Awaken Biblical Prophecy Commentary – Food Control & Desperation 1-10-24

Awaken Biblical Prophecy Commentary – Food Control & Desperation 1-10-24




Here I am again on Wednesday.  It’s difficult to refrain from putting these offerings out when the Lord keeps feeding me things to write about.  You’ll note I’m not calling this a Prophecy Update; rather another form of my Commentaries, i.e. a Prophecy Commentary – with new color coding for the splash page to differentiate it.

The major difference between a Commentary like this and the Prophecy Updates is the time factor.  I’m typically able to write a Commentary in about two hours; compared to the Prophecy Updates, which I previously mentioned can take two-three days.  Doing something like this gives me a lot more available time, yet still enables me to provide information in a prophetic context.  We’ll see how this goes going forward.

Before I get into the major topic here, I wanted to point out a very intriguing connection.  You’ll recall that I spoke previously about the one person in Israel who has played a major part in causing her to be so dependent on America is Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister and chief of the IDF.  Barak has done much to foster the Two-State Solution meme, along with making Israel give up weapons production so as to rely so much on the United States.

Well. . . you’re all aware of the recent document dump concerning Jeffery Epstein and all the John Does in the child sex trafficking that went on at his island.  It’s smarmy stuff rampant with pedophilia and subsequent blackmailing of the participants in this whole affair.  Naturally blackmail of this sort convinces people to do things and make choices they wouldn’t otherwise necessarily make.  Blackmail ruins careers and often causes financial devastation when the person being blackmailed doesn’t submit.  When he does, bad things can happen because he is doing the blackmailer’s will.

Would it then surprise you to learn that Ehud Barak’s name has turned up among those implicated with Jeffrey Epstein’s pedo-island scandal?  He’s right there on the list along with Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and a host of others.  You can check this out in the post at Corey’s Digs.  This certainly provides an eminently rational explanation for Barak’s treachery against Israel.

Speaking of feeding that I mentioned earlier, that’s the theme of today’s discussion.

No doubt most of you have fasted at one time or another in your walk with the Lord – some probably more than the rest of us.  In that fasting, you likely either experienced some weakness on that day, perhaps a headache, and maybe both.  Fasting is not a particularly comfortable discipline.

I was led by the Lord to fast recently after a comment from our pastor, and seeing how worldly attractions were doing their best to disrupt my walk with God.  It had been a while since I’d fasted, but knew it was necessary.  So, one day later and I was a wreck, stumbling around and fighting the pain in my head.  Ugh.  Yet, this is something that pleases God because of how it strengthens our will to disregard the pull of the flesh.

On that next day in my Bible reading, I got to thinking of another cup of coffee and my upcoming breakfast – really spiritual, right?  However, that took me down the road of what will happen during the Tribulation.

The globalists are doing everything in their power to restrict food supplies here in our day before the Rapture.  They are already engineering famines in some places and intend to make real, natural food of such limited supply that the world will have no choice but to eat their manufactured glop made of bugs and chemicals.  That’s totally disgusting to us now, but consider the alternative later and what that will imply.

Going one day without food makes us weak.  Consider the case of Isaac’s son Esau.  See what happened with him in Genesis 25:29-31:

Once when Jacob was cooking stew, Esau came in from the field, and he was exhausted. And Esau said to Jacob, “Let me eat some of that red stew, for I am exhausted!” (Therefore his name was called Edom.) Jacob said, “Sell me your birthright now.” Esau said, “I am about to die; of what use is a birthright to me?” Jacob said, “Swear to me now.” So he swore to him and sold his birthright to Jacob. Then Jacob gave Esau bread and lentil stew, and he ate and drank and rose and went his way. Thus Esau despised his birthright.

Esau had spent all his energy hunting and was exhausted.  In fact, he was so tired and hungry that nothing mattered except getting some food in his belly.  To that end, he literally sold his birthright for a morsel of food.

I’ve spoken previously how I really like the History Channel show Alone.  The participants are truly on their own in surviving and doing their own video filming.  With their ten survival tools or implements, they attempt to stay in the wilderness longer than anyone else so as to win the prize.  If they are both good and have fortune in hunting or fishing, they eat.  If they don’t, they starve.  Most of the time, the people have a lot less food than they need.  Because they’re primarily eating meat and a few wild plants – no carbs – their bodies go into ketosis.  This is a process that burns fat.  As a result, it’s typical that in thirty days, folks have literally lost thirty pounds.  A lot of participants gain a lot of weight before their time in the wilderness so as to mitigate this extreme weight loss.  Sometimes it works, at others it doesn’t.  A number of them have been pulled because of possible health issues by having lost so much weight.

My point is that having little or no food, or even the right types of food, has a significant impact on people.  Such a diet, or lack thereof, surely also affects one’s mental outlook.

Let’s take this idea and move into the Tribulation period.  By 2030, when I think the Tribulation will probably begin, the globalist efforts to kill off livestock and decimate farmlands will be in full swing.  Lots of arable land will sport huge solar arrays and windmills.  As natural food becomes scarcer, the idea of eating insects and Impossible Burgers will become – if not attractive – a realty that will be accepted as necessary.  Desperation translates into compliance.  Compliance is control.

The message will be that climate change has destroyed the earth’s ecosystem along with its natural abundance.  But look, we your beneficent overlords have the solution.  We have food from our factories and processes ready to go.

As this situation becomes more difficult – especially with the plagues of God raining down upon the unbelieving world – what choice will there be?

By the time the Midpoint of the Tribulation rolls around – after war, famine, plagues, and the kill-off of so many loved ones and friends, when the offer comes from Antichrist that he can mitigate their hunger, what do you think people will do?

He and his minions will simply tell the world that since he is god, he’ll provide abundance and blessing in the food he brings.  Just like in the days of the Roman emperors where the kingdom’s subjects were told all they had to do was say, “Hail Caesar” and offer a pinch of incense to him, so it will be with Antichrist.  All you have to do is state your obeisance toward him and take this little mark of loyalty on your right hand or forehead.  No big deal in return for being able to eat and provide for your family.

Given the lack of food and the desperate need, this is how the masses will submit to Antichrist and condemn their souls to hell.  The road will be very wide and many will walk willingly to their own destruction.

This is what those who come to faith in Christ during this period will face.  They’ll know that if they surrender because of hunger to Antichrist’s offer, they’ll perish.  Sadly, despite having accepted Jesus as their Savior, I’m also convinced that some will fall by the wayside.

Those who remain resolute in their faith will by absolute necessity have to place their entire trust in the Lord for His provision.  I also thoroughly believe that he will supernaturally provide for those who walk fully with Him in obedience.

As we all know, there is a large contingent in the church that thinks God will require true believers today to enter the Tribulation and endure through it all.  I vehemently disagree.  Lately I’ve almost been cursed at for teaching the pre-Tribulation Rapture as a false teacher.

As I try to do, I extol the character of the Lord and how post-Tribbers seem to miss that in their walk with Him.  I gave the example of the true church as being Christ’s beloved Bride.  Since we’re loved in that way, how could God condemn us to partake of the Tribulation, which is reserved for His wrath upon the unbelieving world?  I said to this person that would make Jesus no better than a wife beater.  Oh, did that cause an eruption!  He rebuked that idea and walked away.  So be it.  As I’ve also said lately, we cannot argue anyone into God’s kingdom.  Nor can we seemingly change anyone’s mind on our own.  The Holy Spirit needs to do it.

So what of this schism between pre- and post-Tribbers?  Am I a terrible person for believing in and fervently teaching a pre-Tribulation Rapture?  If God is not who I’ve been led to understand and believe in through my years of constantly reading His Word, then I guess so.  I see His love and encouragement in the pre-Trib passages, which my friend who walked away doesn’t see at all.  In fact, he’s totally convinced there are no pre-Trib Rapture assurances whatsoever in the Bible.  Seriously.

However, the fact of God snatching us from this alien world that is not our home before He rains down punishment upon it is truly my Blessed Hope.  If some folks don’t want that hope and would rather dig in and prepare for the worst times that will ever come upon this earth, that’s up to them; I can only do so much.  This idea that we remain behind is terribly depressing to me.  But I don’t believe for a moment that God will subject us to this Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

As for teaching about and promoting the pre-Trib Rapture, I’m all in.  The Lord is coming soon, and because of His character, because He loves us so much, He will redeem us to His heavenly realm before the Tribulation storm comes upon the world.

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  1. Reply Peggy

    Thanks for your new format and we will look forward to when and if you are able to provide it weekly. Whether weekly, monthly, or just as needed, your subscribers are always happy to receive your commentary. 🙂

  2. Reply Pamela P

    Thanks again Gary for an interesting article. I always look forward to reading what you have to say and hope you can continue with whatever format works for you. I was musing the other day on the description of the 7-year tribulation and the name God gives it – the time of Jacob’s Trouble, and wondered – why Jacob’s and not Israel’s Trouble. I firmly believe this period in time is all about God’s dealing with the nation of Israel, and not the gentile world. This excludes our (the true Church’s) necessity to be here for it. But again, why call it Jacob’s – and not Israel’s – Trouble? Could this refer to who Jacob was before he had his face-to-face encounter with God, which resulted in his change of character and name? Is it because this represents the refusal of the Jews to submit to God’s righteousness and their continual rejection of His offer of salvation by attempting to establish their own (Romans 10:1-4) And isn’t this exactly what many who call themselves Christian’s do? They observe all the outward show of being a follower of Jesus, but have never submitted to His Lordship in their hearts. So perhaps the tribulation will also deal with the same gentile issue as Jewish one. And behind it all, and driving it all, is pride: that ages old sin that first arose in Lucifer’s heart.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      As soon as you asked that question, I had the same answer as you. Jacob was a deceiver until God got hold of him to change his heart so as to become Israel. What did Jesus say about this coming time? “Don’t be deceived.”

      I think you’re right on as to the Christian/Gentile aspect as well. Jesus wants our hearts to be right toward Him. He needs to be our Lord as much as our Savior. Christ wants a pure and refined Bride. If He isn’t our Lord, I wonder how pure and refined we are?

  3. Reply Ken Kuhlmann

    Hi Gary. I am a bit late with a comment, having just read this ‘ commentary ‘, and reading Pamela’s comment.
    I am thinking of her question, “Why is it called the Time of Jacob’s Trouble?” could make for a future article if that is possible, unless you already have covered that subject and I just need to search for it. Shalom.

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