Biblical Audio Commentary – Of Tranq, Trans, & Trains

Biblical Audio Commentary – Of Tranq, Trans, & Trains




Despite someone not being a Christian nor a student of Bible prophecy, if he is awake enough to glance around at the world and question what’s going on, he still might realize that something isn’t right.  You might think this is a silly statement; after all, how could anyone not see that the world is on fire and everything is going crazy?  I think you’d be surprised.

Because of some of what I read, it’s apparent to me that a number of astute secular people know there is a problem in the world and that there’s trouble ahead.  Of course, their prescription for dealing with what’s to come is to plan accordingly with physical preparations: own gold and silver, buy guns and ammo, move away from city centers, learn various skills that can be of use to themselves and others, engage with local communities to establish an independent sustainable lifestyle, etc.  These are all really good things, but they miss the point.

In the realm of church people and religious beliefs, sadly, far too many who identify as Christians and see a train wreck coming still don’t understand why the locomotive is barreling down the tracks with apparently no engineer at the controls.

The purpose of the Commentary today isn’t to delve into these various concerns, but simply to discuss several of the issues that are front and center which are contributing to the mess of the world, particularly in America.  To that end, let’s look briefly at the horrific phenomenon of drug usage and overdose of the substance called Tranq; of the transgender rage consuming young people; and the systematic poisoning of our nation through various means, in this case via train wrecks.

Fentanyl is a scourge among drug users.  It is a powerful, synthetic, opioid pain reliever that China produces and is illegally sending into America through our criminally open borders thanks to the Biden Regime.  When it first hit the street, it was an immediate success with dealers and pimps because it’s so addictive.  As the CDC points out, fentanyl is 50x stronger than heroin and 100x more potent than morphine.

As if fentanyl weren’t enough of a problem in our inner cities and wherever else people seek escape through drugs, several years ago, an animal tranquilizer with the official name of Xylazine – more commonly known as Tranq – came on the scene.  Just like with all addictive drugs, the people dealing Fentanyl sought to cut it with a substance that would multiply the supply in an inexpensive and easy way so as to increase their profits.  They settled on Tranq because they could obtain it cheaply – and they didn’t care what consequences they caused.  Recent analyses have shown that fentanyl is being cut by up to 15% by Tranq.

The effects of Fentanyl combined with Tranq have been devastating.  Fentanyl has the effect of causing users to lose consciousness with extremely weak breathing.  Tranq added to the mix with its amplification of these symptoms has caused a scourge of literal zombie users on the streets.  If you’ve seen any videos of Philadelphia or Baltimore as people drive or walk around capturing the impact of this drug combo – with one person after another bent over, immobilized, unable to move from a single position – you know how terribly this impacts people.  But it gets worse.  Apparently with animals this isn’t a problem since it is used sparingly for veterinary operations, but when Tranq is used on a regular basis it causes the body to eat itself from the inside out.  Large wounds appear on users that don’t heal.  They fester and can cause gangrene leading to the need for amputation.  The strange aspect of this awful phenomenon is that the rotting sores don’t even necessarily appear at the sight of injection where someone has shot up with a needle.  They can occur anywhere on the body.

Cityscapes have become dystopian nightmare scenarios because of this terrible plague.  People created in the image of God have become human debris.  What a scourge and curse!

From one devastation to another.  Our next subject is the transgender pandemic that has infected so many young people, let alone those who are older and should know better.  Gender dysphoria used to be classified as a mental illness.  Now it’s not only a lifestyle, but one which we’re told we must celebrate as normal and desirable.

In the course of events that only sees the human condition as the sole purpose of our lives, even taking sin into account, there’s little that would cause most people to suddenly wake up and desire to be the opposite sex.  Yes, there have been the few individuals over the years who felt strongly that somehow, they should have been born with a body of the other gender, but that was an anomaly and, as stated, seen as worthy of psychiatric treatment.

Suddenly, it seems in the last few years, the world has turned upside down and a whole lot of people think it’s a terrific idea to change one’s sexual identification, even going so far as to mutilate their bodies to achieve that objective.  One of the saddest quite public instances of this is the boy named Jazz whose mother decided he was a girl at a very early age.  Jazz’s celebrity and his own TV show has benefited his mother financially for some fifteen years.  Because he underwent extreme mutilation to remove his God-given sexual organs to be replaced with an artificial “female” one, he has effectively an open wound that he must treat every day to maintain his supposed physical “female” nature.  He is also exceptionally traumatized and recently stated on air something to the effect that he’s quite unhappy and wishes he could feel his true self.  When I heard about this poor young man who’s been abused since he was so young, I couldn’t help but cry and pray for him.

Although there are so many issues to discuss that meet “the times are crazy” motif, we’ll briefly touch on trains for the final item of our alliterative investigation.  We’re told that train derailments are no big thing, that in actuality there are up to a couple thousand every year.  That may be.  Perhaps in the past they were never publicized like they are now.  Be that as it may, it certainly appears that the trains derailing today all seem to carry toxic materials.  Was that the case previously?  I don’t know, but when we get a derailment on the order of what occurred in East Palestine, Ohio that is dismissed as no big deal, you know something is wrong on a massive scale.

When the Norfolk Southern train went off the tracks in this small town, we’re told the toxic chemical its tank cars were carrying and spilled were subject to a controlled burn to eliminate the dangers.  Surely those making this decision knew what would happen.  The vinyl chloride was set aflame resulting, in a massive black mushroom cloud that spread the poisonous dioxin chemical residue far and wide, contaminating air, land, and water.  One would think there might have been a chemist to consult who would warn that burning the original material in the tanks would create the same chemical that harmed so many troops in Vietnam: Agent Orange.  This substance – the focus of so many discussions and lawsuits – can cause up to seventeen cancers when subjected to it in minute quantifies.  What spread around East Palestine and beyond was not insignificant in the least.

The East Palestine disaster is only the visible tip of the iceberg.  All over the nation, communities are being subjected to other spills with who-knows-what toxicities.  Adding a little more intrigue to the issue of destruction on a nationwide scale, we also have the “mysterious” fires and explosions that have ripped through numerous food processing plants, key manufacturing facilities, and animal growing operations.  The latest happened in Texas where 18,000 cows were killed.  Seriously?  That had to be quite an explosion – actually on the order of twenty-six football fields.  It is said that the biggest prior such catastrophe killed 548 cows.

Adding to these anomalies is the war on poultry that has resulted in some 100 million chickens being killed – culled actually – because of the supposed threat of bird flu.  One chicken in a flock of tens of thousands has possible symptoms  – it ruffles it feathers – and all the birds must be eliminated.  Again, only on the suspicion of having this disease.  It does make one wonder, doesn’t it?

Now we come to the why of all these items under discussion.  On the natural level, there are globalist leaders who are doing all in their power to reduce the global population and to make the remaining people totally dependent on these power-hungry individuals.  They’re following an ancient playbook which I discussed in depth in my Awaken Prophecy Update titled The Antichrist’s Handbook – The Manual of the Global Cabal.  When they were still extant, the Georgia Guidestones summarized a key tenet of their beliefs, namely the first of the Guidestones Ten Commandments:

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

That’s the population goal, and with the COVID vaxx and the respiratory disease created so the vaxx could be administered, it appears that the depopulation agenda is succeeding.

Do not think for a moment, however, that these global cabalists initiated any of this destruction on their own.  They are totally owned and operated by the minions in the dark spiritual realm.  What is happening in this earth is completely a spiritual battle.  Rebellious divine entities are warring with God through the harm and elimination of his creation – whether it be man or nature.  As the meme showing President Trump stated: “They aren’t really after me.  It’s you they want to destroy; I’m just in the way.”  That’s the way it is with God.  They actually want to eradicate Him.  We’re in the way and convenient; thus we’re the convenient target.

Whether it’s attacking all that God imagined and created as good through the means of destroying people’s lives via horrific drug combinations, causing them to attempt to alter their innate nature, or laying assault to the land, water, air, and food supplies, the demonic spiritual entities will ultimately fail and come face-to-face with their Creator.  The Lake of Fire was created for Satan and his angels, and it will be filled with them.  Unfortunately for those men and women who submitted to Satan’s agenda in every respect, they also will spend eternity in perpetual torment.

This mess that the world has become has a finite shelf life.  There is a point very soon at which the tide will turn.  God will remove those of us who love and obey Him and shortly thereafter will begin a series of judgments that will lay waste to this planet.  If the globalists and the demonic realm thought they were good at destroying the world, wait till they see what God does – them along with it.

The near term is bleak.  There’s no getting around that fact.  However, we who know Christ have the joy of the Lord.  We should rejoice in that regardless of what happens around us.  Remember what Paul said in Romans 8:18:

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.

Think about that for a minute.  What lies in store for us as believers far outweighs any present, temporal discomfort.  God’s thoughts toward us are nothing but good.  Our confidence is in His promises.

It won’t be long before they are fulfilled before our very eyes.

6 Responses to “Biblical Audio Commentary – Of Tranq, Trans, & Trains”

  1. Reply RobinL

    Thanks Gary, Romans 8:18 and 1 Cor 2: 9 “Rather, as it is written: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no heart has imagined, what God has prepared for those who love Him” are verses that keep me going. Like most of us, I am weary.

    When I feel cranky for no seemingly apparent reason, I remember that “Oh yeah, the world is coming to an end” …as if that is ever far from my mind. Tomorrow I am attending the funeral of a friend who was 57 and “died suddenly” in the night a few weeks ago. The insanity and depravity of our world is seeping into every corner of our existence. Today I thought, ya know, if Jesus doesn’t come for us pretty soon, His Bride is going to look a little beaten up; what with the food, water and air poisonings, the wretched crime and lawlessness, and the openly satanic worship that is taking over.

    It seems everyone understands things can’t go on like this for much longer, and knows that something huge has got to break soon..we are so blessed to know what that something probably is. I drive by construction projects now and wonder if they will be completed after the Rapture. I see schools and wonder if they will all close after the Rapture. I have a pretty good imagination and imagine the trees, and the grass destroyed, and the water polluted with dead fish and scum, the streets empty and the ruined and barren landscape that is coming soon. Despair will reign, along with the Antichrist.

    It is unthinkable to contemplate Satan destroying God, and I know that will never happen. But a world without our Lord would be eternal Hell for all of us. It is SO sad that those who rebel against Jesus have no desire to escape what they are celebrating right now. One day they will but it will be too late.

    I had not heard the story of Jazz. That is such a wretched situation. I pray along with you that our Lord saves Him and brings Him into His kingdom where He will find what he is looking for, and so much more.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      It was awful when I heard this latest about him. I thought about it going to sleep and in the subsequent hours of the night when I woke. So incredibly sad – done to him by his mother!!!

      • Reply RobinL

        She is another millstone around the neck candidate. The world is full of them now 😭.

  2. Reply GaryW.

    It seems that on every site I visit, there is an ad on how to survive the coming recession. Buying gold is one frequent item. No matter how bad it gets, some are always trying to profit from it. This recession will have no “return to normal” after a few weeks, months, or years. For believers it will end when we are taken away to be with Christ. For unbelievers, no amount of gold or wealth will be enough. I even had an acquaintance try to sell me something to help me ride out the “coming recession”. I told him I had all I need right on my cell phone: The Bible. From 45 years of studying prophecy and from current reading, I also get the feeling that God is about to do something big. I don’t believe we will get through 2023 without a major event of a spiritual nature. Christ is getting close and things are getting, to say the least, interesting.

  3. Reply Peggy Matte

    Amen and amen once again, Gary. I was shocked to find out when I had quintuple shoulder surgery that fentanyl was one of the five anesthetics used to put me under so deep I would not move. How alarming that would have been had I known ahead of time. Nobody asked permission to give me such a drug. Like all of us listening to this topic, I am so ready for that glorious day. I pray daily for those around me that are too blind to see, and so deaf that they do not want to hear it. Sadly, best friends and close family.

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