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Flying Dollars

Book 2 in the Panic Series

Flying Dollars is the second of three books, each of which contains a collection of twenty short stories. Each story is a very short read of only two to three minutes. All were written in response to a Christian writing challenge contest over the course of a year. They provide an eclectic range of fiction from drama, suspense, humor, social and political commentary, to take-offs on Biblical stories.

These stories provide a look at life through a Christian worldview, which is a framework of ideas and beliefs that a follower of Jesus Christ often uses to interpret the world and interact with it. If a person sees life through the lens of Scripture, then he’s using a Christian worldview.

If you’re already a Christian, this book should entertain you and provide some thought-provoking moments. If you’re not a Christian, perhaps you’ve wondered how a true follower of Jesus Christ perceives the world around him. This book will give you insight into that.

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“I’ve heard some grumbling lately,” Deacon Barnes said.

“Grumbling? You mean gossip?” I asked.

“It may not have reached that general level,” the deacon said, “but it’s certainly among the major donors.”

I sat up straighter. This would never do. Deacon Barnes, along with the eleven other deacons and me, were in our weekly Board meeting. As pastor of the church I was responsible for shepherding the flock and keeping them from the rocky cliffs. If people were unhappy for some reason, particularly those whose contributions kept the church from tumbling over the financial edge, I needed to deal with the issue. “Any idea why there’s unrest?”

Deacon Stout cleared his throat. “It’s been whispered to me that your sermons are disturbing some people.”

“Oh my.” I was a younger pastor who had come into this older, well-established church determined to theologically shake things up. In my zeal I hadn’t considered the ramifications. In our meeting we had just reviewed the church budget. Our finances weren’t good.

Membership had been dropping with expenses skyrocketing. Several years before I came to the pastorate the Board had approved an adjustable rate mortgage. It had adjusted dramatically upward. Because of that and unexpected major repairs to our building we were in trouble.

My preaching had shaken things. No doubt. It made people uncomfortable. I saw that, but figured God would change their hearts. Instead, many were leaving, and those left were threatening to withhold money…


Kitchen Ladies: “I enjoyed this story. The Kitchen Ladies had the last word as you had to bow to their demands. Just a little lesson in humility.”

Captive: “So terrifying – because we know it could be true! Any child that lives through the horrors of war loses their childhood. I pray for the Christians around the world suffering for their faith.”

False Pursuit: “Wow, what a fantastic entry. I was positive this was a real life tale, but the ending, which is biblically accurate, though confirming this wasn’t a true story YET, it will be for many come Judgment Day. This is a sobering message, and you’ve highlighted so well how everyone is in danger from their pride. We cannot be lax with the true state of our souls.”

Test of Faith: “A gripping, chilling tale, with a powerful example of faith.” “Fantastic! I felt like I was there. My heart is still pounding a little bit.”

“I have given them Your word and the world has hated them, for they are not of the world any more than I am of the world.”

– John 17:14