Biblical Audio Commentary – American Treachery Against Israel & Consequences

Biblical Audio Commentary – American Treachery Against Israel & Consequences




Yes, I’m commenting about Israel a lot these days, and with good reason.  Israel is at the absolute center – the literal heart – of end-times Bible prophecy.  Anyone purporting to teach Bible prophecy should maintain a clear focus on Israel.  Failing to do so misses the point as to what God intends to accomplish in this world.  It creates an erroneous eschatology which leads to bad theology.

Among other bits of news coming out of Israel these days is that there are supposedly tens of thousands of protesters and rioters demanding the ouster of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Their purported reason for the theoretical massive amounts of unrest is to force Netanyahu to do whatever is necessary to bring the remaining hostages home that were taken prisoner by Hamas in their terrorist attack on Israel October 7, 2023.

You’ll note the language I use describing all this.  Facts, as usual, matter, but they have become immaterial to the leftist narrative, both in Israel and the United States.  Make no mistake, this demand to take down the prime minister because his government is anti-democratic, filled with corruption, and refuses to negotiate in good faith with Hamas to bring home the hostages is all a ruse.  It’s just part and parcel of the unending lies that we get these days.

The number of protesters/rioters is far fewer than what has been portrayed by the leftist media wherever it makes its home.  Rather than 100,000 people showing up in one particular incident to light bonfires on major traffic arteries, conduct assaults on ultra-Orthodox Jews as well as police, threaten to murder Netanyahu, and even storm police barricades at his home – the actual number of these malcontents based on aerial photographic evidence – was more likely around 10,000 people.

Joining in with all of these leftist rioters have been relatives of 10 of the 134 hostages – 10.  All the rest of the families of the hostages – whether released, dead, or still in captivity – have not joined in these protests.  Thus, 7% of the affected families have been participating, yet it is made to seem like a huge majority is disaffected with Netanyahu and the actions of the Israeli government regarding Hamas.

The reality is that some 80-85% of the Israeli population – even including Arab Israelis – is dead set on the eradication of Hamas as the only means for Israel to continue existence going forward.  Coincidentally, about 80-85% of the so-called Palestinians in Gaza and Judea-Samaria support Hamas, and think that the rapes and murders done to innocent Israeli civilians were justified.   Good luck with a two-state solution.

The rationale behind this small group of malcontents determined to overthrow the duly-elected government of Israel is highly pernicious.  Caroline Glick, in her usual stellar reporting, in an article titled “The Biden administration’s war against the government of Israel” notes the following quoted declaration by these 10 relatives of the hostages:

“To return our loved ones, we have decided to work in the service of Hamas. We are demanding that the Israeli government accept the organization’s demands immediately. If not—we will burn the country down.”

Does this shock you?  These Jews in Israel have stated that they are so serious about their demands that they will work hand-in-hand with Hamas, the very terrorists who have caused these people to have the distress that they do.  They will stop at nothing, even to the burning down, i.e. the total destruction, of their nation.

That’s obviously bad enough.  It has been validated that the leader of the rioters has been in contact with the Biden White House.  This man has had serious conversations with the Biden Regime regarding its four-part plan to overthrow the Israeli government.  These four parts include:

 . . . [1] actions on the ground in Gaza; [2] the use of the U.N. Security Council; [3] extortion of government ministers; and [4] mass protests.

[1] actions on the ground in Gaza:

You’ve probably seen the news that the US is building a floating dock to serve as a port for the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza.  That’s specious in itself, but the real intent of this port is to rebuild Gaza.  And that is with or without the assistance of Israel.

Just think about that.  Whether people like it or not, Gaza is a territorial part of Israel.  What if China decided to build a floating port leading to San Francisco to provide assistance against the terrible scourge of fentanyl in the city – which BTW they created?  What if China’s real intention was to annex San Francisco because there are so many Chinese people there that it might as well be an extension of China like they view Taiwan?  Is there any right-minded citizen who would look favorably upon that?

That’s basically the deal with American interests superseding those of Israel in Gaza.  What do we want?  What’s the bottom line with the Biden crew?  They want Hamas to continue to exist and to once more rule over Gaza.  Israel and her security interests be damned.

[2] the use of the U.N. Security Council:

We’ve seen this one play out in recent days.  The resolution that was just voted on in the UN Security Council, which demanded an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, very likely originated from the US itself.  We abstained in that vote rather than vetoing it.  That means the resolution passed.  Because Israel has no intention of abiding by this resolution, she will likely come under further criticism and censure.  Our disgusting and cowardly abstention makes it quite clear that we have no intention to side with Israel.  This is not only a stain on America, it will have disastrous consequences, not for Israel, but for America.

[3] extortion of government ministers:

The government officials in Israel are being pressured to capitulate to these demands.  They are being threatened by being charged with war crimes.  Beyond that, they will be targets for economic sanctions, whereby the assets of wealthy individuals and political parties will be frozen.  For their resistance to these threats, they could become potential international fugitives.  That’s how crazy this all is.

[4] mass protests:

This is where we started in this Commentary.  Here is a quote from the leader of this contingent who had meetings with White House officials.  In these meetings the Biden administration promised that it is moving the center of gravity in this effort to come against Israel to this dissident group leader and his fellow riot chiefs.

“And the most important thing? Us, and President Biden’s request from us: The American method of dealing with misbehaving states, includes the destruction (economic and legal) that is centered on the leadership on the one hand, and driving a wedge between “the nation,” and “the leadership.” In our case … for this to work—the nation of Israel must show (in the streets!) that it is fighting the leadership. … The American administration needs to see the nation in Israel fighting the government of Israel.”

The new mantra of the protests, he said, must center on the hostages.

“The most urgent task is the return of the hostages, and the way to return the hostages is by replacing the government, [which equals] setting a date for elections now.”

Because this effort to take down Netanyahu and the coalition government, if not to also destroy all of Israel, is happening in real time, additional news keeps coming to light.  These leftist protesters stormed the Knesset, i.e. the Israeli governing body, demanding the return of the hostages. Remember, this a ruse.  It’s very real that presumably some hostages remain alive in captivity and could be rescued, but the real intent is to bring down the right-wing government and replace it with one that is far to the Left and completely submissive to America and the global Deep State.

Adding to the chaos is Benny Gantz, who Netanyahu graciously appointed as part of the Israeli war cabinet.  He has now called for early elections in Israel – in September.  Regarding this, he said in a speech:

“Setting such a date will allow us to continue the military effort while signaling to the citizens of Israel that we will soon renew their trust in us.”

According to Gantz, elections at this time will “maintain unity.”

Adding his voice to this, Ehud Barak said that his goal was to use mass protests as a pressure lever to bring about early elections to replace the Netanyahu government.  “My message is elections now.”

Perhaps Barak’s name rings a bell with you.  I’ve previously discussed how his leadership as prime minister and as Intel chief significantly weakened Israel, likely leading to the October 7 atrocity.  Now he’s declaring how weakening Israel further by working with Hamas, at the behest of the American government, will bring Israel together.  Give me a break.

Do you wonder why I keep saying that the US will eventually abandon Israel by stopping all arms shipments?  That effort keeps moving forward.  Every other day we see indications of this.

Do you wonder why I say that America is in God’s crosshairs as the subject of His wrath because we are cursing Israel through our many actions against her?

By fomenting a leftist revolution in Israel, America is working diligently to become her worst enemy.  In one sense, we are conducting a proxy war against Israel.  Let that sink in.  Such treachery will not stand.  God will deliver Israel and punish our nation.

My speculation in this regard is what I stated in a Bonus Biblical Commentary that I released on Sunday, April 7, one day before the Great American Eclipse.  Perhaps God is giving America a 40-day reprieve like He did with Nineveh following Jonah’s preaching that resulted in the city’s repentance toward God.

The difference between then and now is that the people of the day recognized the sign of the eclipse as a warning from God and took it very seriously.  What do we do?  We treat the eclipse as entertainment.  There is no sense of impending judgment on the part of the masses.  Don’t expect America to repent any time soon.

On the other hand, those who recognized the eclipse as a significant event were occultists.  They saw it as an opportunity to call upon their gods and to unleash their unholy terrors upon America and the world.

The combination of our lack of concern plus the New Age desire to tear down the existing structure of the world and all that God conceived and created, may very well have been the final domino falling into place for God to begin unleashing His wrath.  I think it could be quite interesting to see if anything of significance occurs on or around May 21-22 which is our possible 40-day window which correlates with the second-chance Passover for Israel.

The New Madrid fault is still out there and waiting for the right moment to erupt as a major earthquake.  It’s not a matter of if, but when.  Our marriage anniversary is right around that date.  I can tell you unequivocably that we will not be celebrating anywhere near southern Illinois.

All that I’ve spoken of here points to a very soon coming of the 7-year Tribulation.  Many people can almost feel it.  It’s coming, but before that we in the true church who love Jesus Christ as Lord, and rightly fear Him with great reverence, will be removed from this God-hating world.

I leave you with two verses from Scripture:

Nahum 1:2

The Lord is a jealous and avenging God;
the Lord is avenging and wrathful;
the Lord takes vengeance on his adversaries
and keeps wrath for his enemies.

Romans 5:9

Since, therefore, we have now been justified by his blood, much more shall we be saved by him from the wrath of God.

God’s enemies are those destined for wrath and thus to enter the Tribulation.  God’s children saved by grace have no part in that wrath and will be saved from it.

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  1. Reply Robin McCann

    Have you seen this?

    You can tell he’s angry!

    I have the same feeling about the New Madrid fault. It’s just mind blowing how the intersection of the criss cross of the 2017 and 2024 eclipses is over New Madrid, Missouri.
    I’m just trying to put the puzzle pieces together based on the prophecies. Whether or not they fit is yet to be determined. I’m a ‘waite and see’ kinda person.

  2. Reply GaryW.

    Great article. Every word so very true. Sadly, for most people it will blow over their heads, be ignored, or received like everything else related to prophecy, with indifference. The truth cannot be ignored. Some will realize this a tad late.
    Meanwhile, I’ll keep enjoying the articles written by you and all the other prophecy “nuts”.

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