Bonus Biblical Commentary – The Nineveh 40-Day Countdown to Judgment for America

Bonus Biblical Commentary – The Nineveh 40-Day Countdown to Judgment for America




It may very well be that nothing significant happens tomorrow April 8, 2024 in the wake of the Great American Eclipse.  If that’s the case, won’t the mockers and scoffers have their day?

On Friday, April 5, Marjorie Taylor Greene urged Americans to repent because of the earthquake that rattled New York City earlier that day.  On X she tweeted that:

 . . . the seismic event was no simple act of plate tectonics but an omen of godly wrath. “God is sending America strong signs to tell us to repent. Earthquakes and eclipses and many more things to come . . . I pray that our country listens.” 

To no one’s surprise who follows these things, her statements and prayer were roundly mocked.  The article about this said:

It was unclear for what exactly the Georgia rep thought Americans needed to repent . . . Her Friday post was met with widespread derision. One user trolled Greene by teeing up her past flubs and conspiracy theories, writing, “It was the Jewish Space Lasers being controlled by the Gazpacho Police targeting the Peach Tree dishes on Capitol Hill.”

Of course, she’s wacko.  Why in the world would Americans have to repent about anything?   If the Biblical Job were with us right now, he would likely say, “Mock on!” (Job 21:3)  There’s no idolatry, sexual immorality, depravity, and perversions in our nation, let alone it being rampant with total Christ-rejection.  We are so righteous and holy as a people God bows down to us.  To think that earthquakes and other natural phenomena are warning signs of pending judgment are surely beyond the pale.

Or maybe not.

There are interesting connections that could very well signal a major event in the near future.  Many of us have thought that something cataclysmic could occur tomorrow, but there is the possibility of a delay of sorts.  That’s not to say we won’t immediately experience something terrible in the wake of the confluence of the eclipse with the location of the New Madrid fault, but let’s see how this could otherwise play out.

The following gets somewhat technical, but hang in there, and I’ll do my best shortly to summarize and simplify.

First, if we correlate our Gregorian calendar with that of the Hebrew calendar, we see the following:

On the evening of Monday, April 8 at 6:00 pm, this is the 1st day of Nisan.  Two weeks later beginning at 6:00 pm on April 22 (Nisan 14) the Jewish celebration of Passover begins.  This also happens to coincide with the 2nd – or double portion – of Purim this year.  The year of 2024 happens to be a Jewish leap year, meaning that Purim occurs twice.  There are weirdly two months of Adar, i.e. Adar 1 and Adar 2.  The 1st Purim occurred in February (23-24) while the 2nd Purim happened on March 23-24, which also happened to be the date of a lunar eclipse.  The lunar eclipse this year was the first of three yearly ones in a row, the next two occurring in 2025 and 2026.  The significance of Purim is the deliverance of Israel from the hand of Haman while in diaspora in Persia, i.e. modern day Iran.  Might three lunar eclipses in a row all on Purim signify something dramatic that might happen with Iran within these three years?  We’ll see.

Back to Passover.  According to Numbers 9:6-12, the Lord granted a 2nd Passover to Israel in case some of them were unable to celebrate the first one.  In other words, it was a second-chance Passover.  This was to take place in the 2nd month on the 14th day at twilight.  In the case of our calculations, this 2nd Passover begins at 6:00 pm on May 21, continuing through the next day, which is (the month of) Lyyar 14, i.e. the 14th day as specified.

So, to boil this down April 8 is two weeks before traditional Passover that begins on April 22.  The 2nd Passover is scheduled for 30 days later on May 21-22.  If we count calendar days, this 2nd Passover is about 44 days from April 8.  Keep that number of 40-ish in mind.

As most of us are aware, the path of this April 8 eclipse travels over seven American cities named Nineveh.  This follows on the heels of the 2017 eclipse that passed over seven American cities named Salem, i.e. Jerusalem.  These two eclipses cross in an X right over the New Madrid fault line in southern Illinois and southeastern Missouri.  There are all sorts of naming “coincidences” associated with this confluence, but they aren’t my focus in this Commentary.

What I find of greater interest is the issue of Nineveh.  In the Biblical account of Jonah, after his disagreement with God about his job description, he went to Nineveh to preach about coming judgment.  Nineveh was the capital city of Assyria, which as a nation sent shockwaves of fear into others when it decided to conquer them.  The Ninevites were as wicked as anyone could be.  It’s no wonder Jonah had no interest in being part of their deliverance.

However, Jonah dutifully, but reluctantly, preached to Nineveh.  His message was that in 40 days God would destroy the city unless they repented.  At the same time, historically, it is reported that an eclipse fell upon Nineveh that very day.  Jonah’s preaching at the same time a sign occurred in the heavens was enough to make the hardest hearts quake in fear.  Astoundingly, from the king on down to the lowliest peasant, the people in Nineveh repented.

Jonah was unhappy about the whole affair, but it was God’s prerogative to save them if they would be saved.  As it turned out, 40 years later, another generation of Ninevites arose that had forgotten their history, and the city was destroyed in judgment at that time.

What might this mean in our current day?  For the record, I am not a prophet in any way, shape, or form.  I read and study the Bible and Bible prophecy, then I look at the world through a Biblical and prophetic lens.  Through this process stuff comes to mind, and I draw a lot of analogies or parallels from Scripture to our current day.

I started thinking of these things in the wee hours of the night, and this Commentary is the result.

What if . . . ?

What if nothing untoward happens immediately on Monday following the eclipse?  The derision will be off the charts both from the secular world and from far too many within Christendom.  They will say we who watch these things prophetically are looney tunes, and the idea of judgment is beyond silly.  As I noted before, why does America have to repent?

Yet, what if there is a connection today that goes all the way back to Nineveh?  That wicked city had 40 days in which to repent.  It did, from the highest official to the poorest individual.

What if America as a parallel to Nineveh has 40 days to repent?  That takes us from April 8 to right about the 2nd Passover on May 21-22.  What is Passover?  It is when the angel of death passed over those houses whose doorposts were painted in the sign of a cross in blood.  Those people, whether Egyptians or even Jews, who did not accept God’s Word for deliverance, all suffered the death of their first born, whether human or animal.

What if God in His mercy has already passed judgment on our nation, symbolized by the giant X, yet He is giving us 40 days to turn back to Him in repentance?  For there to be a reprieve, looking to the analogy of Nineveh, repentance would have to first begin at the highest levels of government, namely in the office of the President of the United States, with many in Washington, DC falling on their faces and asking God to spare us.  This would of necessity have to lead to many in our nation likewise following that lead and turning from their evil ways to faith in Jesus Christ.

Now, do I believe this will happen?  Not a chance.  If the scenario I’ve set up were to be close to the truth, I look at this 40-day reprieve as a pro-forma timeout that God is allowing.  In other words, because He is merciful, He gives our nation 40 days without judgment.  At the end of that time is when the actual judgment falls assuming no widespread repentance.  Does God really think we’ll repent any more than the people of Noah’s day or those inhabiting Sodom and Gomorrah?  I seriously doubt it, but being who He is, God allows for the formal opportunity anyway.

As I’ve noted many times recently, I believe that our fate as a nation is also tied to how we deal with Israel.  It goes back to the Genesis 12:3 cursing and blessing.  We are on a solid trajectory of cursing Israel.  Day-after-day we are hammering nails into our coffin as a viable nation because of our siding with Israel’s enemies.  That equates to our cursing Israel.  This will not end well.

The question is whether there may actually be a tighter correlation of our curses upon Israel with judgment signified by the eclipse?  Since there is a date connection with Israel via Passover, what if our political actions create such distress in Israel that we end up experiencing direct vengeance from God right in this timeframe?

What’s the bottom line on this?  If we don’t see anything really bad happen tomorrow, perhaps 40 days is a key number to keep in mind.  That means May 21-22.  If God decides to make His point about our treatment of Israel during the 2nd chance Passover, will Americans get the message?

I don’t think so.  We as a nation, with much of the church, have turned away from God and spurned the free gift of salvation He offers through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.  He is our Passover.  Without His mark upon us we are doomed.  Thankfully there are those of us who have placed our faith and trust in Christ and so are passed over by the angel of death.

We’ll see how all this plays out.  The one thing I do know is that as each day goes by the world spirals downward toward perdition.  Everything will become worse and worse.  But God has given us few a way out.

The Rapture is coming.  Are you ready?

7 Responses to “Bonus Biblical Commentary – The Nineveh 40-Day Countdown to Judgment for America”

  1. Reply Jim Eastman

    Gary, I totally agree with your assessment. Even the Christian Circles that I am attached too and my own family believe I am nuts when I talk about prophesy. It can be very frustrating. But God!

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      There’s no doubt God will prevail and cause Israel to do so. Whether or not my assessment holds up is another matter, but it’s certainly intriguing (IMHO) if nothing else!

  2. Reply Robin McCann

    Well, I feel that the hierarchy in America cannot repent as it would change the whole dynamic of prophecy. God’s Word does not change so everything it has to follow thru just as prophesied.

    On a different note, several days ago, I saw an interview, and I wanna say it was Pastor Tom Hughes interviewing someone, but I can’t remember. Anyway, the interviewee said that something major happened in America 2 to 3 months after the August 2017 eclipse. Do you have any idea what it was? If I even knew at all, I forgot. Something about the economy maybe?

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      I don’t recall that. Looks like it occurred August 21. What I do know is that whenever we have taken it upon ourselves to act against Israel’s interests, i.e. against God’s interests, God acts.

      Okay, here it is: Hurricane Harvey formed on August 17 and became a Cat 4 storm that knocked Texas for a loop. I don’t know what the US was doing in relation to Israel right at that time, but I’ll bet we at the least were heavily promoting a two-state solution.

      Update – Yep, we signed the Abraham Accords in September, so you know we were negotiating them like crazy right at that time. Here is a little about that:

      • Reply Robin McCann

        Thanx. I will take a look at that. I am familiar with Bill Koenig. I have his book, ‘Eye To Eye: The Consequences Of Dividing Israel.’ That is a wild book. If you haven’t read it, it’s a good idea to get it. He has a reasonably long list of presidents who failed Israel and brought consequences our way, but it stops with Bush jr. If he wrote any more about presidents since then, I really gotta get it.

        • Reply Gary Ritter

          Although I don’t have the book, I subscribe to his weekly newsletter. and I’ve actually recommended the book a number of times knowing how he’s made the curse connections.

  3. Reply Rick H

    I just caught this update today…interestingly I posted something on Facebook concerning this eclipse and noted the Nineveh connection as well but also told everyone in the post that I had Jonah’s attitude toward this country because when it comes to our leaders they can’t butt out of Israel’s business which I know is the influence of Satan…but even if my heart thinks we are more like the Nineveh that followed later, or the days of Noah or Sodom and Gomorrah…my opinion is irrelevant as far as it affecting bible prophesy…God alone will decide and like demonstrated his lesson on compassion to Jonah I had to learn the same thing…I have to give this nation a chance to repent because Jesus forgave me…it’s only fair…in roughly 40 days we shall see. God Bless!

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