Biblical Audio Commentary – Leftist Demonization

Biblical Audio Commentary – Leftist Demonization




In the introduction to her book, American Betrayal, Diana West writes about a singular occurrence in 1934.  Two men got off a train in Washington, DC with very specific purposes related to Communism in America.  The younger man, Whitaker Chambers, was dead set on corrupting America and its political system with Communist ideology.  Despite his dedication to the cause, within five years Chambers would be introduced to Jesus Christ and become a solid Christian who became a Witness, and did all that he could to expose the evil intent of that which he’d formerly been a part.

The older man who exited the train at that time was William Wirt.  He had come to testify before a Congressional committee about what he had learned about the Communist infiltration in America from a dinner party he had attended with various officials in the FDR presidential Administration.

The committee before which Wirt testified was comprised of three Democrats and two Republicans.  At every turn Wirt was stymied by a 3-2 vote from presenting all aspects of his evidence.  Had he been allowed to speak freely, he would have exposed the dark underbelly of the traitorous Communist plot to destroy our nation.  Instead, following the hearing of the meager amount he was allowed to divulge, Wirt was mocked from every quarter for his crazy theory: by Democrats, the media, even Roosevelt himself.  The dinner party at which he’d heard all the Communist plans was portrayed as one where Wirt monopolized the conversation with no one else being able to get a word in edgewise.  In the end, everyone had a good laugh at his expense.  He was branded a liar by the Congressional select committee and even had subsequent radio broadcasts he was scheduled to be on canceled at the last minute.  Within four years Wirt died from a heart attack, said by some to have been from the stress that broke him.

As it turned out, in 1940, one of the Democrats who had been on the committee to which Wirt testified, wrote a confession that appeared in several major newspapers.  In that piece he stated that Wirt’s information that hadn’t been allowed into the public record was accurate.  As this Democrat stated in his newspaper confession piece: “The pack got the smell of blood and tracked down the prey.  A great job was done.  Little did we know that most of the happenings which Dr. Wirt said the plotters had predicted would come to pass.”

Some of you may be aware of a 10-part documentary series by Dutch researcher Janet Ossebaard titled The Fall of the Cabal.  She followed that up with the 27-part series The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal.  (Note the links for these documentaries and other references are embedded in the transcript for this Commentary posted on my website blog.). The information Janet brings out is often shocking, and she provides significant evidence backing up her revelations and claims.  I’ll just caveat that she is not a Christian and there have been some aspects of her videos that I disagree with.  Despite that, it is well worth your time to view her extensive work.

In Part 17 of The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal with the subject being Depopulation – Extinction Tool Number 10: Vaccination, an appalling and extremely sad interview is shown.  Beginning at 3:25 into Janet’s video the vaccine discussion centers around autism.  A husband and wife, David and Brenda McDowell discuss on tape what happened with their children.  Their had triplets, two boys and one girl.  In 2007 at 10 AM they brought these nine-month-old infants to the doctor for their Pneumococcal shots.  By noon – within two hours – their little girl began exhibiting symptoms of autism.  By 2 PM, one of the boys did the same.  Not long after, the second boy likewise went into his own little autistic world.

Doctors rejected their claim that the vaccine was responsible for their children developing autism – that it was genetic.  Yet, all three of their babies developing autism in this manner on the same day was demonstrated to be statistically impossible.  They couldn’t sue the doctors, vaccine manufacturers – no one – because they were told they’d signed for the shots.  When the parents informed their doctor that they would no longer follow the vaccine schedule and would not allow their children to take any more shots, the medical practice basically fired them, saying they would no longer be allowed to see any doctor in that office.

Despite clear evidence like this and many other similar cases, the CDC and the mainstream media deny any possible link between their vaccines and any adverse effects like autism.  Those who claim such connections – like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and doctors such as Sherri Tenpenny, both of whom have been proving for many years that vaccines are dangerous – and a clear and present threat to the health and wellbeing of children and adults – are labeled vaccine deniers and continually mocked and censored on social media and most of the mainstream establishment.

Fast forward to the last three years of COVID and the mRNA so-called vaccines.  We all know what has happened to those who contested with the official government narrative about these depopulation tools.  Discussion that counters what the CDC, WHO, and/or the NIH declare is verboten.  Anyone who dares proclaim anything that opposes these paragons of truth is canceled, and for those who are too insistent, some have died mysterious deaths.

Now we come to the last couple weeks as I write this.  The movie The Sound of Freedom has attracted significant attention because of its exposure of the very dark world of child sex trafficking.  Perhaps not so astounding is the fact that is has been attacked brutally from the Left.  Again, major newspapers and Left-oriented websites have unleashed their vitriol against this movie, linking it with Q-anon and calling it fake news.  All I can say is to echo what I read in this regard: For anyone to come in such a hostile manner like this against a production like Sound of Freedom that exposes pedophilia as it does, must be a part of the problem and have something to hide.  For that very reason I strongly urge you to go see the movie, even if you’re like us and not theater goers.

It’s a difficult movie to watch, and it made my hands itch to place them around the necks of those involved in this abomination.  If I was in the position of doing harm to someone engaged in child sex trafficking like this, it would be very difficult to remember that vengeance belongs to the Lord, and He will do what is right.  The point here is that once more we see this demonic mocking from the Left and one has to wonder whether there’s anyone of that political persuasion who has a moral bone in his or her body, and/or who isn’t possessed by Satan’s demons.

These four stories are only a small part of the many such incidents that have occurred for almost 100 years as the Communist Left has infiltrated America and done all within its power to bring us down.  It does so with lies and innuendo – labeling anyone who disagrees with its positions as conspiracy theorists.  I proudly raise my hand and say, “Yes, call me what you will.  If I’m a conspiracy theorist in your eyes, then I know I am telling the truth.  More than that; because I look at the world through a Biblical and prophetic lens, I know I’m telling God’s truth.”

This mocking and scoffing, and the many false accusations against truth-tellers has been a fact of life since the beginning, when Satan mocked God’s veracity in the Garden.  The dramatic increase in this behavior is indicative that we are indeed in the final days and closure is coming to this Church Age.  The apostle captured these attitudes and their meaning in 2 Peter 3:1-4:

This is now the second letter that I am writing to you, beloved. In both of them I am stirring up your sincere mind by way of reminder, that you should remember the predictions of the holy prophets and the commandment of the Lord and Savior through your apostles, knowing this first of all, that scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing, following their own sinful desires. They will say, “Where is the promise of his coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things are continuing as they were from the beginning of creation.”

Add these sinful desires on top of all the other converging signs of the times, and there is no question where we stand in world/Biblical history.  If Christians can’t read the red sky at morning or evening and know that the Tribulation (i.e. rain) is near, they are lacking God’s wisdom and holy discernment.

Is it any wonder the Left, which is the chosen instrument of Satan, is engaged in demonizing anything that smacks of truth, justice, or morality?  Why is it that the rank and file on the Left – common Democrats – fail to understand the Communist ideology infusing all this hostility?  It’s simple to see how pagans are so confused; what is sad and unfortunate is those who call themselves Christians fall headlong into this miry pit of Satan’s future abode.

Before long, God will sort all this out.  Those who truly belong to Him will meet Jesus in the air and join Him for a glorious seven years of revelation and celebration.  Those who aren’t of God will face the coming disaster on this earth.

When and how we can, we must continue to shine the light of Christ to those around us.  Yes, there are many who have moved beyond the point of redemption because they’ve grieved the Holy Spirit.  There are still others, though, who can be saved.  Perhaps through our witness and testimony some can enter God’s kingdom.  That’s our job in these waning hours

4 Responses to “Biblical Audio Commentary – Leftist Demonization”

  1. Reply Jim Eastman

    I can relate to these 3 kids. This was back in the ninety’s. We had a friend in CO who had a baby boy and then at the prescribed time received his shots. Soon afterward he was diagnosed with autism. His mother knew it was the shot. All the doctors denied it. This has been covered up for years. The autism in people is now off the charts. Its amazing how educated people just look the other way and say nothing. Rev 18-23 is true.

  2. Reply GaryW.

    From what I read, most people think what is happening in America concerning vaccines and their relationship to negative side effects is a recent thing. Mainly since the beginning of Covid. Some perhaps will take their thinking back fifty years. I can’t help but believe this goes back much farther. At least one hundred years. Satan didn’t just wake up one bright and sunny morning about 2018 and say, “Hey, I have a great idea”. His evil plotting goes back just a tad farther to the Garden of Eden. He’s been on the prowl ever since looking for willing accomplices and he found them. As time passed and medicine and science advanced, he naturally used what was currently available to hurt and destroy God’s children.

    Concerning your itching hands, I find it more difficult each day to maintain a good Christian attitude about the perpetrators of the crimes against children. Yes, I know God is in charge. I know He will handle it and deserved justice will be meted out. However, I am not in the spiritual realm yet. I am still human and continue to have human thoughts also some hand itching. For believing Christians, it is hard to wrap our brains around such horrible cruelty to innocent children. It cannot help but stir our basest emotions.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Sadly, I more I learn about the machinations of not just the Communists over the last 100 years, but those of the global elites that go back centuries and millennia, I find that none of this is new. Worse, our nation’s ideals are wonderful, but the men in government for a long, long time have been working toward their own ends and not those of the nation as founded. We as a people have been deceived.

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