Awaken Biblical Prophecy Commentary – Let’s Talk About (ET) Aliens

Awaken Biblical Prophecy Commentary – Let’s Talk About (ET) Aliens




It’s funny how these Commentaries sometimes come together.  I watched a video that discussed aliens and decided one thing that was mentioned was rather interesting.  The very next day along came a much shorter video that tied into what I wanted to explore.  As a result, the Commentary outline expanded just like that.  So here we are back with this rather popular topic of aliens from a little bit different perspective than what you may have heard before.

As a preface, we’ll get this fact out of the way first.  Aliens are demons.  They are spiritual entities, not little green (or gray) men from some other planets.  They are important for us to understand who and what they are because of the prophetic implications.  More basically, if they were indeed beings from Alpha Centauri or whatever other planet to which one wishes to ascribe them, what that would mean from the Christian understanding of Jesus and salvation would change significantly.  For instance, we’d have to answer the question as to whether Jesus came just this once to the earth or to multiple planets for their sins.  Obviously, they would have sinned because there is no created creature without that rebellion and disobedience in its heart – just consider the host of heaven, which we’ll discuss momentarily.

The other big deal with the idea of aliens goes to creation.  Were we on earth the one and only planet on which God made intelligent life?  If not, and we’re not alone, were we the original creation or were we in some way spawned by these beings from another planet?  What I’m saying is that it gets quite messy in the Christian worldview if we accept some sort of other-planet alien presence in the universe.  I unequivocably dismiss that idea as completely false.

Alright, so if aliens are indeed demons, where did they come from?  I’ve dealt with this previously, but a review can be helpful.  To answer this question, we have to go back to Genesis 6 in which the sons of God transgressed their holy habitation in heaven and came to earth with the express intent of mating with human women.  If we read this Biblical account in any other way, e.g. by looking at it with the lens of the righteous sons of Seth and the wicked daughters of Cain, the entire Biblical storyline is misunderstood and corrupted.  There is a supernatural narrative that runs throughout Scripture.  When we dismiss that and try to demythologize the Bible, false doctrine arises like dandelions in spring.

The offspring of the lust of these bene Elohim – sons of God – were hybrid beings known as Nephilim.  They were half divine and half human.  Because of the wickedness, and how they corrupted the entire earth, God brought the Flood to destroy them.  The human flesh of the Nephilim perished in the Flood, but their divine nature survived.  It was essentially freed from the flesh of these giants to wander the earth seeking another body to inhabit.  We see this desire clearly when Jesus healed the demoniac in the pagan area across the Jordan River known as the Gerasenes or Gadarenes.  The legion of demons begged Jesus to send them into the herd of pigs, i.e. another body even though it wasn’t ideal.  That caused the pigs to go mad so that they rushed off the cliff and perished.  Ironically, once more the bodiless demons had no home and were left to wander in chaos once more.

The sons of God are also known as Watchers.  There are good Watchers who remain loyal to God, and those which fell in this rebellion.  Some of these wicked Watchers were imprisoned in the lowest level of hell known as Tartarus (see 2 Peter 2:4 and Jude 6).  However, in some manner, ungodly Watchers remain on the earth to this day.

These Watchers – sons of God – bene Elohim – are/were very high-ranking divine beings.  They are very powerful.  We only have to note the Prince of Persia in Daniel 10:13 who delayed the angel Gabriel from coming to the prophet.

BTW – it was these Watchers that set themselves up as gods and to which idols were built so that they would be worshiped in place of Yahweh.  Deuteronomy 32:8,17 (ESV) are verses that help us to understand this.

You can see from this that there is a distinct difference between Watchers and demons.  When we conflate these two very different spiritual entities, we err greatly.

Given that the evil Watchers on earth are effectively princes of the dark realm, they have power over the demons – remember, they are sons of God and highly ranked entities in the heavenly realm.  Just think of the sons of the king and peasants in the land.  There is a vast difference between them just as there is with these divine beings.  As such the bodiless demons must do whatever their Watcher overlords require of them.

A major objective of the Watchers was to populate the world with their own imago dei, i.e. with their own offspring made in their image.  This was begun with the direct insemination of human women per Genesis 6, but then appears to have continued throughout the Nephilim era.  In some manner they experimented in creating other hybrid creatures.  This is why when God directed the Israelites in their conquest of the Promised Land after the Exodus that He required in some instances, not only the men, women, and children with corrupted hybrid DNA to be devoted to destruction, but also animals.  God knew where the genomic tampering was present, and He wanted to eradicate it.  We see the results of this abomination in the stone pictographs of ancient civilizations where there are hybrid men – some with the head of an eagle and some with scorpion features like claws, or even a fish tail for legs.  Famous instances of this are Minotaurs – a bull head with the body of a man, Centaurs – with the head and torso of a man and the remaining body of a horse, Cerberus – a three-headed dog, probably even vampires and werewolves, and many more.  God could not and would not countenance any of this.

We are told that these end-times will be like the Days of Noah.  A probable aspect of this is the recreation of fearsome creatures not known since those antediluvian times.  In my Tribulation Chronicles series beginning with Tribulation Rising: Seal Judgments, I attempt to convey a realistic prophetic picture of these circumstances.  Since the Watchers have this knowledge of creating such abominations, would it surprise you that what we think of as aliens may actually be an offshoot of this biotechnological prowess?

L.A. Marzulli has spent decades researching the UFO phenomenon.  He had a conversation on Rumble that I watched in which he stated his belief about the nature of aliens.  He specifically spoke about the Grays, which are supposed to be the “bad” aliens.  He didn’t mention the Greens at this time, which are supposedly the “good” aliens, but for our purposes I don’t think there’s any difference.

In this discussion, you may have wondered how we get from bodiless demons to aliens which have bodies.  LA Marzulli believes that they are essentially organic body suits.  He called them avatars, which has some validity.  The definition for this word includes:

  • An embodiment or manifestation, as of a quality or concept.
  • A temporary manifestation or aspect of a continuing entity.

What could very well have happened – and this is pure speculation on LA’s part and on mine knowing what we do of these spiritual beings – is that the Watchers in their experiments created this organic meat bag, so to speak.  Since then, they’ve had some number of demons possess them.  This is why ET aliens have a corporeal form.

If this is how it happened, I find it interesting that the Watchers didn’t make these humanoid figures very impressive.  They’re weird looking with those huge black eyes, spindly limbs, and sexless.  No sense in having these creatures get any wayward ideas by usurping what belongs to the Watchers.

In this bodily form, this enables the demons/aliens to do what they do in the physical realm – all under the direction of the Watchers, of course.  This would provide the means for them to abduct humans, i.e. alien abductions, plus do the horrific experiments on men and women that have been reported over the years.

What we want to do as we consider all aspects of Bible prophecy is to examine the world through this lens to see the events currently happening.  This scenario gives us a logical framework.  It may not be completely accurate, but I think it certainly tends toward the truth.

The major prophetic reason this explanation of aliens is important is because of what will likely be the explanation for the pre-Tribulation Rapture.  It has been thought for a long time by many Bible prophecy teachers, myself included, that once the Rapture occurs, one of the various alien theories will come into play, e.g. the aliens took us away for some reason and those left behind are the special ones.  It explains away the whole Christian disappearance problem and creates a nice distraction for the world.

In conjunction with all this is a rather interesting phenomenon that has received a lot of interest of late.  The idea of Remote Viewing has been around for years.  Some of you may be familiar with Greg Reese who often puts out brief summary videos of things related to the supernatural.  He is by no means a Christian, so his conclusions are often off-base by what we know from God’s Word, so you have to take what he says with that grain of salt.  His latest video with transcript is titled Remote Viewing of the Rapture Ascension Event.

Remote Viewing, as Greg says:

 . . . is the military term for viewing a target with the mind’s eye.

It is associated with ESP – Extra Sensory Perception – and is:

 . . . the ability of human beings to perceive information and imagery of remote geographical targets.

Let me state here that this is an occult, New Age practice.  Whatever is seen or given in this practice comes from demonic sources.

That said, the intriguing statement made in this five-minute video is that the group providing this information – known as the Future Forecasting Group – is saying that they specifically see a soon-coming Rapture of Christians.

An aspect of this was that all these remote viewers who are part of this group:

 . . .  all saw non-human entities behind this event.

Greg goes on to say:

According to UFO research, the most common story is that the Greys destroyed their own planet and came to Earth to experiment on mankind in a desperate attempt for survival. No longer able to reproduce sexually, they experiment on mankind with genetic science and technology to sustain their own species.

And then:

They [the Future Forecasting Group] saw UFOs, major events in the sky, and a mass exodus.

Tied into this is transhumanism with brain implants, animal-human hybrids, and even animal mutilations.

Because this Future Forecasting Group is getting their visions, i.e. remote viewing from demonic sources, the truth is skewed.  But we know that’s what makes lies so compelling to so many people.  They have an element of truth and are plausible as a result.

The fact that this information is coming to the fore is another indication that the Rapture is coming soon.  The world must be prepped.  By having military-related credible narratives, people will tend to believe what they are told.

We’ve all seen that UFO accounts in the news and by government authorities have increased dramatically.  There’s a reason for this.  The demonic world doesn’t know the day or hour any more than we do, but Satan and his minions know the Bible and what’s coming.  They are preparing for the incredible event that will rock the world.

The pre-Trib Rapture deniers can spout all they want that Christ-followers are going into and through the Tribulation, but the alien narrative is one more proof that we will soon be snatched away by Jesus from this hostile, Christ-rejecting world.

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  1. Reply Karl Steudl

    Spot on thinking as always Gary. I think I might add another dubiously earned title to the Remote Viewers, that of Satan’s false prophets, as he is always trying to do something that only God can do (accurately) ! As an interesting side note, some years ago Dave Hunt, before he went to Heaven, wrote two fictional but biblically based stories that part of the narrative centered on remote viewing and Bible prophecy coming to pass. The titles of the two books escapes me right now but if I find it I’ll post a follow up.

      • Reply Karl Steudl

        Found them. They are The Mind Invaders & The Archon Conspiracy; both by Dave Hunt of the Berean Call. I just found them available on Abe Books used for roughly 10$ for both of them. I thought I had them here at home but I must have sent them on so I ordered them again, lol.

  2. Reply Karl Steudl

    Found them. They are The Mind Invaders & The Archon Conspiracy; both by Dave Hunt of the Berean Call. I just found them available on Abe Books used for roughly 10$ for both of them. I thought I had them here at home but I must have sent them on so I ordered them again, lol.

  3. Reply Karl Steudl

    Aah, that makes sense that they may be the same. I found another one that I still have at home, it is called the Sanctuary of the Chosen also by Dave Hunt. It is worth a read also.

  4. Reply Jim Eastman

    Was watching JD Farag this week. He had a demon possessed woman in the crowd shrieking and howling. He stopped the service and I believe went out into the crowd to extricate the demon. Not sure how it turned out. He is supposed to give an explanation today about the whole affair.
    I have been to India and seen demon possession on a couple of occasions. I think that it is becoming more frequent in America as we turn from the Lord.

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