Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 4-24-24 – House Speaker Mike Johnson’s Descent into Darkness

When House Speaker Mike Johnson first started acting against his purported Christian and conservative principles, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt.  The first couple contrary issues were small, so I thought, “Okay, there may be a good reason for this, so I’ll not condemn rashly.”  Now I’m not a crazy political junkie, but I read a wide variety of news sources, primarily alternative and Christian.  I also still look at Drudge and Fox News to directly see the faux conservative mindset.  It was difficult to miss Johnson’s slide coming at me as it did from every direction.  What had been a man widely lauded as principled because of his deep Christian faith had become this political person simply not holding that line.  What the heck?

This Commentary is not intended as a hit piece, so I hope it doesn’t come off that way.  It is intended to examine what seems to be the real-time downfall of this man purported to have once been a very solid Christian.




When House Speaker Mike Johnson first started acting against his purported Christian and conservative principles, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt.  The first couple contrary issues were small, so I thought, “Okay, there may be a good reason for this, so I’ll not condemn rashly.”  Now I’m not a crazy political junkie, but I read a wide variety of news sources, primarily alternative and Christian.  I also still look at Drudge and Fox News to directly see the faux conservative mindset.  It was difficult to miss Johnson’s slide coming at me as it did from every direction.  What had been a man widely lauded as principled because of his deep Christian faith had become this political person simply not holding that line.  What the heck?


This Commentary is not intended as a hit piece, so I hope it doesn’t come off that way.  It is intended to examine what seems to be the real-time downfall of this man purported to have once been a very solid Christian.


We’ll examine this in some depth.  First let’s pray and read from God’s Word.






Romans 13:14

But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.


Romans 14:12

So then each of us will give an account of himself to God.


House Speaker Mike Johnson’s Descent into Darkness


  • With all the issues surrounding Mike Johnson that have come to the fore, I started paying attention to what Marjorie Taylor Greene, a.k.a. MTG for short, was saying.
  • I didn’t just believe her accusations; I checked things out for myself – that’s important: never take just one source as gospel truth.
  • MTG was extremely concerned, had spoken to Johnson, and gotten no assurances of change back to what he previously, supposedly was.
  • Coming out of that, she threatened a motion to once more throw the speakership of the House of Representatives into chaos by seeking a vote to dismiss Johnson.
  • She was excoriated on every side.
  • “Oh, MTG is a horrible person! She’s trying to throw the House back to the Democrats!”
  • Well, let’s examine this situation a little about Mike Johnson from a Biblical perspective.
  • After all, if judgment doesn’t start in the House of the Lord, i.e. if true Christians cannot assess and judge someone who professes to be one of us, but is not conducting himself in a righteous manner, then we are acting against the Biblical injunction to judge accordingly.
  • We don’t judge the world, but we are to judge those in God’s House.


  • If you’ll recall, the previous Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, ran into a buzzsaw regarding his continuing in that position because he was constantly acting against the conservative agreements he had made with the Conservative House Caucus members.
  • There was a motion to vacate him from being Speaker, and he was ousted.
  • The House then went into a prolonged series of votes until Mike Johnson finally, reluctantly, emerged as the person the majority of Republicans could either support or tolerate.


  • Why did the conservative members of the House like Johnson?
  • Very simply, he had a long history of working toward and living both conservative and Christian values.
  • It was assumed that he would promote and support Christian, conservative, and true Republican principles
  • I want to give you a flavor of this:


  • At the age of 12, his firefighter father suffered a terrible injury.
    • From what Johnson saw in his recovery, he deeded it miraculous and became a person of faith
  • He went to law school and volunteered with the Louisiana chapter of the Family Research Council
  • Later, he litigated cases and acted as a spokesman for Alliance Defending Freedom
  • He considers his work defending Biblical marriage and other cultural battles as being called to legal ministry
  • At another time he became a trustee of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention
  • In his political career he has consistently opposed abortion and same-sex marriage
  • His voting record as a conservative has been outstanding as this paragraph from his bio page on Britannica notes:


In Congress, guided foremost by his evangelical faith and belief in traditionalist family structures, Johnson has amassed a staunchly conservative voting record. As of 2022–23, he had earned lifetime scores of 89 percent and nearly 92 percent, respectively, from Heritage Action for America and the Conservative Political Action Conference (formerly American Conservative Union). Moreover, the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America organization’s scorecard awarded him an A+ rating.


  • In the aftermath of the 2020 election, Johnson repeatedly sought to advance the truth that it had been fraudulently stolen
  • Here is the concluding Britannica statement about Johnson’s elevation to House Speaker:


As the end of October approached, Johnson emerged from the chaos as a consensus candidate whose relatively short tenure in the House and rather low profile meant that he had yet to generate many enemies. His staunchly conservative ideological orientation and election denial satisfied the far right, and his gentle personal style was widely appealing. Johnson was considered to be a nice guy. It was even posited that he might be able to work well with the Democrats, though Johnson had ranked 429th out of 435 representatives on a 2021 bipartisan index released by the Lugar Center and Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy. 


  • As you can see, Mike Johnson has a long and almost storied history that would seem to indicate he would never advocate Democrat/liberal/leftist values.
  • Yet the evidence is clear.
  • This is exactly what he has been doing.
  • He has supported warrantless FISA eavesdropping/surveillance upon the American public.
  • He has completely abdicated from the necessity of our nation’s need for border control.
  • His closest confidante in passing legislation seems to be Chuck Schumer of the Democrats.
  • The latest example of this is his pushing for $60B in additional funding for Ukraine, working hand in hand with the Democrats to get this passed, and to even ignore House rules specifying a 72-hour period for review of the legislation.
  • No, it had to be passed after only 24 hours, and it was roundly opposed by the conservatives in the House.
  • For Mike Johnson, that almost became the reason for his pushing this bill.
  • One of the evils of this bill was the $300 million dollars allocated to Ukraine’s border security that would prevent any potential Ukrainian military conscripts from fleeing to Poland.
  • The visuals were even worse
  • Following passage of this bill in the House, many of the Democrats on the House floor waved Ukrainian flags
  • As one Democrat House member said, “The Ukrainian-Russian border is our border!”
  • Speaker Johnson must have been so proud of his handiwork
  • Border security for Ukraine but not for America.
  • That’s a real Biblical stand, isn’t it?


  • The one bright spot with Johnson has been his strong push in getting aid legislation passed for Israel.
  • I cannot deny that, and I’m happy to see it.
  • As I’ve chronicled incessantly, America is on a path of abandoning Israel, and this aid presumably delays that to an extent.
  • Because of this, he continues to have strong support from people I greatly respect such as Joel Rosenberg and Jack Hibbs.
  • However, despite how I love these men, they appear to be casting a blind eye to every other action against America that Johnson is supporting.
  • I appreciate the loyalty of Joel and Jack to their friend, but facts are facts.


  • Based on Johnson’s history of strong Christian values, it may be that this support for Israel is ingrained and won’t waver.
  • Yet, the cynical side to me questions– based on everything else we’re seeing about Johnson – if this is simply a bone thrown to the Christians and conservatives who understand the Biblical necessity of blessing Israel.
  • Maybe his support is true and heartfelt, or maybe he made a deal that he’d give the Deep State everything else it wanted if allowed to continue helping Israel.
  • On the other hand, there are even more cynical people than me saying that Israel wants nothing more than to incite Iran to war, and this funding for Israel that was also just passed (only half of what was given to Ukraine BTW) is the Deep State’s means to encourage Israel in that war with Iran.
  • I don’t believe this for a minute about Israel, but I do know the Deep State wants endless wars wherever it can promote them, so Johnson may actually be working in accordance with that initiative.
  • I simply don’t know about Johnson in this respect, but the question is whether one ray of light in all his actions is enough to continue saying he’s a good, solid, faithful Christian?
  • We’ll see what happens with future House of Representatives legislation, and what Mike Johnson does with that, assuming he’s not ousted in the meantime.


  • Given his now-consistent rejection of conservative legislation in favor of basically everything the Democrats want to pass, it’s a fair question to ask:
    • What the blazes is this all about?


  • In Revolver News, an article quoted Scott Adams – conservative creator of the Dilbert cartoon – as to what he thinks is going on.
  • He described the situation as one where the CIA got to Johnson in some fashion.
  • This is called “Congressional capture.”
  • Edward Snowden chimed in by saying:


This is a textbook case of Congressional capture. With a single briefing, the intelligence agencies routinely transform their most strident critics into the tamest of cheerleaders.


  • Revolver articulates what happens in this situation:


In short, “Congressional capture” is when lawmakers or legislative bodies fall under the heavy influence of outside interests, like big corporations, special interest groups, or US intel. These influences ensure that their agendas take precedence over the public’s needs. In simple terms, this means certain policies or laws that favor these groups are advanced, while criticism or resistance is quietly suppressed. Suddenly, their most ferocious critics become their biggest cheerleaders.


  • That’s all well and good, and is what happens with 99% of the Republicans who come to Washington, DC.
  • That’s not really necessary with the Democrats, because they are already corrupted at best and depraved at worst, but when conservatives – Christians, no less – get captured in this way, there’s an even bigger problem.


  • You’ll recall that Representative Madison Cawthorn – the guy who’s in the wheelchair – spoke out about being invited to sex parties and declined to attend.
  • He basically got drummed out of Congress.
  • Perhaps you saw James O’Keefe recently who “friended” a Congressional aide, who spoke quite openly about such parties.
  • This young black man was homosexual, extremely liberal, and worked for a Republican.
  • Go figure.


  • When people get elected and go to DC, of course they want to be known and liked.
  • They are invited to parties with the in-crowd.
  • One way or another, a whole lot of them find themselves in compromising positions – think Jeffrey Epstein videoing everything that went on at his island – and they are now ripe for CIA Congressional capture, also known as extortion or blackmail.
  • They should know better, DC being the sexual cesspool that it is, but apparently they don’t.


  • Is this the kind of thing that happened to Mike Johnson?


  • This is the dedicated husband and father of four, pro-family, pro-life, who has advocated free speech, religious liberty, Second Amendment, and free-market principles literally all his life.
  • Now he’s working for the Democrats, regardless of his nominal title of Republican.
  • Why?


  • Understand that I have no particular insights as to what caused Johnson to turn to the dark side, and make no mistake, that is what he’s done.
  • But I can speculate.


  • It’s very possible, as Tucker Carlson and MTG discussed a couple weeks ago, that Johnson may very well be under a blackmail threat.
  • Could he have gone to one of these parties and fallen into a serious sinful condition?
  • Could he simply have been drugged to unconsciousness and placed in such a compromising position?
  • Could he have been threatened with false exposure of participating in child pornography or sex trafficking that he didn’t think he could combat?
  • Given the DC neighborhood, all these are certainly possibilities.


  • There is also the potential that his family has been threatened, and that he feels the peril is serious enough that he’ll do anything to avoid harm to them.


  • It seems less likely to me that he would have turned completely around in his values with just a knowledge or power talk from the CIA, e.g.
    • “We’ll let you in the secrets of the universe if you only do what we tell you.”
  • No, that doesn’t seem reasonable to me based on Johnson’s past.
  • For some people who lust for such things, that’s entirely possible, but Johnson?
  • I can’t buy that.


  • If his situation is one of having deliberately sinned or mistakenly done so, the true Christian position is that of repentance.
  • Having fallen into adultery or a sexual depravity of some kind, whether willfully or by accident, it really doesn’t matter.
  • As a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, he should come out in the open, confess, repent, and resign.
  • Even if everything against him is false, he should expose it to the light
  • It’s as simple and as hard as that.
  • Assuming he is truly saved, and he’s got some sin that’s here and hidden, he must be laboring under intense guilt.
  • I can’t imagine his conscience.
  • In that vein, MTG told Tucker in their interview that Johnson complains all the time that he doesn’t sleep well.
  • Under this possibility with Holy Spirit guilt bombarding him day and night, I can surely understand why he wouldn’t sleep.


  • But what if his family is under siege, as it were?
  • They’ve been threatened, and he feels he must go along to protect them.
  • He may be in the political realm, but Jesus’ Words remain true:
    • If someone loves husband or wife or anyone else more than Him, then he doesn’t really love the Lord at all.
  • Where’s the point that Mike Johnson does the right thing and comes clean?
  • Sure, there is the very real possibility that if he does so, a family member will be harmed – let’s not forget how the Clintons and the rest of the Deep State operates.
  • But if Johnson is going to be true to Jesus and actually trust Him, should he not come forth publicly to expose those who are threatening his family – then resign?
  • At least he’d be faithful to his Savior, come what may.
  • I know, that sounds harsh, but the Words of Jesus stand above any of this earthly drama.


  • What I’ve discussed comes under the assumption that Mike Johnson is truly born-again.
  • Jack Hibbs and Joel Rosenberg as noted earlier certainly believe that.
  • Given his extensive work on behalf of Christian values from a young age, is it even a possibility that he’s not saved?
  • If that were the case, somewhere along the way he’d reveal himself.
  • It’s the fruit – right?
  • To pretend all these years would be an enormous strain in and of itself.
  • I find it difficult to go down this road, especially with his righteous friends not to discern that.


  • What we have then is a presumably faithful, fruitful Christian who has been compromised in some manner.
  • This Christian appears to be moving downward toward apostasy, if he’s not already there.
  • One of the tenets that I’ve maintained over the years is that when we see a pastor going leftward, compromising away from Biblical truth, the odds are that there is a sexual reason behind it.
  • It holds true with lay people as well as with pastors
  • One little sin, if not dealt with, leads to another, a tad bigger.
  • And so it goes, the slide gets steeper, the person moves further from a Biblical position, and pretty soon he’s in full-blown apostasy acting against the will of God.


  • I’m specifically referring to those who have been truly saved, but begun making poor choices that have consequences.
  • I know a lot of people cannot fathom this idea because of the Once Saved, Always Saved belief.
  • I respect that, but from my Biblical studies, time and again, I see that each one of us can choose to walk with God or not.
  • When we choose to turn away, it isn’t pretty.
  • I’ve dealt with this issue in these Commentaries many times in the past, and people hate the idea.
  • However, as I pointed out several months ago, if we don’t have the free will to choose to walk away from God, then the Calvinist belief is correct.
  • God brings to Himself whom He will and none of us can resist.
  • This is the doctrine of irresistible grace.
  • Free will is an illusion.


  • To this end, please consider Romans 11:21-23:


For if God did not spare the natural branches, neither will he spare you. Note then the kindness and the severity of God: severity toward those who have fallen, but God’s kindness to you, provided you continue in his kindness. Otherwise you too will be cut off. And even they, if they do not continue in their unbelief, will be grafted in, for God has the power to graft them in again.


  • Note the conditional aspect of what Paul says.
  • You who believe receive God’s kindness, but He imposes a severity upon believers.
  • Provided they believe, they continue in His kindness.
  • What does that mean?
  • It means they have a choice to continue receiving God’s kindness, or not.
  • It is a matter of will to continue in belief.


  • What happens if they don’t?
  • The otherwise clause kicks in.
  • If believers don’t continue in God’s kindness; in other words, if they reject it, they will be cut off.
  • This means exactly what it says.
  • It is complete detachment.
  • That’s pretty drastic in my book, but I don’t know how else to interpret it.


  • Notice however, the mercy of God.
  • If someone who has been cut off from God’s kingdom repents from his unbelief (meaning his rejection of God), then God can and likely will graft that person in once more.
  • To be regrafted means that he was in a position of no attachment before that.
  • He was lying on the ground ready to be gathered with the other dead branches so as to be cast into the fire for burning.
  • Think about this and the implication that I’m trying to convey.
  • The choice is ours whether we continue in God’s hand or not.
  • He will never leave us nor forsake us, but we in our flesh have the means to do so with Him.


  • As always, I point out that this is not a matter of works.
  • If it’s belief that brings us into a personal relationship with Christ – i.e. the ABCs of salvation – then it is also a lessening, then a letting go of that belief, a discarding of it, that causes someone to forsake his faith.
  • Do you have a better explanation for what’s happened to Mike Johnson given what we know of him?


  • Remember what Paul finishes up by saying in Romans 12:21:


Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.


  • Again, this implies choice on our part.
  • We must resist evil.
  • We resist the devil, and he will flee.
  • What happens if we don’t resist him?
  • He’ll stick around and not flee.
  • We choose to cling to Christ and His promises so as to have the Holy Spirit strength to resist Satan.
  • If we don’t, and instead we compromise with the world, the world will overcome us, such that we’re subject to Satan’s wiles with all the lies and deceit that come with that.


  • If we don’t have the choice to turn from God in salvation, then we have no other free will choices
  • If you don’t have one, you don’t have the other
  • We are God’s puppets to do with as He will
  • Think about this
  • We still sin even when we’re saved – right?
  • Then that means that God intends for and causes us to sin since we have no free will choice in the matter
  • In that respect, anytime we sin and even do so grievously, that comes from God making us do it
  • Thus, hyper-grace is valid
  • We can sin all we want – except that it’s really not us sinning – it’s God orchestrating that sin
  • If we steal, lie, disrespect our parents, worship other gods – in other words, break any of the Ten Commandments in our salvation – these negative actions are all the result of God’s doing it for His glory
  • Sorry, but that’s just ridiculous
  • You have to take these beliefs to their end-point to understand that
  • This another reason I can’t accept Once Saved, Always Saved
  • Taken to the extreme from the Calvinist viewpoint, which is exactly what it is, then we are not free will agents
  • That being the case, why did God even create us?
  • What’s the point of Him being a puppet-master?


  • I don’t say all this to tear down or discourage anyone in their faith, rather, its purpose is to admonish you – and me as well.
  • God is faithful, but we also have a part to play.
  • We must be faithful to Him.
  • This is a message repeatedly emphasized throughout the Bible, whether anyone wishes to see that caution from the Lord in His Word, or not.


  • I’m sure that as I was going along here and articulating various points earlier, a lot of you were nodding your heads and were in agreement, but with these last several paragraphs, you’re like:
    • “Whoa, I can’t go there.”
  • I understand that, but I can only call it as I see it, and if you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ll know I’ve been consistent and insistent on this matter.
  • I didn’t even mean to go here with this Commentary
  • I guess God made me do it


  • The real point here is the fall of Mike Johnson and his need for public disclosure and repentance.
  • Short of that, whatever his original and current soul situation is, we should pray that he’ll humble himself, turn to the Lord, and do the right thing in his prominent position as Speaker of the House.
  • There’s something very wrong going on, and hopefully it’s not too late for him to turn his life around and back to God


  • One truth in all this is that we cannot depend on any man to bail this country out of its dire situation.
  • The satanic Deep State is much too powerful for that.
  • The other truth is that our nation and the church of Jesus Christ have both adopted an anti-God, Christ-rejecting doctrine that only the coming wrath of God with His righteous plagues of Judgment will ultimately correct.


  • Time is running out, and those who continue in their evil ways will certainly find out soon enough that they will pay an awful price.

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  1. Reply Robin McCann

    Even if anyone or more of those reasons you mentioned as to why Johnson changed, would it not be better for him to resign? I never believed it was possible to be a Christian in politics simply because one’s faith is sorely compromised. If you do not conform, you lose your position in government and maybe even with some scandal. Conform and obey the god of this government and live a life of ease and lavishness. One shoe just dropped. Now we wait and see what Johnson does about it. Will he comply under the threat of fake scandals, or will he tell them to take this job and shove it as he walks away?

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      I agree. You’ll notice that was my end-game with all my speculative options. The man would be a lot safer in wherever his walk is with Christ to step away from that den of perversion in DC.

  2. Reply GaryW

    Fortunately, few of us get to actually see and be a part of what can be termed, “politics”. I think much of what we are seeing today has been in place since the days of George Washington. To say things were at one time “perfect” and now sin has invaded our government is to say there was no sin in 1776 and only recently appeared. We know this to be false. Not being a student of American political history, I would assume as time passed, Satan has taken a more active role in destroying America. I have no doubt in today’s world, the Demo/Globalists are possessed of zero integrity, honesty, or morals and daily slide deeper into the clutches of our old nemesis, the devil. Johnson must return to rule #1: Trust in the Lord in all things, at all times.

  3. Reply Robert
    The future:

    Leonard Cohen 1991. Fear the Lord Proverbs 3:7. I have found that living in fear of the lord reminds me in the moment by moment that I need to refresh from the distractions we see all around us. Just what does Repent mean? Who by Fire?

    This is a haunting version of what each one of us is fighting. Im on my knees. Thanks Gary. We all will have to answer at that moment to enter the presence of our Lord.

  4. Reply Roberty

    For me Gary, Its what you are doing in the word every day and moment.
    Mark 16:15 Go into the world and preach the Gospel to all creation. I’ll start here every day and try to keep in the moment. Then Im closer to God. Thank you for keeping the Choir tuned up twice a week. I very much look forward to your works.

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