Biblical Audio Commentary – Observations Regarding a Doomed Planet

Biblical Audio Commentary – Observations Regarding a Doomed Planet




We had to take an unexpected trip to Chicago.  My brother broke his leg, and we went to check on how he was doing.  In a normal situation a broken leg would be painful but not necessarily cause for visiting as we did.  However, my brother is brain-damaged or, as was said in the pre-PC days: mentally retarded.  He has the mental ability of about a six-year-old, so he needs advocacy for any problems like this that he has.

My brother lives in a group home under the auspices of United Way in the Chicago suburbs with several others having similar capacity to him plus their caregiver live-in “mother.”  Fortunately as well, my sister lives about an hour and a half away and is there for emergencies.

The operation on his leg went fine, but two days later when we got there, he was heavily drugged with pain killers and barely responsive.  Frankly he didn’t look very good, quite pale and in the few minutes he was awake, quite spacey.

During our couple day visit we interacted with his hospital nurse for any updates and conveyed some general needs my brother has for care, e.g. he’s not capable of choosing meals from a menu or ordering, to name just one.

My brother had been in much pain with the fracture, but then developed pain in his stomach.  His belly seemed quite extended, and that seemed to hurt more than his leg. They did a CT scan and found that he’d also broken a rib.  There didn’t appear at that time to be anything more serious than this.

However, his hemoglobin count was quite low from the surgery (not unusual I’m told from a couple sources), so they gave him a blood transfusion.  That was the concerning thing for me.  Being in the Chicago area and being part of a vulnerable group such as he is, it is extremely likely he was given the COVID mRNA vaxx.  Was the blood for the transfusion pure?  Or, more likely, was it contaminated?  If so, how might that affect his health?  As of the posting of this article, I don’t have an answer.  A week and a half since my brother went into the hospital, he’s also still there, as finding a rehab nursing home that will take him with his special needs has been problematic.

The purpose of this Commentary wasn’t really to discuss my brother but rather some of the observations we made in our brief travels.  In the course of our chatting with my brother’s nurse, I asked her how the staffing situation was at the hospital.  We were at Loyola, which is a major medical center in the Chicago suburbs.  She said that things weren’t great in this regard.

About 2 1/2 – 3 years ago when she started there, the patient-to-nurse ratio was four, i.e. four patients per nurse during their shifts.  Then it rose to five; now it’s six and sometimes seven.  This confirms reports I’ve heard from elsewhere that there are severe nursing shortages nationwide, perhaps many fewer doctors as well because of the COVID fiasco.  Hospitals demanded medical personnel take the vaxx.  Many did, but subsequently suffered serious adverse effects or death.  Others quit because of not wanting to give in to the government (and by extension – hospital) bullying.

This obviously has a major impact on patient care.  Fewer nurses mean less ability to keep careful track of assigned patients.  Even for normal patients without mental handicaps this can be a problem, let alone for those who might have the same issues as my brother.  In our case, it highlighted the need for the advocacy my sister does and excels at, along with what little we were able to do.

As we were planning to make this trip, I texted my sister and said, “Please don’t tell me Loyola still requires masks.”  She was amused and indicated that they didn’t.  Once we got to the hospital it became clear that a WHOLE LOT of people are still subjecting themselves to mask tyranny in that area.  The notices the hospital posted in 2020 requiring the wearing of masks were still up.  Observing the hospital staff plus visitors like us, I’d say that close to 50% of them wore masks.  It was very hit or miss, yet the shocking thing is that so many people continued to wear them.  As we checked in during one visit, the lady giving us a visitor pass didn’t say a thing about wearing a mask.  She couldn’t have cared less.  Later in the day on a subsequent visit, with another woman at the desk, she epitomized the description “mask Nazi.”  She asked us if we had masks and said everyone needed one.  Being as anti-mask as we are, we were non-committal in response since she had already given us the visitor pass.  However, she was quite diligent in instructing the poor souls coming through her clutches for a pass to be sure to wear a mask in the hospital.  For additional reference, in our short drive from the motel to the hospital, I’d say that anywhere from 10%-20% of the people outside all along the route were wearing masks.  What the heck?

Aside from this foolishness, literally all the people we saw were going on about their business as normal.  Of course, as we know, the vast majority of people in the world are on the broad road to destruction.  They go about their lives with no sense of the prophetic events soon to be unleashed on this unsuspecting world.  It confirms the words of Jesus in Luke 17:26-30 regarding the activities of the unaware before disaster struck:

Noah’s time

“They were eating and drinking and marrying and being given in marriage . . . ”

Lot’s time

“ . . . they were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building . . . ”

As societal and moral situations have devolved, many of us have said that if things grow much worse conditions won’t match these descriptions.  But I wonder.  It seems like people will go on with life and ignore the situation around them despite the evidence because they simply don’t want to see or acknowledge it.

I came across another intriguing statement of impending doom in reading an autobiography unassumingly titled The Life Story of Lester Sumrall.  Sumrall was a missionary for many years and later pastored a church in Indiana.  From all accounts he was a true man of God, with the Lord working mightily through him.

In his younger life, however, he was apparently quite a little rebel.  His mother was a woman of prayer and took him faithfully to church whenever it met.  The family also hosted missionaries or evangelists for sometimes weeks at a time when they were in town.  Lester’s questioning and rebellion took an odd turn when he was probably in his early teens.  He was born in 1913 so the year was likely around 1926 or so.  At church he’d listen to the pastor continually preach that Jesus was coming soon.  Sadly, the pastor got sick and died.  Lester’s mental response was that Jesus didn’t come soon enough.  Another pastor took over and preached the same message, but he, too, died.  Then one more took the pulpit and preached the same message.

Following this sequence of events, an interesting thing happened to Lester while he scoffed:

One Sunday night as I sat there in my pew, the Lord said to me: “Would you like to know when I’m coming back?”

 “Well,” I answered—too young to think it strange that God was talking to me, “I’ve been thinking on it a long time.”

 He said, “I’m going to tell you.  It’s in Matthew 24:37.  ‘But as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the day of the coming of the son of man.’  Noah was 500 years old when I said, ‘Build the ark.’  He was 600 years old when he went into the ark.”

 God continued, “My mercy is one hundred years.”

 I began to cry.

 He said, “I gave them one hundred years to repent, and they didn’t want to repent.  So they had to be judged.”

 I said, “And it’s going to be that way at the end of time?”

 The Lord said, “Yes.”

 “When did you start counting?” I asked impudently.

 I waited for an answer but all I got was silence.

Those days of Noah and God’s mercy timeline are interesting for a couple reasons.  One is that Noah preached righteousness for about 100 years – right in line with what God said to Lester.  Two is the fact that we’re certainly in the days that Jesus spoke of.

Lester’s query of the Lord that elicited no response does beg the question from inquiring minds: If the start of Noah’s 100-year clock was the beginning of the building of the ark, what might have been the starting point for our century of mercy?  In looking at some events in the early 1900s, say around 1920-1930, what things of significance happened, both in the world and perhaps more importantly, in Israel?

I came up with these several:


  • Britain’s issuing of the Balfour Declaration in 1917
  • In 1920 the League of Nations – the precursor to the United Nations – was formed
  • The beginning of the Great Depression with the bottom falling out of the stock market in 1929


  • The Hebron Massacre in 1929 that began the decades of Arab/Muslim hostilities toward the Jews after years of peaceful coexistence
  • The Fifth Aliyah began in 1929 resulting in hundreds of thousands of Jews returning to their homeland as Nazi persecution targeted them

Regardless of the starting point – maybe one of these events, perhaps some other – God’s 100-year clock surely began during that period since we’re on the cusp of His judgment.

Providing the entire context to the Luke 17 passage above, recall all that Jesus said with its implications.  Note all verses 26-30:

26 Just as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of Man. 27 They were eating and drinking and marrying and being given in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. 28 Likewise, just as it was in the days of Lot—they were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building, 29 but on the day when Lot went out from Sodom, fire and sulfur rained from heaven and destroyed them all— 30 so will it be on the day when the Son of Man is revealed. 

The Days of Noah were ones of utter depravity caused by the rebellion of the sons of God.  There were giant Nephilim in the land and very likely genetic mutations of many animals caused by the lustful interbreeding of these cannibalistic creatures with no moral inhibitions.

There is no doubt that a concerted effort is being made today within the scientific community at the behest of the global elites to alter DNA in numerous ways plus to enhance mankind through the transhuman merging of man and machine.  Rumor also has it that in hidden underground laboratories, horrific creatures are being genetically spawned.  The means may be different, but the results are surely in line with this prophecy.

As for the Days of Lot, those occurred in Sodom and Gomorrah where sexual deviancy of every possibility was carried out.  Can we truthfully say that our world is conducting itself any differently with our LGBT pride celebrations, drag queen story hours for young children, and the gender mutilations that are encouraged in every sphere of society?

So, given the Words of Jesus and the fact that we currently mirror the times of judgment from ancient days, can we expect any other outcome soon to be unleashed on this unsuspecting world?

No, indeed.  One of these days we who love Jesus will go up and the wrath of God will come down.  In won’t be long.  In fact, it cannot be long until that great and awesome day of the Lord.

Hold tight.  It’s coming.

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  1. Reply Rick H

    Hey Gary this something I posted on facebook…see what you think…

    A conversation anyone may have in the not too distant future…

    Ray:”I don’t know I don’t know what to do”
    Anti-Christ:(sighs and then lowers head to Ray)How are your little ones…Haley and Noah?”
    Ray:”Hungry, Crying,the war and the famine…I can’t afford food…I need help…please help me”
    Anti-Christ:”That’s why I’m here Ray…we are all here to help…your wife Jasmine is probably hungry and scared too”
    Ray:”yes, we all are (starts sobbing)…We can’t take it…I have nowhere to turn…Please help me”
    Anti-Christ:I will do just that Ray…all you need to do is follow these gentleman and they will get you set up…after all you’re not just doing this for me but you’re trying to insure your family’s financial future happiness…so go with them and come back and tell me the good news”
    Ray:”Ok…Thank You so much”
    Anti-Christ:”Ray…it’s the least I can do”
    (Ray leaves with 2 men)
    Anti-Christ:(talks on earbud)…”one of our holdouts Ray Reynolds is coming to you”
    Voice on other end:”Ok…what happens for some reason if he resists?”
    Anti-Christ:”He won’t…but in case that scenario presents itself…you know what needs to be done”
    Voice on other end:”Yes Sir!”

    If you really want to understand the Anti-Christ’s true nature…watch George C. Scott’s character in the Stephen King movie Firestarter…he will seem so caring and compassionate but in reality couldn’t give the furry crack of a rat’s behind about your welfare…he only wants your worship and that’s it…for anyone who refuses the free gift of salvation from Jesus Christ…you may wind up facing a decision like Ray…Don’t be like Ray…accept Jesus as your Savior today!
    This is an edited repost!

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Works for me. A/C will be extremely charismatic and people will be desperate to trust him, so they will – to their eternal dismay.

  2. Reply Rick H

    I almost forgot…I’m sorry to hear about your brother…I too had a mentally challenged mother growing up…maybe not quite to the mental capacity as your brother but she couldn’t have a normal conversation with anyone and unfortunately most people treated her like crap…and sorry to say for a great deal of my teens and 20s I wasn’t much better to her as a son…she passed away from Cancer almost 20 years ago but the lasting impression she left while dying in the nursing home at that time was that she sang hymns of praise to the Lord…even in her condition then and then throw in her mental condition she still praised the Lord even in her darkest hour…I know where her soul went and I will pray for your brother as well…God knows he needs it and we all do!

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Thanks, Rick. That had to be really challenging growing up. Glad she knew the Lord and could influence you in that way.

  3. Reply Rick H

    Interesting timeline…100 years…fits right in with the 2020s to 2030s…doesn’t it?…that’s what you got to love about God…he wants to you to study and more importantly…to think!

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      I was like: Am I being impudent just like Lester? I don’t think so, since we’re in a different time when Daniel’s book is unsealed, so we’re allowed and able to know more. It would be cool to know exactly which of the events did start the clock, but unless God explicitly tells us, I’m afraid we won’t know the answer.

  4. Reply Rick H

    No…but he did give Lester and all of us a big hint…but his silence confirms scripture not knowing the day or hour…maybe Satan’s listening too…good…it will make him more paranoid…LOL!

  5. Reply lon

    like you i wonder if the days of Noah/Lot refer specifically to the rapture event or Christ’s return with judgement. But with those two events not likely much more than 7 yrs apart, for us believers the message is extremely urgent either way

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      It sure is. Like I say, I can’t see our departure any later than a couple years from now – and even that I hope and pray is a lot less.

  6. Reply GaryW

    I hope you will keep us informed on the condition of your brother and the possible vaxx shot. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was given the shot unknowingly. I will be 82 next month and have only one real fear. No, it’s not fear of dying. I’m rather looking forward to that. My fear is of going into the hospital and being considered expendable because of my age. I don’t fear dying, but I want God to handle that part and not medical personnel who think they are gods. I would always be thinking about what they are putting into my meds unawares. “This is to relax you”, they will say.
    Then again, maybe it is God’s will for me to “get outta Dodge” that day and it is a part of His plan. One doesn’t know. I’ll let Him handle it either way.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Thanks for asking. I spoke with my sister last night, and we’re still in limbo. He’s been a little more alert but without much mobility. They’re hoping to find a place for him to go next week. As for vaxx effects, we’ll see…

  7. Reply Jim Eastman

    Gary, I wish your brother the best. I too have a handicapped person in my life. His name is Kipp. We adopted him when he was 10. He’s 35 now. He is a fetal alcohol syndrome child. The mom did drugs and alcohol during her pregnancy and fried his brain. He’s 3 years old mentally. My prayer lately has been that mom, Kipp, and I are all raptured at the same time from the same place. How great would that be? Lord you can come anytime.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Thank you, Jim. A couple in our Bible study have a 10 yo nephew who has about that 3 yo mentality. So many people in the world that have never had the opportunity to reach the potential God had in mind for them!

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