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Biblical Audio Commentary – No Need for God or To Fear Him? – Think Again

The sudden “unexpected” emergence of antisemitism throughout the world has caught people by surprise. Who could have guessed that so many individuals and governments harbored such rabid hatred for the Jews? Whatever happened to “Never Again!”? The answer and reality is that all this goes hand-in-hand with the rejection of God.

Awaken Biblical Prophecy Commentary – Deceptively Normal

Before I get started today on this specific Commentary, I wanted to take a minute to briefly mention something else.  The Israel Guys – whom I’ve favorably mentioned at various times for their reporting on the events going on in Israel – have been promoting an Israel conference for a couple months that will take place in Nashville, TN next week beginning May 20.  The Israel Summit was scheduled to be held in the Sonesta Hotel in Nashville.  However, due to extreme pressure from the pro-Hamas crowd, the Sonesta gave in and canceled their contract with The Israel Guys, leaving the conference without a place for it to be held.

Just this morning, I received an email from The Israel Guys stating that Dave Ramsey has stepped into the breach to host this conference at his HQ event center in Nashville next week.  I wanted to simply give a shout out to Dave Ramsey for standing with Israel and enabling the conference to go on as scheduled.  Thank you, Dave!

In addition, the conference livestream can also be purchased so that people can watch it online.  I urge you to sign up and support this effort so as to also stand with Israel.  Links are in the Transcript to this Commentary on my website.

Biblical Audio Commentary – Post-Tribber Tribulation Saga

What if there was no pre-Trib Rapture?

The wars came as expected; what you didn’t anticipate was that they’d affect you as they did. With all the prepping, you figured you were good for the long haul. You’d hunker down and wait out the Tribulation – what there was of it that you believed would actually happen; after all, most of Revelation was symbolic and not literal – because that’s what you knew God intended. But the lawlessness was worse than you thought. Since you were rural, you were safe. Only you weren’t.

Awaken Biblical Prophecy Commentary – “All My Friends Will Be There”

Have you ever had a conversation about the Gospel with an unbeliever, and you’ve gotten to the point of telling them about the consequences of sin and of rejecting Jesus Christ as Savior, then you come to the punchline? What are those consequences? The person who denies Christ, denies God the Father who mercifully sent His Son to shed His blood on the cross and die for us. And when this happens and the person dies, he or she goes to hell.

Biblical Audio Commentary – Israel Alone

Things are moving along quite nicely toward the eradication of Israel, if you happen to be among one of those many people, groups, or governments dedicated to this cause. Antisemitism, i.e. Jew hatred/Israel hatred, has raised its ugly head and is now prevalent all over the world. German efforts in the 1930s leading to the Holocaust of 6 million Jews had nothing on this movement and where it’s leading. What? Gary, you think that what we’re seeing today is worse than what it was in Nazi Germany? No, not quite yet, although this is a much bigger crusade to kill off God’s Chosen People, and it absolutely will culminate in a much worse end result than that which occurred during World War 2.

Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 5-1-24 – Engaging the Text; Asking Pertinent Questions

This concept of engaging the text, i.e. the Biblical text, and asking pertinent questions about it has been floating around in my head for the past week or so following my Prophecy Update from last Wednesday in which I commented about House Speaker Mike Johnson.  If possible, without directly getting too deep into the one Biblical issue I raise periodically that causes angst and pushback, I hope in this Commentary to suggest a method of examining God’s Word more fully so as to really think about what it says.  In fact, I want to make the subject somewhat broader by looking at several Biblical issues that seem to cause people to studiously avoid deeper inspection and understanding.

There are three of these items I want to discuss.  They are:

* Gods mentioned in the Bible
* Promises to Israel vs to the church
* If-then consequences in the Old versus New Testaments