Biblical Audio Commentary – Moral Equivalence

Biblical Audio Commentary – Moral Equivalence



In reading Diana West’s book American Betrayal, I couldn’t help but be struck with a disheartening thought.  What Diana chronicles is the decades-long, essentially the 100-year effort of Communism, to undermine American sovereignty.

Communism – to put it bluntly – is evil.  There is a reason that President Ronald Reagan referred in passing to the Soviet Union as the “evil empire” in his famous speech.  The ideology behind Communism is ultimately Marxism.  It is atheistic at its core.  Marx hated God.  If that seems contradictory, it is.  Atheists don’t believe in God, that’s why they hate Him.  That hostility toward our Creator is what drives the lack of morality and all the political decisions of Communists and the nations which practice it.

We all know how odious Hitler and his Nazi regime were.  After all, this little empire intended to last 1000 years and killed 6 million people, mostly Jews.  That’s appalling, and we should look upon that as a horror never again to be perpetrated.  (Unfortunately, a time is coming that anti-Semitism and the killing of Jews will likely result in a much greater death toll – for them. as well as for newly minted Christians in the 7-year Tribulation.)

Given this atrocity 80-some years ago, what do most people know or think about the horrors of Communism as practiced in the USSR – old Soviet Russia?  The sad truth is that the American public – although well-versed in what the Nazis did – have little understanding of Russia’s genocidal rage against its own people, or the killing fields of Communism throughout the 20th Century as a whole worldwide.

Were you aware that in the Soviet Union under the leadership of Joseph Stalin, he killed 20 million dissidents of his own countrymen, and millions more were sent to Gulags, i.e. extreme prison camps?  Did you know that the Communist tally when adding up deaths in all such nations, including China, Cambodia, Cuba, and more, total some 100 million people in the last century?

Do you feel that the same outrage against the Communist system that you do against the Nazi regime?

Probably not, and there’s a reason for that.

The history has been whitewashed because of Communist infiltration into the highest levels of American government for 100 years, and the supposedly free press in our nation has likewise been compromised to hardly ever say a negative word against this odious system.

Remember the issue of “McCarthyism” whereby Joseph McCarthy was endlessly mocked for his valiant attempts to expose how deeply ingrained Communism was in our nation, from the political sphere, to Hollywood entertainment, to the media?  It was all true, but why was McCarthy dismissed as a kook?

A lot of the reason goes back to the pulpit and the seminaries that were infiltrated and infested, but that’s another issue.  The American people were effectively brainwashed to not see what was there in plain sight.  A moral equivalence was put forth that America and the USSR were both big bullies and with no appreciable difference between them.  One or the other, it didn’t matter.

That led to a massive memory hole – as George Orwell would put it in his dystopian novel 1984.  What was true was discarded for the narrative of the day.  He who controlled the narrative controlled history which defined the present.

This was not only true in the past, it’s also true today.  If we think that the Communist infiltration of the American government somehow just disappeared in the 1950s after McCarthy, that’s a massive deception.  If Communism was as deeply present then – which it was – do you think it’s any less so today?  What do you think our Deep State is?  It’s simply the descendants of those Communists in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s in new clothing.  The campus radicals in the 1960s have become our leaders and thought producers.

This is a big subject, and I recommend you read American Betrayal to gain a greater understanding of all this.  It’s a dense book, heavily footnoted, but worth the effort.  You’ll be shocked.

Now, the point of this Commentary is that we have a similar moral equivalence going on today.  It’s everywhere we look in the form of sexual depravity.  Consider how much effort has been made of late to convince us that homosexual sex is morally the same as heterosexual intercourse – it’s just a little different is all.  Going deeper, we encounter the argument behind gender fluidity.  We are what we believe ourselves to be.  God certainly didn’t make us in His image, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many gender mistakes and the need to correct them.

Deeper still, we come to pedophilia.  That’s no longer a depraved, abominable practice.  Oh no, it’s just another form of sex for Minor Attracted Persons.  Man-Boy Love is simply another expression of our sexuality being worked out in a wholesome manner.  After all, children should learn to appreciate their bodies and the sexual act from a very young age.

With the release of The Sound of Freedom, we’ve seen this very dark side of those on the Left.  The criticisms of the movie make no sense, yet they’ve come from all angles of the Deep State.  Most horrific is the denial that child sex trafficking is a worldwide phenomenon and destroys lives.  What kind of people believe in the alternate realty that such a thing isn’t happening or that it’s good and beautiful?

Moral equivalence.

Where do you think all this originates?  It’s obviously spiritual; that’s a given.  However, as the book The Naked Truth by James Bowers lays out, this kind of immorality has been a long-held tenet of Communism with the intent of corrupting America so as to bring our nation down.

Here are three of the goals of Communism as laid out in this book:

#24 – Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

 #25 – Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

 #26 – Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

Could it be any clearer?  It is Communist ideology that has overtaken our nation, and it is the sowing of that effort which we are reaping today.

Just as the nation was purposely blinded against Communism and its evil, so is the greater population of the United States.  There’s no sense of right and wrong, of good and evil.  What that does is allow us to worship ourselves and elevate our evil desires into the place where we can’t tell the difference any more.  Self is all, and all we care about is self.

I guarantee you that God sees this, it grieves Him, and a time is coming very soon where He will act.  He will judge this unbelieving self-focused world with its God-hating heart of stone.  When He does, it will be righteous judgment.

The world has turned away from God, but He hasn’t turned away from the world.  He will make it right.  The utopia the anti-God cohort thinks they’re making will be seen to be nothing but the foolishness of man on steroids.

Only God alone can fix the world, and He’s on the verge of doing so.

Jesus Christ is our only hope, our redemption, and our deliverance from the wrath soon to be unleashed.

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  1. Reply RobinL

    “There’s no sense of right and wrong, of good and evil. What that does is allow us to worship ourselves and elevate our evil desires into the place where we can’t tell the difference any more. Self is all, and all we care about is self.” This is the crux of it. Our pride and rebellion are behind every sin under the sun. I’m truly sick of it all, my tolerance is on its last nerve.

    It is overwhelming to see how tolerance, love and acceptance, in all their twisted forms of depravity, are being mandated. Not just encouraged, MANDATED. “You will love and accept whatever we call ‘good’ or else.”So loving isn’t it?!

    This week I saw a FB post from someone I’ve known casually for over 15 years. She is totally New Age, in other words, lost. This is what she said “Wow the amount of ignorance & hate is astounding to me. The Pride group is hosting a drag show at the rodeo arena. People are calling for a boycott of the rodeo & saying ignorant hateful things. So they’ll boycott the bull riding & derby events. 🙄 Idiocy! What is very sad is the level of hate. It’s hard to believe there are entire small towns full of hateful people. They can’t fix their ignorance… Ugh!”

    She is the poster child for those who are blinded to the Truth. Totally deceived by the lies of the evil one. No where in her post did she ask herself why it was good and necessary for drag queens to perform at a rodeo. No where did she ask herself what might be behind the effort to feature a drag show, which is perversely sexual in nature, and why it is attempting to perform at what has traditionally been a wholesome family event. Nope, it’s all about ignorance and hate. They spout nonsense with no moral consideration. Their default position is “you do you” and we will all celebrate your (and our own) eternal destruction. Those who won’t are stupid and bad.

    Writer Paul Kengor came out with a book “The Devil and Karl Marx” a few years back. He makes a good case, based on Marx’s life and writings, that Marx was a Satan worshipper without coming right out and saying this. He wasn’t really an atheist, he was more likely a Luciferian. His own mother saw the wickedness in him and publicly claimed he was a devil. (We know people by their fruits.)

    Communists have been quite successful in a horrible, God-denying way. Just not in any sane and moral way of bringing about their promised, but 100% proven failed utopia. It is satanic through and through. Just as the Lord knew it would be as He has allowed them, in these last days, to move forward in their efforts. All for our ultimate good and His eternal glory.

    This sinful world is in its death throes.

    As always, today is an excellent day for the Rapture. Maranatha!

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      I read Kengor’s book. Marx & Satan by Richard Wurmbrand really opened my eyes to the satanic with Marx.

      Well, with your acquaintance (is friend too strong a word?), at least you get a bird’s eye view of what these people think – as if you wanted more – LOL!

  2. Reply RobinL

    I would describe her as a friend, but that last nerve I mentioned is pretty frayed.

    It’s clear we can’t expect the world to act like the saved. But being subjected to her distorted thinking, up close, isn’t good for building relationships.

    Yes, I understand that runs both ways.

  3. Reply Jim Eastman

    I remember my Civics Class in the 9th grade. The teacher taught a month long course on Communism and the evil philosophy behind it of Dialectical Materialism. I’m sure there not doing this anymore.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      I very much doubt it. A number of years ago at Thanksgiving dinner with all my siblings with my parents still alive and hosting, the issue of Elian Gonzales – the kid from Cuba – came up. Everybody else was perfectly fine sending him back from the States, but I kept insisting “They’re Communists. They’ll make a Communist out of him.” All pooh-poohed.

  4. Reply GaryW

    Man is born in sin. Therefore, his baser proclivities will rise to the surface. Without God and the Holy Spirit within us we would act on those proclivities. By the left’s attempts to remove God from our lives, they hope to return us to our Pagan past. I think people either don’t know or don’t acknowledge the fact our government is under demonic control. The Globalists work hand-in-hand with Satan to remove thoughts of God or Jesus from our minds and behave in ways that will only satisfy ourselves in the most base ways. We must keep our eyes on Jesus and never give in.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      I don’t think most people know about the deep penetration of the demonic into government and all other spheres of our society.

      • Reply Lonnie

        Not only not most people, but even enlightened folks like yourself would be hard pressed to believe that there are actually spiritual entities from the wrong side interacting with some of our military and political leaders/administrators in up-close and personal ways.
        The movie “Men who stare at goats” was based on a fanciful way of dealing with just a smidgen of this. I was at Ft Bragg active duty when some of this remote viewing etc was being experimented with, and there was an effort to drag me into it. God had mercy on me, which is the story of all our lives as believers.

        • Reply Gary Ritter

          Just goes to show that probably most of the things that are passed off as “conspiracy theories” are likely very much rooted in truth. Remote viewing is just one more example of the military – satanically inspired – worked to gain an upper hand. Sadly, it wouldn’t surprise me these days that it’s using such occult practices against the American people.

  5. Reply Lonnie

    My dad was and as far I can tell remains a Marxist oriented person that somehow claims to be a believer at the same time. No one could ever discuss politics or religion with him and that has always been the familiy mantra— “no politics or religion”. I have not made a secret of the fact that I believe very strongly if you can’t discuss these things within your family, you don’t have a real family. Obviously I was late to the truth party being raised by someone like this, but dad was the one who told me the Gospel, so there is that. All his life he’s appeared to me to be a person living out cognitive dissonance on the grandest scale as a Marxist Christian, and I guess that’s to be expected, but painful to live with or watch. But I certainly have some insight into the machinations of people that call themselves believers (not inclined to challenge anyone that claims a sincere belief on Christ, myself) and are Marxist/statist oriented in their thinking. Ultimately they see the state as the arm of God that would bring the world unity, peace and plenty, and maybe even salvation for more in that political transformation. History has shown us as you said here that’s nonsense, but even misguided believers still eat it up.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      If you haven’t read Marx & Satan by Richard Wurmbrand, it gives a really good picture of how satanic Marx was. Of course, those who follow him get a major dose of that. How do you rationalize Marxism with Christianity?

      • Reply Lonnie

        every other believer in the family is constantly asking themselves this. He even managed to retire from the army having spent most of his career in strategic assignments finishing at the NSA.

        • Reply Gary Ritter

          You might find this interesting – from Koenig’s Eye View Sept. 8, 2023 (

          When the church compromises

          By Bill Wilson, KIN Senior Analyst

          WASH—Sep 5—KIN–Mankind is constantly under Satan’s influence to imitate or replace God. Communism, for example, seeks to replace God with the state. It compels or forces people to comply with the government as the provider of all things. It appeals to the human sense of fairness by creating victim classes such as women, homosexuals, the environment and skin color. It equates communist values with Godly values. It promises utopia. But the Communist Manifesto calls for the abolition of religion, morals, property ownership and even marriage. So what happens when the church compromises with communism? Ultimately, communism turns on the church. Nicaragua serves as a great reminder.

          In the 1970s and early 1980s, the Roman Catholic Church, the Methodist Church, and the World Council of Churches quietly supported the communist uprising in Nicaragua led by Daniel Ortega. Nuns, priests and pastors had bought into the false promise that Ortega’s brand of communism would be best for the people and that Ortega would use the church to minister to the poor. The church was banking that it would get both money and support from the communist government to ease suffering and bring the gospel to the people. Ortega and the communist Sandinistas gained power, then lost power, then used the church, primarily the Roman Catholic Church, to regain power.

          In December 2009, my visit to Nicaragua was eye-opening. There were billboards all over Managua with the image of Ortega striking a god-like pose. The words “Christiano, Socialista, Solidario” are boldly placed beneath his triumphant outstretched hand. Christianity, socialism, solidarity–the marriage of Christianity and socialism in an attempt to convince people that socialism is the vehicle by which the Word of God, the acts of Jesus Christ, is expressed through man. This is the brainwashing of a highly religious people (73 percent of Nicaragua is Roman Catholic, 15 percent evangelical) that it is their Christian duty to give up their rights to the government. The Roman Catholic Church was complicit in helping Ortega. But today, the tables are turned and the communist manifesto is the rule—government as God. And the church is on the outs.

          In fact, Ortega has banned the main Jesuit order in Nicaragua and shut down the Catholic university there because it’s a “center for terrorism.” In response, the Jesuits issued an official rebuke, saying “This is a government policy that is systematically violating human rights and seems to be aimed at consolidating a totalitarian state.” They should have known that in the first place. Back in 2009, Nicaraguans warned me that Americans are falling prey to the same deceptive practices. They said trust and apathy will allow the institutionalization of socialism in America. Jesus said in Matthew 24:4, “Take heed that no man deceive you” (KJV). The Nicaraguans wish they had taken this advice. God’s Word and communism are incompatible. The church, above all, should know this. Some Jesuits are finding out the hard way and Americans should take heed.


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