Biblical Audio Commentary – Obfuscation: The Fog of Lies

Biblical Audio Commentary – Obfuscation: The Fog of Lies




Whether we look back at many historical events or we consider ones that happen today, there is something that is off about the explanation surrounding them.  Isn’t it common sense that if a tragedy happens, we can come to a straightforward understanding that satisfies most people?  Wouldn’t you think that Occam’s Razor should apply?

What is Occam’s Razor?  Named for a 14th Century philosopher, he stated that given two competing theories, precedence should be given to the simpler one, i.e. the principle of simplicity should apply.

That may or may not be true in these last days.  The issue becomes: What really is the most straightforward explanation that also rings true with what we know about the world?  Does it pass the smell test?  Are there any red flags that are simply dismissed?  Is an alternative explanation called a conspiracy theory?  This may be the most telling clue of all.  For some reason a lot of people want certain incidents to disappear from public consciousness or to explain them away with sound bites.  Why?  Is there something being hidden that you don’t want us to know?

Let’s take, for example, the horrific fire in Lahaina, Maui.  The authorities on every level were mighty quick to blame climate change, or worse, climate boiling!  That right there gets the old Spidey Sense tingling, doesn’t it?  What a bunch of Bul . . . , uh malarkey.  Dig into it a little and we find awfully strange behavior.  Hawaii Electric doesn’t turn off the power grid, the water czar is more concerned with offending the water gods than putting out the fire, the island’s emergency sirens aren’t sounded, there’s been no tree and brush undergrowth management, the authorities have been very vocal about electrifying the island and turning it into a 15-minute city, strange fire patterns were evident, the heat of the fires reminds us of King Nebuchadnezzar who had the furnace heated up more than seven times normal.  Then there’s the case of the children.

Strange, isn’t it, that public schools have typically been so protective of young children, that they wouldn’t release them to anyone other than an authorized individual, yet here all the kids were sent home.  Presumably it’s common knowledge that most of the parents work and wouldn’t be at home, so the children were released on no recognizance and sent to empty houses – when there is a bona fide life-threatening emergency.  Why send them home?  Isn’t there a hurricane shelter or similar to offer safe harbor in the schools?  And how about all the children that are said to be missing according to these same schools?  What’s with that?

Conspiracy theories abound – and with good reason.  Perhaps those who have voiced concerns about other incidents should be afforded more validity to what they say than just labeling it conspiracy.

If the fire was deliberate, a lot of these issues begin to make sense.  You know, those Lahainans were awfully stubborn when it came to Big Money wanting to buy their properties that went back ancestrally a long time.  Well, there’s more than one way to skin a cat – apologies to our own personal little furry boy.

I heard a disturbingly intriguing thought about the children – some 2000 of them at the time of this writing.  What if most of them didn’t die?  Rather, they were disappeared for human trafficking?  A dark story grows even darker.

A rather sketchy website called Real Raw News reported that Navy Seals discovered and saved fifteen of these missing children imprisoned in padlocked cages in a Honolulu warehouse.  Is this true?  With Real Raw News it’s hard to know, but given what we know about the pedophiles running our government, it certainly has the ring of truth.  If so, might there be hundreds more of these children likewise squirreled away for child sex trafficking purposes?  Was the appropriation of children a secondary objective in this whole devious and satanic scheme to destroy Lahaina?

Whenever obfuscation abounds, it’s a good rule of thumb to figure that the truth is crushed under a mountain of lies.  To obfuscate is to make obscure, to darken, or to confuse.  That fits well, doesn’t it?

Corey’s Digs published an article that discussed various uses of orbiting satellites.  Apparently in 2020 Australia experienced numerous wildfires.  Here’s what the article stated about this:

The trajectory of Australia’s bushfires leads from Brisbane, along the Gold Coast, down to Melbourne in a relatively narrow cache of land. It was observed by some people that the line of devastation followed the route of a planned rail link of so-called Smart cities. Posts on Facebook showed photos of laser-like beams of light entering the blaze zones, leading to speculation that directed energy weapons were being deployed from space to initiate targeted firestorms.

That goes to the heart of the suspicions about the source of the Lahaina fire.  There is no doubt that Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) exist and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has been working on this for many years in the arena of low-earth satellites.  When Ronald Reagan first proposed the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) in the late 1980s, this was laughingly dismissed as Star Wars technology.  It was originally conceived as using space-based lasers.  However, “little has been said about their effectiveness if deployed from low-orbit satellites or whether the technology has been improved upon.

The UN has a foolish – but very serious – program called the Methane Alert and Response System designed to – yes, find those pesky sources of methane emissions all around the globe.  Here’s what they say about this:

“We are using satellites that have high spatial resolution and possess the ability to zoom in on the source of the methane emission. With more satellites and instruments at our disposal, our ability to use these technologies is increasing and improving dramatically.”

Note the high spatial resolution whereby they can zoom in directly on the source.  Gosh, combine that with laser DEW technology and they could zap individual cows from their low-earth orbit.

It makes one think about the individual boats burning in the Lahaina harbor, the very odd ring of fire around the city, and how all houses in a neighborhood could be burnt to a crisp, yet one waterfront property completely surrounded by these fires escaped completely untouched.  Or the blue colored items that weren’t touched – like beach umbrellas immediately adjacent to a burned building.  Likewise, how about the numerous trees that weren’t touched despite being next to or surrounded by inferno-like house fires?

It all becomes curiouser and curiouser, doesn’t it?  Anomalies of different sorts abound in other prominent events.  Without getting into them, but to name just a few, we have the “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein where the cameras all suddenly stopped working and the guards were all asleep.

There’s the strange destruction of the Georgia Guidestones.  Somebody blows them up overnight, and the next day the remains are immediately cleaned up without so much as a real investigation.  Say, whatever happened to the Time Capsule said to be buried under them?  I wonder who might have made sure to grab that?  Of course, the official narrative was that no Time Capsule existed because the authorities couldn’t find it.

We have the totally-not-strange death of Obama’s beloved paddleboarding chef, of whom some reports stated that he was naked at the time.  Why didn’t he just grab the paddleboard when he fell off?  He knew how to swim – that became clear as images showed him taking lessons and doing quite well.  Then the Obamas weren’t home at the time he died; oops, then they were.  The person that made the call was a mystery until it turned out that a Secret Service agent did.  One wonders if the chef might have had an extracurricular affair with Michelle (a.k.a. Michael, as some suspect) or even one of the Obama girls – none of which went over well with someone, thus leading to this suspicious death.

We could go on with the Oklahoma City bombing some years ago, JFK’s murder with its many unresolved issues, the 9/11 whitewash of evidence, even FDR’s foreknowledge of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor.

It seems that inevitably a cover-up is taking place – one that occurs at the highest levels.  And that brings us to the punchline.  Our trusted, beloved government has proven itself unworthy.  More than that, it has shown a disdain for the American public.  People in very high places have their own agenda, and it’s not to advance the interests of our nation.  This has been going on for a very long time.

I’ll give you a hint what’s behind this – aside, of course, from the demonic influence.  Staying in the natural realm for the time being, these many incidents – and no doubt lots more – are the result of Communist infiltration in our nation.  The Deep State has almost limitless depths because so many people in the bureaucracy are loyal to the cause of Communism.  Please see my Prophecy Update on this subject titled The Deep State is More Than a Swamp linked here.  This has been going on since the 1930s.  It was never rooted out.  It was bad then.  The ideological descendants of these traitors continue to this day in massive numbers.  It’s one reason why America can never be redeemed.  The number of patriots is few and far between in the lofty heights of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of our government.

They have their own agenda.  It is not to make America great.  Rather, its purpose is to subjugate us under a Communist regime that looks like a jackboot grinding someone’s face into the gravel.

Only Jesus Christ can restore us.  That will only come after all this plays out in the Tribulation.  It’s why we should be looking forward to Christ’s return.  Then, and only then, will we have peace, because those who desire our demise will have been demised themselves – if we can put it that way.

This world as we know it is finished.  Why would anyone want to try to fix it?  That misguided objective will soon be corrected by Jesus when He appears for us.  Lord, come quickly.

8 Responses to “Biblical Audio Commentary – Obfuscation: The Fog of Lies”

  1. Reply RobinL

    As we know, Jesus repeatedly warned us not to be deceived in the Last Days. He always means what He says, His yes means yes and His no means no.

    GREAT DECEPTION is rampant, worse than anyone could imagine. How clueless I, and many like me, were before C-19 struck us. “Two weeks to flatten the curve” meant more like 104 weeks, and unbelievably, they are bringing it back again soon. Satan always overplays his hand.

    To those who are still asleep to all that’s underway, I pity you. Daniel 12:10 says “Many shall purify themselves and make themselves white and be refined, but the wicked shall act wickedly. And none of the wicked shall understand, but those who are wise shall understand.”

    The greatest wake up call in world history is coming in the Rapture of the Church. Please, Lord, get us off this planet and safely into your arms, the One who loves us most.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      COVID was absolutely a wake-up call for us. Now we look backward and see how terribly we’ve all been deceived over the years.

      • Reply RobinL

        Every time. When you finally see what’s hidden, you can’t unsee it; we won’t be fooled again.

        God is so gracious to wake us up and allow time for those who weren’t already Believers to repent and come to Him in saving faith. Countless numbers of people have died since March of 2020 as a result of the jabs, and countless more will follow, but I believe many more people have come to Christ.

        His plan, His ways, His timing. He alone sees all and knows what is truly best. Romans 8:28 all the way.

  2. Reply Peggy

    Gary, not getting into detail here, but you know I believe every word in this commentary for good reason. Experience is the finest teacher. Folks, if you are not already hearing and seeing, listen to this audio again. Then look around you. I suspect most of Gary’s viewers are wide awake, but if this commentary awakens even one soul, it is one soul saved.

  3. Reply suzanneamyswift

    God is truth. Satan is the author of confusion. If someone tells me an exaggerated story… the F-35 for example I am immediately suspicious.

  4. Reply Beccy Kramer

    Dear Gary
    I listened to a Calvary Chapel pastor whose church was on Lahaina. He was with JD Farag on Thursday. He didn’t mention anything about the “missing” children. JD brought it up a while back but since then I haven’t heard anything else from him either. I wonder what the true story is regarding the kids? Like you said when these disasters happen it is almost impossible to make any sense of any of them or sort them out. I am praying every day for Jesus to come get us because until He does… These things are going to continue. Let the globilists have their sinsick wicked world… they will probably REALLY be mad when all the kids really do disappear right into the arms Jesus. Then they are just stuck with each other. Come quickly Lord Jesus… You are the only one who can rescue us from this evil world. Take care Gary and God bless.
    Beccy Kramer

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      We wanted to listen to JD’s discussion with Steve Santos and forgot, so thanks for reminding me! The thing with the children is so dark and crazy who would believe it? But… but…

  5. Reply Jim Eastman

    The plot continues to thicken. Many people are now getting, or dying of cancer, especially those who took the jab. Their immune systems have been compromised because of mRNA. We’ve got to hang in there until the end to save as many as possible by giving them the gospel message.

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