Biblical Audio Commentary – Worst Nation Status

Biblical Audio Commentary – Worst Nation Status




A friend of ours from Switzerland and I had a spirited email exchange the other day.  We were “contesting” to determine which nation has done the worst damage to the world and particularly to Israel, America or Switzerland.  How’s that for looking at the world through a Biblical and prophetic lens?

My wife and I met Pia in Israel on our tour there in the mid-teens and subsequently visited her in Switzerland a year later.  Traveling to Israel, Pia brought her full-size keyboard on the plane with her.  Each morning when the schedule allowed, she led a number of us in thirty minutes of worship before the day’s activities.  Did we love this woman, or what?

Both trips were great, but it was so delightful when we went to Switzerland.  Her mother was in Italy and graciously allowed us to stay in her apartment.  In addition, Pia let us use their second vehicle to get around when we weren’t with her.

If you follow Pastor JD Farag closely, you might have seen the Thursday night sit-down interview he did with Pia when she visited Hawaii last year (2023), and she spoke about ministering in the Red-Light District in Switzerland.  Here’s a link to that discussion if interested.

You may know how fervent of a pre-Trib Rapture guy I am.  Well, Pia is that on steroids.  To give you a flavor of that, her email signature includes the statement:

Be blessed, any 1/1000000000 second now and Maranatha. (9 zeroes in that number)

That would mean any 1 billionth of a second in which the Rapture would occur.  Believe me, she’s looking forward to it!

After a couple preliminaries in our chat, Pia and I started talking about the recent eclipse.  She made the point that God is speaking through natural disasters to the entire world, not just to America.  We absolutely agree that the many prophetic signs ultimately revolve around Israel.  God’s Promised Land is at the center of end-times fulfillment, particularly because we are winding down on the Church Age.

Pia noted that if we survey the news, or better yet, get it from sources outside America, we’ll see that everywhere we look is being bombarded with earthquakes, floods, etc.  For the argument that Switzerland is the nexus of great evil, Pia points out that it does happen to be the home of CERN, the WEF, GAVI, and the WHO.  These are all incredibly wicked organizations all geared toward the creation of a One World Government and the eradication of billions of people.

Who knows what the real demonic effect of CERN restarting its Large Hadron Collider is?  This is the scientific research organization that has as its symbol of truth – or something – a statue of the multi-armed Indian god Shiva known as The Destroyer.

The World Economic Forum – WEF – is acting like the unelected head of all world governments and has decreed all nations will be in lockstep with its sustainable, transhumanist, Great Reset, Fourth Industrial Revolution agenda by 2030, six years from now.

The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization – GAVI – is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-sponsored initiative to vaccinate the world.  It has had particular “success” in this objective in third-world nations where its vaxxes have caused significant numbers of deaths and physical impairment, such as causing polio and many other terrible diseases.

The World Health Organization – WHO – operates under the auspices of the United Nations and is on track in May 2024 to create a worldwide pandemic treaty consisting of all 194 nations in the UN.  This treaty would cause all nations to cede their sovereignty to the WHO to combat any health emergency it might deem necessary to accomplish its goal of total control of all societies and cultures.

Switzerland plays host to all these organizations that collectively are dancing to the tune of the future Antichrist’s songbook.  To that end, Pia is absolutely correct that her nation has a valid claim to worst in the world.

One other thing going on with Switzerland is an upcoming international peace conference in June.  The Swiss president, along with Zelenskyy of Ukraine, interestingly enough, got together at the last WEF meeting this year to organize this meeting so as to bring together all high-level world politicians, including Biden, XI of China, etc.  No doubt they’ll be discussing how they can bring complete peace and security to the world.

The one positive that came out of Switzerland in the past as an initial force for good is the fact that Theodore Herzl and other Swiss in 1897 began the Zionist movement to create the new nation-state of Israel.  Their statement to this effect was:

“We want to lay the foundation stone of the house that will one day house the Jewish nation.”

Thus, Switzerland has an historical basis of having brought a positive benefit to mankind in doing God’s will in this respect.  Pia brought up these issues in contrast to my claims about America.  To this effect I said the following:

Yes, absolutely Europe and the rest of the world have incurred God’s wrath, and certainly in the case of Europe [and Switzerland], it has gone completely off the rails.  CERN is a great evil, as of course as the WEF, WHO, etc.

However, I think America has a special significance, and obviously living he,e I’m going to be more America-centric simply because I don’t see as much of what goes on elsewhere.  America plays an outsized role regarding Israel because of our having been a great source of good in spreading the Gospel in years’ past and because we’ve been Israel’s greatest friend and ally.  Those two things have changed dramatically.

 American leadership has always been corrupted and had very different objectives than the people of this nation; we just never saw it.  It has become very clear that we nationally are a source for evil in the world, having rejected God in literally every sphere of our culture and society.  Worse, as I make great pains to convey, we WILL abandon Israel and leave her on her own.  Nothing could be clearer, nor comport more with Bible prophecy.  We are no longer Israel’s friend and ally.  We are cursing Israel with our lips and our actions.  All that’s left is for God’s curse upon us to follow as night does day.  

 As goes America, so goes the world.  As goes our relationship with Israel, so goes that of the rest of the world.  Look at the incredible, unchecked rise of antisemitism.  It’s shameful.  This is ingrained in our government leaders, so why would they change anything?  

 So, yes, I believe America is highly significant regarding end-times prophecies.  In fact, I’ve been thinking lately that when Jesus judges the nations following the Tribulation, that America may very well be sent to the left among the goats because of how far we’ve turned from Israel.  All our past good deeds will count for little if we don’t give Israel that drink off water now, and we’re about to completely tell her she doesn’t deserve it.

 I don’t think it’s an accident that the eclipses crossed out America, particularly right at the point of the massive New Madrid fault.  We’ll see if my speculations line up with God’s timing – ha!  For some reason He doesn’t necessarily follow my timeline, but surely something is coming from Him at an appointed time.  And all the world will suffer, not just America.  The entire world is on the brink.  It’s only a matter of time.

In summary, my weighing of the evils done by both our nations still favors America as the one that will be judged most harshly by God.  However, there’s no doubt that when you’re the approving home to some of the most wicked organizations on the planet as Switzerland is, you’re storing up for yourself a lot of wrath.

Well, the Sheep and Goat Judgment that deals with the nations immediately following the soon-to-come Tribulation will certainly be interesting in this respect, i.e. interestingly awful to the recipients of the condemnation that Jesus will bring upon all those who acted against His interest.

As always, regardless of how all this proceeds, the world is spiraling downward.  It’s on a collision course with God, yet for those of us who love and fear the Lord, His deliverance by His snatching us away from this alien place is coming quickly.

Soon . . . Soon . . .

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  1. Reply Kelly Pearson

    The millions and millions of aborted children surely put another huge black mark on our report card, so to speak. I agree with you on the eclipse sign as well. Its coming…you can feel it in the air, see it in the skies and certainly hear it in our voices of dissent on just about anything and everything that is good, lovely and from God.

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