Biblical Audio Commentary – U.S. Depopulation? Yes & No

Biblical Audio Commentary – U.S. Depopulation?  Yes & No




There is a concerted effort to significantly reduce the population of the United States (as well as the world, of course), and I would say that it’s coming along quite nicely as far as the global elites are concerned.  However, as our indigenous population is being decimated, the population of illegal aliens is increasing rapidly.  What does this dynamic look like?

You may recall the Deagle forecast back in 2014 that I’ve discussed at length in a couple of prior posts (here and here).  Deagle is a US CIA/defense think tank.  One aspect of its shocking predictions (deleted from their own website, BTW) concerning world depopulation trends is that America will reduce from 330 million people to 99 million by the end of 2025.  For those keeping score at home that’s a 70% reduction of men, women, and children.

On the surface, can you even begin to imagine that loss of the numbers of people necessary to make that quota, so to speak?  Like I said moments ago, things are going swimmingly toward that end.  The COVID Decimation Project, a.k.a. the Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines” have done a wonderful job killing off lots of folks here and abroad.

Mark Crispin Miller and his team have chronicled this highly disturbing trend.  At the end of 2023 he put out a series of posts that combined US and Canadian “died suddenly” reports from various sources.  No doubt they also searched for “gone too soon.”  Miller separated ages of young people beginning with the very youngest, i.e. those under 2 years old.  He then listed those in the 2-10 age category.  After this he provided those who died from 11-20 years of age in 2023.  Read these and weep.

Along the way, all others he and his team could find above the age of 20 were also noted throughout the year.  Trust me why I say that all these deaths like this are not normal.  Except that’s what the mainstream media, the health “profession”, and our beloved government want us to believe.  Of course, children who are 6 years old have heart attacks and strokes!  That’s totally normal; you just haven’t been paying attention over the years.  And on it goes like that with turbo cancers – particularly in young people under 50, widespread heart problems like myocarditis, immune deficiency disorders, incredibly high rates of infertility and miscarriages, etc.  Yeah, you-all have just been sleep-walking prior to 2019 and missed all this deadly news.  Then there are the vaxxidents, and those who just fall off the grid, i.e. people unnoted and largely unlamented.  Truth be told, we’re in the middle of a genocide.

But Gary, but Gary. . .  the mainstream media says that the US has more people than ever before and the world population has just topped 8 billion.

Let’s consider what might be going on in this regard with our nation.  What if Deagle was right when they made that 2014 prognostication?  Aside from asking how or why they might have arrived at that number, let’s assume it’s correct.  I hinted at the reason earlier that it could be both true and not true.  It may very well be correct when we look at the indigenous population of our nation, i.e. actual citizens.  With the uptake in vaxx acceptance that rivals the highest in the world, my bet is that we haven’t begun to see the real import of people dropping dead.  Add to the COVID vaxx results all the new vaccines that are being pushed for all sorts of illnesses like RSV, and a whole lot more people will be taking deadly jabs to supposedly help their health, but will actually commit suicide instead.  If you’ve watched any TV lately you know how the airwaves are inundated with drug “solutions” to all sorts of illnesses mostly not seen prior to the 20th Century.  I wonder why that is?  Ah, but it’s just a conspiracy theory that we’re being systematically poisoned by all the vaccines, drugs, and chemtrails.  Another question in this regard: How do you think they’re making ALL the vaccines out there these days?  Anybody want to bet that they aren’t mRNA technology?

By the end of two years from now – December 2025 – seeing as how the globalists have been quite forthright in saying they need to accelerate ALL aspects of reaching their Agenda 2030 goals, we could be a nation that has lost much of its population, young, old, and in between.  So, let’s say we’re at that population of 100 million (rounding up) later next year.

Do you recall the numbers of illegals who were said to be in our country prior to the Biden border disaster?  My recollection is that we were told they were somewhere between 12 and 30 million then.  You know that 12 million was a flat-out untruth, and we’d probably have been lucky for it to have been 30 million.

Be that as it may, we’re currently in the midst of a tsunami of illegal aliens invading through our deliberately porous borders.  It wouldn’t surprise me if in these last several years we’ve added at least 10 million people to our population – all undocumented yet partaking of welfare for the most part.  Do you think the flood will subside?  No, I don’t think so either.  In fact, I could see the illegal alien population rounding upwards of 50 million total by the end of 2024.  After all, the more the merrier – right?

If this were the case, believe it or not, 1/3 of this nation could be comprised of illegals.  Instead of a population of 100 million, we’d be at 150 million, but still half of what the media says we’re at today.

What in the world would this situation lead to?  If nothing else, America would have a completely different nature and outlook.

The Powers That Be (TPTB) desperately need for America to fall in order to enact their devious global, One World Government plans.  Below the radar they are killing off America: young, old, and in-between.  Add war into the picture and they can get rid of lots more young people.

One of these days we’re going to look around and wonder why jobs go unfilled, there aren’t as many cars on the road, and even football stadiums are half-empty.  Malls will be empty and storefronts will be boarded up.

Yes, many of these things are already evident to many of us.  Just wait: it’s going to get worse.

Regarding this Doom & Gloom update – you’re welcome.

However, we need to remember that we have the most optimistic outlook of any people in the world: One day soon, Jesus will come to take us home.

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  1. Reply Robin McCann

    The illegals can have this country. I’m outta here just as soon as Jesus calls my name. But, for a number of years, I had given a lot of thought to moving to Mexico or anywhere else in the southern hemisphere. I considered that Mexico must be pretty empty by now and could be a quite peaceful place to live. What was funny is when anyone would ask me, ‘What about the drug cartels?’ What about’em? They won’t bother me as I don’t have a drug problem. Besides, there’s barely anyone in Mexico to sell to. They would turn a much greater profit here in the good ole Divided States of America, don’t ya think?

  2. Reply Jim Eastman

    Heard an interesting factoid. There were more illegals entering the country last year than there were births from US Citizens.

  3. Reply Pianogirl

    RE: “the global elites”

    The first rule of truth telling is to use proper truthful (not misdirecting, whole truth-obscuring) language.

    It means calling a spade a spade.

    In this article this rule is entirely violated.

    As an example, the governing authorities or bureaucrats or corporate leaders or ‘deep state’ players are not ‘the elite’ — they are THE SCUM OF HUMANS because they are REALITY-VERIFIED PSYCHOPATHS … read the free essay “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room” …. (or

    By failing to use TRUTHFUL language we are aiding in maintaining and promoting the destructive propaganda world (keeping lies and insanity alive) instead of revealing the deepest most important reality, promoting truth, and maintaining healthy authenticity.

    How do self-styled “truth-tellers” and “educators” wake up the masses to the so-called truth when they THEMSELVES use lies with their deceitful fake language???
    No one is “teaching” or “waking up” the ignorant masses to the core truths with lies, with the official “language of lies” (see cited source above).

    “All experts serve the state and the media and only in that way do they achieve their status. Every expert follows his master, for all former possibilities for independence have been gradually reduced to nil by present society’s mode of organization. The most useful expert, of course, is the one who can lie. With their different motives, those who need experts are falsifiers and fools. Whenever individuals lose the capacity to see things for themselves, the expert is there to offer an absolute reassurance.” —Guy Debord

    “We’ll know our Disinformation Program is complete when everything the American public [and global public] believes is false.” —William Casey, a former CIA director=a leading psychopathic criminal of the genocidal US regime

    If you’re in the US and your employer mandates the toxic/lethal COVID jabs, register to receive a free “Medical Exemption Certificate” at or

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      So I guess when I say “our beneficent overlords” you believe that’s what I really think? beneficent overlords

      global elites

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