Biblical Audio Commentary – Steeped in Sin

Biblical Audio Commentary – Steeped in Sin




I’m going to apologize up front for this Commentary because its premise is so disgusting – yet, if we don’t examine these issues, we remain willfully ignorant or hopelessly naïve, our heads stuck in the sand, and we as Christians then cannot pray against the evil.

In my prayer time one morning I went down this rabbit hole – in reality a sewer filled with sinful and depraved sludge.  This was after I was thinking how blessed my wife and I have been to be effectively isolated in our rural area, generally away from the muck of the world with its chaos, violence, lawlessness, and anti-God wickedness.

If it weren’t for the Internet and the research I do, I would essentially be blind and deaf to that which is happening in our community, all over America, and the entire world.  Just think of how peasants lived in years past, engaged in the work on their properties, so busy with the necessities of life that the outside world simply wasn’t a concern.  Yet, inevitably, warlords or hostile nations came sweeping across the land to devastate these families.  They didn’t have a clue this was coming and had no means of combatting the superior forces arrayed against the little hamlet that may have been nearby.

Likewise, I thought of poor farmers in Europe, eking out a subsistence living, unmechanized, and toiling to the bone to grow enough food to survive.  The next thing they knew the German Nazi army swept them up in their frenzy to expand and subjugate them to the dictates of Adolph Hitler and his occult, racist ideology.  These people had no idea that their lives would change in an instant and all they knew was to be destroyed.

All this is no different from how we watch the weather these days.  In the past, weather happened, and the only foreknowledge of it might have been gathering clouds or the twitch in the knees of someone with arthritis.  Now, we have weather forecasts – however accurate they may be – for over a week in advance.

Of these things I’ll discuss momentarily, what would I know about them without the Internet?  Would I be better off or does knowledge – however awful it might be – help me to prepare for the inevitable?  Does it also enable me to witness or disciple more effectively, or is this awareness extraneous to those efforts?

My ruminations took a dark turn as I thought about the harm being done to children in the name of love.  If it isn’t already, the law of the land is moving very quickly that every child from the cradle up in age will be instructed in sexuality whether parents approve of it or not.  This is already a practice in many areas.  We’re told that it is good that infants be taught that they are sexual beings, and that their entire lives should be focused on that.  They’re educated and shown that touching themselves for pleasure is a wonderful experience.  Masturbation as soon as the child can comprehend the idea is exalted as the right and proper way to encourage an infant’s sense of self.  Just as Aldous Huxley showed in Brave New World, the children are inspired to play sex games, males with females, or even with those of the same sex, so that they grow up with this instilled in them as normal, right, and a constant distraction.  They learn that viewing pornography is freedom, and that interacting with adults in this perversion is liberating.

Thus, if we don’t have them already, very soon there will be babies having babies, and babies having abortions.

All this is repulsive enough and so debauched that it’s difficult to comprehend, yet this is the world in which we live.  What is even more horrifying, if that’s even possible, is that through these activities these little children – truly innocent by every measure that one could imagine – are being subjected to demonic influences that will destroy them.  The act of sin opens doors to Satan and his minions, be it for harassment, oppression, or possession.  These dark pathways down which these children are being led can have no ending other than a complete takeover of their souls.  Given this at such a young age, is it even possible they can be redeemed?  They know nothing of goodness and light and of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, because they’re immersed in the cauldron of iniquity that has no bounds.

Part of what probably got me thinking along these lines was a video clip that I’d seen previously, but came up again in what I was watching.  It showed the “Amazing Desmond” – a young boy whose parents obviously sold him out for money.  This maybe 10-year-old is dressed in drag and sashays down the aisle of a TV talk show  set where men and women on each side of him are clapping, cheering, and smiling in glee at his performance.  If it doesn’t turn your stomach, something is wrong with you.

I’m sorry if you need a shower after this, but will you look away?  If so, to what end?

With these children as true and pure victims, how does God deal with this?  If these little ones are so corrupted from birth and filled with every manner of evil, what is God to do with that?  They had no choice, no say in all this, and because of how they’re raised, what chance do they have to walk in any kind of righteousness, or even to see the world as a place of wonder because it’s God’s marvelous creation?

I can only equate their plight to the state of the world before the Flood or the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah prior to their destruction.  Only Noah and his family could be saved; only Lot and his daughters in the other instance.  These were the sole survivors of God’s immense and righteous judgment upon a world or geographic area gone completely from any kind of redemption.  Surely there were children of every age whose souls had been devastated and made completely dark by the sexual immorality of those days.  How did God ultimately judge these children who had no options in life to walk in a holy and just way?  Was there some means by which God relented toward these children and wrote their names in the Book of Life?  If that was any kind of possibility, will He also do it with these babies today?

The other side of this equation is those who approve of and encourage it.  Can you imagine the parents of these children and the state of their conscience?  Talk about searing it and cutting off all access to God.  Surrounding the children and likewise adding to the immorality because they are no different than the parents are teachers, activists, drag queens, politicians, social media, peers of these little ones, and much of the medical profession.  Add to this the trafficking of these young lives as simply vessels for evil men to fill with the depths of corruption for their greed and lust.  All of society has fallen into the abyss.

Are not every single one of these worthy of having millstones placed around their necks and cast into the sea?  Through their actions, they are literally crying out for judgment upon themselves that will come and is so richly deserved.

What rottenness has consumed this world that we would tolerate this evil!  Where is the church?  How has this institution ordained by God to push back against such things allowed them to happen without raising a cry?  Yes, there are a few faithful pastors and ministries calling out these things, but they barely make a blip on the cultural scene.  By and large, the church and those who call themselves pastors are helping to shove these children right into the chasm of hell.  Have no doubt; they will pay dearly.

What does hearing about all this do for us?  It’s certainly an inexorable movement that will only get worse as the Tribulation approaches.  Despite all the pushback by good and noble people, the end is written.  As a result, although there may be a few victories by the forces of light here and there with a few lives saved – not an inconsequential thing; our success may actually be measured in our obedience to the Word and will of God.  He has placed us in our own spheres and given us the tools to work for His kingdom as He desires for us.  If we do that, regardless of the outcome, we will have been obedient to the Lord – which pleases Him immensely.   Remember that the harvest remains plentiful, yet dwindling, until the end because there are always too few laborers.

If we are unaware of these kinds of evils perpetrated in the world because we’ve chosen one way or the other not to see or hear about them, then do we not sin but cutting off our ability to be the hands and feet of Jesus and/or to pray against all this?  Regardless of how distasteful it may be to consume this garbage, until Jesus comes for His true church in the pre-Tribulation Rapture, we have a job to do.  Let us shine the light of God into this dark world and do all that we can as ambassadors of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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  1. Reply RobinL

    Gary, as to the care of the eternal souls of the children who have no say in, or chance of redemption, because of the evil they are subjected to, I fully trust that God is righteous and good. His ways aren’t ours and His thoughts aren’t ours: he is perfect in all His decisions.

    As for the parents, “pastors” and teachers of these children, what can we say?! They will be subjected to terrible, eternal, wrath. Blind guides leading the blind, they have no light in them.

    The evil being shoveled at us daily is inescapable. The time is short. I have a friend who vacillates between believing in a Pre-Trib Rapture and then not. She came at me a week ago with all kinds of Kingdom Now garbage, listening to false teachers who I have repeatedly warned her against, always learning but never coming to a full knowledge of the truth. I finally told her I’ve given her the best resources on earth to do her own research and come to a complete understanding of why God promises a Pre-Trib Rapture, but what she CHOSES to believe is up to her. I let her know my patience on this subject (over almost 3 years now) when it comes to this topic is exhausted and she has wearied me to the point of not being willing to discuss it with her any further. (I was tempted to tell her to stock up on guns and ammo, beanie weanies and first aid kits but resisted: nevertheless, what other kind of hope do these people have?!)

    I share this because it is frustrating beyond words when people continually expose themselves to false teachings and then wonder why they are confused and anxious. It is the same for the world, what kind of understanding can they have if they refuse the gospel and are then blinded by their sin?!

    I am grateful to be saved in Christ. I am by no means perfect, and my sin grieves me daily…I am quite sick of this world. It meakes so much sense now that Jesus said in Revelation that He knows the remnant has little strength before He returns, but to hold on.

    I have tremendous respect for Lot and Noah.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Anxiety should be a tell. If a Christian is anxious, the question is why? What did Jesus command us? If there is concern about the future, then just maybe such a person is believing the wrong thing to lead her to that state of anxiety. I know you have perfect confidence, Robin, that the Lord will remove us prior to the mass catastrophe that is soon to be earth’s fate. That’s a reason for comfort and no anxiety. Yes, weeping and despair at the mess around us, but comfort that God will care for us by completely protecting us in our Father’s house in heaven.

      I very much hope you’re correct about the children. As innocents, it certainly would be right and just for God to call them His.

      • Reply RobinL

        Well if I’m not right about the children, I’m certain God won’t ask me for my input (unlike Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis-heavy sarcasm.) He truly knows what is best, so that doesn’t cause me anxiety. I’d be a total hypocrite if I didn’t admit that my anxiety comes from my concerns for my unsaved loved ones; I feel tremendous concern for them.

        As for the Rapture issue, so many people look to others to do their research and study of the scriptures. There are available resources like never before in human history, and that is no accident. God wants us to be aware and hopeful! If people are too lazy to educate themselves on the topic, they really only have themselves to blame for their lack of understanding. I’m not going to do all of their heavy lifting. It is especailly galling when they ARGUE over their position, when it is completely inaccurate! ARGH!

        • Reply Gary Ritter

          I suppose that’s one reason I periodically address the issue of post-Tribbers (more coming in the weeks ahead BTW). It’s such a strange position because these people apparently WANT to go through the Trib. Can you imagine? No, me neither.

  2. Reply Jim Eastman

    Gary, you asked where is the church? I lived in Alabama for 15 years due to job. Most of the people there went to church on Sunday Morning, Sunday Night, and Wednesday Evening. They were constantly immersed in the word and surrounded by other Christians. I came home to West Michigan after retiring to be around family. I am deeply saddened by the state of the church here. There are no multiple services. The pastors don’t preach against sin. I guess they don’t want to offend anybody? You will never hear a sermon on prophesy or specifically The Book of Revelation. If it wasn’t for the kids and grandkids it would be Sweet Home Alabama for me, my wife, and Kipp. Keep preaching the truth!

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      It’s truly a sad state of affairs, yet the Lord knew it all in advance and still let us muddle through in our own “god-like” wisdom (ahem).

  3. Reply GaryW.

    All of this is disgusting, deviant, & sinful. However, it is the complete game plan of the demo/socialists who are demonically controlled. Destroy everything decent in America Especially family, Christians, and God. They then believe the people will turn to the government for all our help. After the Rapture, all this evil will take a giant leap forward. They will get what they want; for awhile. Then the spam will hit the fan. I hope I will live long enough to be part of that rapid transit vertical ride with Christ.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      What I tell people is that my retirement plan is the Rapture (although technically I’m retired now – but too busy to think that way).

  4. Reply Chris

    Hi Gary, great content, as usual. Can you please do a message on the different options that allows for Israel burning weapons for 7 years? I’ve read ideas to include a time gap between the Rapture and the signing of the peace agreement that starts the 7 year tribulation period. Other than that I don’t find much on it and figured that you’ve run across it in your years of ministry. Thanks!!!

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