Biblical Audio Commentary – Russia’s Path to Gog-Magog

Biblical Audio Commentary – Russia’s Path to Gog-Magog




Over the last number of years, I’ve spent a fair number of computer bytes discussing how Israel gets from her current situation to the Gog-Magog War of Ezekiel 38-39.  I’ve also mentioned various circumstances around Iran’s journey to that seminal place where it collaborates with Russia and Turkey to attack Israel en masse.  Turkey I’ve pretty much ignored, although it’s got its own trajectory to this war as well.  Today let’s summarize what we have already discussed, where things stand, and then look primarily at Russia.

Israel is the most fascinating case because of how God moves and intervenes on her behalf.  This week has seen the massive attack by Iran comprised of drones and missiles, many of which were aimed at civilian populations, despite the lie Joe Biden said that they only targeted military installations.  No, those weapons were directed toward innocent people, just as the Hamas terrorist attack last year on October 7 was specifically intended to harm even those deluded liberal Jews who had tried to work with and help the so-called Palestinians in Gaza.

Thanks to the US, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan assisting Israel to shoot down 99% of the incoming air attack, only a couple people were wounded, not too seriously as I understand.  As I’ve stated previously, the US will abandon Israel somewhere along the way in this conflict.  Our nation’s leaders actually want Israel to lose so that their precious two-state solution can be implemented.

Satanically-induced antisemitism is rising to a fever pitch all around the world.  It is resident in the hearts of our political class in America.  For political expediency, so as to try to win favor with the Left’s demands that Israel be annihilated, the Biden regime and its supporters in Congress will kowtow to those demands.  Because most Republicans are RINOS, and also have no theological grounding in the Bible regarding God’s promises to Israel, those who do go to church are mostly infused with the demonic doctrine of Replacement Theology.  It’s only a matter of time, and we’ll even stop providing weapons to Israel.

The king of Jordan is fearful on every side.  Within his country he’s facing increasing pressure from the Muslim Brotherhood that desires to overthrow him.  He knows that Iran will help in a minute once the revolution begins.  But he also has a treaty with Israel, as tenuous as it is.  So, he helped Israel because Iranian missiles and drones flew over Jordanian airspace.  It was an excuse to give him a way out.

As for Saudi Arabia, they have no love lost for Iran because of their Islamic differences.  Iran is Shiite Muslim and the Sauds are Sunni.  Generally, never the twain shall meet.  Sitting in the background is the Abraham Accords that will benefit Saudi Araubi immensely.  However, they have also taken the position, again for political expediency, that Israel must grant the Palestinians their own state.  We know that when the Gog-Magog War rolls around, both America and Saudi Arabia sit in the background and do nothing to help Israel.  That point of “I don’t care” and “I can’t do anything anyway” is certainly coming near.  For now, the idea of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is the dominant theme is the Saudis keeping cordial relations with Israel.

Naturally, in the aftermath of the Iran attack, Biden “advised” Israel to take the “win” that no one was seriously injured since all the incoming bombs had been neutered.  Unfortunately, there are those in Israel who still think they can appease the US with our unreasonable demands.  This is as foolish a notion as those on the Christian Right who think they can negotiate and compromise with the Left on abortion.  Remember the Hegelian Dialectic I spoke about recently with the reality that every compromise always moves the needle to the left away from the moral position.  A time must come when Israel acts fully for its own interests and stops trying to make America happy.  That will never happen.

The Israeli War Cabinet immediately agreed after the Iran strike to hit back.  However, the Biden Regime again played politics for its own purposes – not in the interests of Israel – and applied enough pressure that Israel agreed not to strike as hard as initially desired.  After several days of waiting, Israel last night, Thursday April 18, did launch a foray into Iran.  The IDF strike went deep into Iran to a target 930 miles within the country, hitting the airfields of Isfahan.  There is a nuclear facility there, but that wasn’t targeted.  Isfahan is much further inland that Bushehr, so the message was that Israel can strike Iran where and when it wants.

The Middle East values strength.  Any show of weakness, and it is capitalized upon by the enemy.  Israel knows the neighborhood in which they live and how these dynamics work.  Israel cannot capitulate in these situations, but must retaliate.  This is not a Biblical case of turning the other cheek.  That applies to individuals.  Nations must defend themselves, and even go on the offensive at times, or die.

The question is when – not if – Israel will decide to bomb the Bushehr nuclear plant in SW Iran, known as Elam in Biblical times and the subject of a dire prophecy in Jeremiah 49:34-39.  It is likely that when this prophecy is fulfilled, Iran is set back on its heels, thus giving Israel a seeming respite from its machinations to eliminate the Jewish state.

Adding to this future circumstance in which Iran appears to pose no threat to Israel, it could also reach that point with the fulfilment of another prophecy concerning the destruction of Damascus.  These destructions could happen multiple ways, but coming at the hands of the IDF is not a stretch to imagine.  The elimination of Damascus is noted also in Jeremiah 49:23-27, along with Isaiah 17:1-3,17.  Perhaps Israel nukes Damascus.  Possibly Israel deploys conventional bombs and strikes the huge storehouse of nitrogen fertilizer, like what happened in Beirut, Lebanon several years ago.  However, it comes off, the city is completely destroyed overnight.

Because Hezbollah is in charge in Syria and receives much support from Iran, this prophecy being fulfilled could certainly be a factor in tamping down Iran’s ambitions for a time.

As I’ve articulated in various Commentaries I think this current Israel-Hamas War will morph into the Psalm 83 War.  It is likely that once the USA abandons Israel, Iran will incite all of Israel’s neighbors to attack.  Perhaps in the course of this, the Bushehr and Damascus prophecies come to life.  However it plays out, the Middle East is a hopping place right now and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

Remember, Israel has to reach a point of dwelling in perceived safety so that she likely tears down her various walls internally with Gaza and Judea-Samaria and on her borders for Ezekiel 38 to be prophetically accurate.  How else does that happen unless the current war expands and Israel miraculously wins a stunning victory enabling her to annex portions of the bordering nations?

Just a word on Turkey.  Although nominally a member of NATO, Turkey has its own agenda which has been increasingly Islamic and hostile, at least verbally, toward Israel.  It probably wouldn’t take much convincing for its leader Erdogan to eventually join the fun when Russia and Iran decide the time is right to take out Israel so as to appropriate her wealth.

Now, on to Russia.  As we all know, Russia is embroiled in a two-year ongoing war with Ukraine.  However, the reality is that Russia’s war is actually against the western nations comprising NATO.  The globalists love war.  They see conflict on every side being a magic potion for eliminating large numbers of the world’s population.  Thus, if they can get Russia and the West to fight World War 3, they’ll be happy as clams.

One of the memes that continues to be spread is that Russia wants to expand back into Europe so as to reclaim the nations it subjugated in its previous incarnation as the Soviet Union.  I personally don’t think that’s an objective for Putin, but even if it is, I think the timing is such that Russia will instead decide to attack Israel – probably in a couple years.  Is Vladimir Putin the Gog of Ezekiel 38?  Maybe.  That will be made clear only if he is the one whom God acts upon to put the hook in his jaw so as to go after the booty and spoils of Israel.

The question is: How does Russia get from here to there?  In other words, how does Russia disentangle from Ukraine so as to reach the decision that attacking Israel in a huge collation is a reasonable act?

There are three basic outcomes from this war:

  1. Russia wins
  2. Ukraine/NATO win
  3. Standoff with no clear winner

#1 – Russia wins

Despite the media contending that Russia is losing, with many conservative pundits even taking that position, it’s simply not the case.  Ukraine is spoken of being a meat-grinder for a reason.  It chews up all the troops thrown to the front.  By this time, most are inexperienced conscripts that are simply sent there as bodies to die for the cause.  Whatever the cause is.

Why is Zelenskyy continually coming back to the West begging for money and armaments?  However, where do most of the funds go?  Not to the war.  They come back into the coffers of the military-industrial complex companies that lobby Congress to keep funding the conflict.  No small amount of cash has also found its way into Zelenskyy’s bank account, not to mention the pockets of the politicians advocating for an unending flow of funds.  War is quite profitable for the privileged few.

It’s quite clear that the serious intent to make Ukraine part of NATO – despite holy promises in years past that NATO would NEVER do such a thing – is the underhanded means by which the globalists want to keep this war going and the money flowing.

Be that as it may, Russia seems to have the upper hand in being on a national war-time footing and by its continued creep into Ukraine taking greater areas of land.  Russia is very serious about not allowing the West and Ukraine to come out on top in this conflict.  Despite that, it is surprising to me that Russia hasn’t wrapped up this conflict already.

So, how does Russia get from winning here to the point of attacking Israel?  It certainly could be that Russia expends more resources on this war than intended.  It sees how Israel in the days ahead dispatches Hamas, Hezbollah, and the bordering nations in a Psalm 83 War, not to mention setting Iran back on its heels for a time by destroying the Bushehr nuclear plant.  Russia comes to the realization that Israel is a force to be reckoned with, not because of God or the IDF, but because of her wealth of resources, be it gas and oil or technology, and Gog decides his nation needs what Israel has.  To that end he assembles the Ezekiel 38 War coalition with various promises to those other countries as reward.

#2 – Ukraine/NATO win

This scenario is more difficult for me to imagine.  It requires the West to pump unlimited money and munitions into Ukraine, probably also supplying manpower.  In other words, the West directly enters this hot war with Russia because of its unprecedented support for Ukraine that can only escalate matters.

Because the West’s determination to subdue Russia is greater than Russia’s will to win, Russia finally says enough and retreats, leaving the West to annex NATO and celebrate the globalist victory.

From here, Russia looks around and sees that what Israel has may be a boon to prop up what has been lost.  That would mean prestige as well as Israel’s wealth of resources.  The hook goes in and Gog is pulled toward Israel.

#3 – Standoff with no clear winner

I have trouble picturing this option as well.  If it was just Ukraine without NATO propping up the war effort, I think Russia would easily emerge the victor.  But we know that the warmongers in the US Congress and in the NATO nations have this fixation on Russia, whatever the cost and consequences.  Thus, I think it’s got to be either win or lose decisively.

The same goes for Russia.  It has what it believes are legitimate interests in the Donbass region of Ukraine as well as the steel-edge resolve not to allow NATO presence on the Ukraine border.  To agree to a standoff after all this time and expenditure of resources doesn’t seem like it would sit well with Putin or even the Russian people.  I think Putin needs to come away with a clear-cut resolution – preferably, a significant victory.

If any of you listening to or reading this Commentary have any alternative scenarios that you think could come into play, please suggest them in the comments.  I don’t have a corner on all insight, so I could certainly be missing something of importance.

In summary, from my perspective, if the first outcome of a Russian victory occurs, that will bolster Putin’s stature in Russia but also make him aware that now he needs another hill to conquer.  By this time, Iran could be licking its wounds from an Israeli takedown and Turkey could be itching to get into the fight because of its hatred toward Israel.  It may be that the prize of Israel’s wealth becomes too attractive to Putin, or Gog if Putin isn’t that ruler, to pass up, thus leading to the hook in his jaw drawing inevitably into war, plus being very attractive to Iran for revenge.

The end-times players are all active and ready to jump into their parts.  One of these days we’ll see some very specific prophecies occur.  Maybe when they happen, we who believe in and follow Bible prophecy will be able to say to our Christian brothers and sisters who are ignorant of it or don’t care: “Look at what’s going on!  Can’t you see how everything is coming together just as God declared?”

Perhaps a few will wake up and begin to look up.  On the other hand, apostasy in the church and a Laodicean attitude is rampant, so I guess we shouldn’t get our hopes up too much.

Regardless, we who are watching and waiting need to hold on.  It’s difficult some days, isn’t it?  But God will honor us for our faithfulness to His Word.  In fact, He has a crown of righteousness waiting for us.

4 Responses to “Biblical Audio Commentary – Russia’s Path to Gog-Magog”

  1. Reply Donna

    Hi and thanks for your helpful articles. I have been struggling to get these end times events in their right sequence for quite some time. It is not easy, something like a “Biblical Rubicks Cube”. But, so far I am thinking as follows:
    I think US needs to not be “as is”, but must be changed and be made less of a power first. The Rapture happening (36 million people suddenly gone, that is around 10%) would rock this country and kick off
    other key events.
    US would not be able to help Ukraine because US would be swamped with it’s own troubles. Russia would easily swoop in to finish off Ukraine.
    In the Middle East the Muslims would be rejoicing at US’s demise and would be shouting in the streets that “Allah has avenged us by bringing down the Big Satan so that we can now go in and finish off the Little Satan Israel. The “chaos” that the Rapture brings will be just the atmosphere they hope for to bring in the twelfth Iman. So this is an obvious green light for Israel’s neighbors to invade (Psalm 83) (God comes to Israel’s aid and Israel wins back territory from it’s neighboring
    enemies who are rendered powerless and humiliated. Israel now, for a time can be a “people dwelling safely”, Israel is “unwalled”.
    Russia, heading back up north after finishing up in Ukraine gets turned around (hook in nose), in pride and newfound strength and greed, looks to come and gain more territory and riches by going after Israel. Rosh and the Muslim confederacy (who are humiliated and enraged by Israel’s great victory and want Israel finally obliterated and also want their cut of the booty) attack Israel, but God, with no help from man, gives a swift victory to Israel. It is very obvious to all that God brought the victory.
    I am not sure exactly when the Antichist steps out from behind the curtain, but I believe that once the Rapture occurs, this is going to cause a great vacume which will be filled with darkness and the One World Powers will swoop down, bringing all of their diabolical plans into
    place and the people of the world are not going to know what hit them. Freedoms will disappear, life will change.
    I like to keep a “not too tight” grip on how things unfold because I find, just when I think I have it all figured out, more truth comes and I have to go back to the drawing board.
    Well, those are some of my thoughts.
    Thank you for all that you do through this ministry.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Thanks, Donna, for sharing. It’ll be interesting to see how the actual sequence of events does play out. Good thing we’re not gambling on who among the Bible prophecy teachers is correct. I doubt if any one of us will sort it all out the right way. I’ve written a LOT about all this stuff, but here is a Commentary from just about two years ago. Still on track, but Psalm 83 needs to happen this year!

  2. Reply GaryW

    You discussed a couple of items concerning the minds of countries of the Middle East. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” and the idea of “one upmanship” expressed by Middle East governments and their military. In other words, I attack then you attack and on and on. We’re dealing with a mindset that goes back much farther than our own country’s history.
    In order to understand this, one needs to have heard about or read about these historical facts. I don’t think most members of our congress, or any other part of our government has a clue about this. All too many in congress have no education or understanding of this. I see people running for office who aren’t 30 yet and come from jobs having nothing to do with politics, American history, or any other history. They are clueless about the traditions, politics, history or current thinking of any other people from any other country. All they see before them is the globalist agenda of one-world everything and nothing beyond that. They certainly have no knowledge of prophecy or anything Christian.
    When I see a politician speaking, I picture a word bubble above them and inside, in capital letters, is the word “DUH”.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Right. We subscribe to a conservative writer who is at least nominally Christian. I don’t think he’s full-on Replacement Theology, but as much as he has significant understanding of government and geopolitics, he really seems clueless about Israel, thinking that she WANTS to provoke Iran into a hot war, and intends to do so with the full backing of the US government. Has he at all comprehended how we’re in the process of abandoning Israel? Yet, he still thinks Israel can depend on America? And the notion that Israel is looking for a fight rather than existentially existing. Just stupid.

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