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Biblical Audio Commentary – No Need for God or To Fear Him? – Think Again

The sudden “unexpected” emergence of antisemitism throughout the world has caught people by surprise. Who could have guessed that so many individuals and governments harbored such rabid hatred for the Jews? Whatever happened to “Never Again!”? The answer and reality is that all this goes hand-in-hand with the rejection of God.

Biblical Audio Commentary – Worst Nation Status

A friend of ours from Switzerland and I had a spirited email exchange the other day. We were “contesting” to determine which nation has done the worst damage to the world and particularly to Israel, America or Switzerland. How’s that for looking at the world through a Biblical and prophetic lens?

Tribulation Terror: Trumpet Judgments

Tribulation Terror: Trumpet Judgments is the sequel to Tribulation Rising: Seal Judgments.

The world is in the midst of terrible events ever since the Great Disappearance that inexplicably removed millions of people from the earth. Horrific wars on every front worldwide led to famine and death on an unprecedented scale. But that was just the beginning as recounted in the first book of this series: The Tribulation Chronicles.