rapture will wake them from their slumber. Remember that Noah had no takers after all the years of warning people.

    We are running out of “normal” (although nothing is normal about these days, it’s just that people keep acclimating like the frog in the boiling water) with all that is on the horizon and now talk is everywhere about more mandates and lockdowns this fall. If the times are to be like the days of Noah and Lot then we really need to be making our exit soon and very soon.

    We are commanded to watch and be ready. If all this chaos and evil continues to go on and on for a couple more years, how are we to differentiate which signs and warnings are important? How are we to discern how close we really are if we all keep acclimating and becoming numb to everything?

    Prophecy has an expiration, like Pastor JD says, the technology in the Bible does not advance past our current technology. The Artificial Intelligence that has been unleashed is getting smarter by the minute and Google developers recently said they are very worried about it achieving singularity. God will not allow that to happen. It’s the Tower of Babel all over again.

    It feels like time is up. Everything is pointing to our very soon departure and I think it’s very telling and reassuring that so many feel the same way.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      The interesting thing is that when we look around at the surface level, everything is very normal in a lot of ways. I’ve been watching the Little League World Series. How much more Americana can we get? And it’s a lot of fun, to boot. People are going to movies, restaurants, yes struggling to buy food and homes, but still trying. Builders are building because nobody wants to move and the resale market for real estate is sluggish. What I’m saying it’s all very much like the Days of Noah and Lot. They had a lot of weird stuff going on too, but ignored it, just like us.

      The main issue is the rottenness underneath the surface and how much of that God will continue to tolerate. With the garbage that’s apparently on the agenda this fall and beyond by the globalists, now would be a great time to go home!

  4. Reply Fred

    Hi Gary,

    A couple of things…I’m a staunch PreTrib rapturist solely bcuz I believe it is clearly taught in Scripture. Unlike many, it’s not on my mind that much. As much as I respect ppl like J D Farag I get a bit tired of the constant prognosticating regarding the event of the Rapture. It’ll happen when it happens. That would be like waking up daily and saying, “my death is SO close. Yes on one hand we should be mindful of our frailty but too often ppl end up setting dates. J D just did that again.

    I’ve taught Revelation numerous times at church and via my blog. The more I study it, the more complex it seems. Yet God has simply provided us with a basic outline. John witnessed more than he was allowed to write about and what he was allowed to write about seemed to be in analogous language. When I look at the first four judgments I see those things possibly occurring before the official start of the Trib (Dan 9:24-27). We just don’t know.

    Moreover with respect to your point about posttribbers wanting to be here for the duration yes, I know ppl like that and to me, it seems like some kind of “wait til I get the chance to be tortured and die for my Savior” mentality in which they’ll do so in their own strength.

    I think you make good points though that a combination of things need to occur before the Rapture and only God knows when they’ll line up. Christians DO need to let go of this world – come out of Babylon – and begin looking forward to life in His Presence. Ppl still need to be saved as well – the full number needs to enter in – and we are clueless as to that number.

    Even though there is nothing we are aware of that needs to occur before the Rapture can happen there are obviously things God is waiting for it it would’ve happened already.

    We’ll see what happens but we Christians seriously need to separate ourselves from this world emotionally so that we are not trapped and even overcome by it’s desires. Whether the Rapture happens today or next year, we must emotionally detach from this world. We will fear it less and see truth more clearly.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Thank you, Fred. It appears as if you may have much the same outlook that I do regarding the initial Seal Judgments. Bill Salus put me on to that with his Alternative View that perhaps the first 5 Seal Judgments occur before the official beginning of the Trib. Makes a lot of sense to me and I’ve spoken and written about it a lot.

      Bottom line as you say and I agree: the Trib will happen when it does (hopefully sooner rather than later), we need to be constantly watching, yet doing what God has set us to in the meantime.

      • Reply Fred

        Thanks Gary.

        Yeah even if first judgment, rider on white horse is actually AntiChrist, he’ll come out onto world’s stage slowly over time conquering and building his power base. The Trib doesn’t officially begin until he confirms a treaty with “the many” and that’ll take time for him to gain the power that gives him the sole authority to do that.

        In essence Christians could be here awhile longer before we are offloaded to eternity with Jesus.

        Personally I think we’ll see things worsen a great deal before our release from this world physically, which makes it that much more important to unshackle ourselves from Babylon now. I think the rest of 2023 and into 2024 is going to be economically terrible and with the growing wall of lies in many spheres, it’s clear that we’re heading for greater trouble.

        Then again this all must occur in stages before the world finally gets to the required mark in Revelation 13. The good news is that I believe the Church will certainly be gone by then. Unfortunately we simply don’t know how bad things will get economically and via corruption in many quarters before that time.

        The less we are emotionally attached to this world the less it will take is by surprise.

        Carry on👍🏼

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