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Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 5-22-24 – 6th Seal Rapture Delusion

Following my Commentary titled Post-Tribber Tribulation Saga, I had an explosion of comments from a reader who has popped up over the years to contest the doctrine of the pre-Seal, pre-Tribulation Rapture with the idea that the Rapture instead occurs at the 6th Seal Judgment. Greg is quite adamant that his view is the only one with Scriptural integrity regardless that literally NO ONE else has ever put forth this idea. In other words, Greg is out on a limb entirely without any other known believers supporting this idea. Only he has gotten the wisdom and insight from God for his position. In fact, Greg has a habit of accusing those of us who believe in the pre-Seal, pre-Tribulation Rapture as having distorted the Words of God and apparently being part of, or closely following, the doctrines of the world’s religion (singular), namely the Catholic church from what I can glean.

Biblical Audio Commentary – Post-Tribber Tribulation Saga

What if there was no pre-Trib Rapture?

The wars came as expected; what you didn’t anticipate was that they’d affect you as they did. With all the prepping, you figured you were good for the long haul. You’d hunker down and wait out the Tribulation – what there was of it that you believed would actually happen; after all, most of Revelation was symbolic and not literal – because that’s what you knew God intended. But the lawlessness was worse than you thought. Since you were rural, you were safe. Only you weren’t.

Awaken Biblical Prophecy Commentary – Let’s Talk About (ET) Aliens

It’s funny how these Commentaries sometimes come together. I watched a video that discussed aliens and decided one thing that was mentioned was rather interesting. The very next day along came a much shorter video that tied into what I wanted to explore. As a result, the Commentary outline expanded just like that. So here we are back with this rather popular topic of aliens from a little bit different perspective than what you may have heard before.

Biblical Audio Commentary – The Moses Conundrum

The identity of the Two Witnesses has an interesting twist that I don’t think has been discussed much. Three men are identified as possibilities for the Witnesses. Enoch and Elijah are strong candidates because both were Raptured, having never seen death. The other candidate is Moses, yet he died, which could be problematic.