Biblical Audio Commentary – NAR’s Falsehoods

Biblical Audio Commentary – NAR’s Falsehoods




Just when you think the falsehoods espoused by the so-called prophets and apostles of NAR – the New Apostolic Reformation – have been proven wrong enough that these purveyors of fabrications would quietly slink away, they come back as bold as ever.

Over the years I’ve spoken many times about the issues and harms surrounding NAR.  Its theology is highly problematic and, unfortunately, very enticing.  It seems that those in Pentecostal and Charismatic churches are the most susceptible because of the emphasis on the experiential.  A lot of people have itching ears that want to be scratched, and the NAR leaders excel at that.  I personally greatly dislike the approach these people take – usually assuming that they have heard directly from God and, as a result, have an imprimatur of authority, i.e. a mantle of authority by which they are empowered to speak for the Lord.

Bluntly, there’s a major problem with their pronouncements that capitalize on this assumed sanction to convey God’s Word in this day and age.  Among other things, what they declare contradicts the Bible – specifically Bible prophecy among other errors.

So, here’s the dilemma: Should Christians read and heed the outdated Scriptures?  Or, should they listen to and follow the new living word given to the NAR prophets and apostles?  After all, these NAR messengers are surely speaking what Yahweh – the God of the Bible – has given them; right?

NAR likes to declare a rhema word – a NOW word – that they’ve gotten through dreams, visions, or outright hearing directly from God.  Surely we should believe these self-appointed heralds from the heavenly throne room?

I’d like to give a real-life example that points to the danger of this.

In response to the Prophecy Update I did titled The Harlot of Rome and Babylon, a woman made a comment that was basically a non-sequitur.  In other words, what she said wasn’t exactly relevant to my message.  Here is a portion of what she said on the public Rumble page for my message:

Julie Green shares prophecies that I encourage you to listen to here on Rumble.  The prophecies are more and more urgent and being fulfilled quicker every day.  The destruction of all enemies, including Pope Francis, who’s been executed, are soon to be exposed and judged by God.

 After that, we will enter a season of world peace, blessings and be the rightful rulers again of Earth and everything in it. Revelation’s prophecies have not yet begun.  That will happen after revival and the glory of God reigns for a period of time.

Pope Francis having been executed is a new one for me.  Who knew?  Now, I’m sympathetic to so-called conspiracy theories since I’m surely seen in that light and because a great many of them are actually conspiracy realty.  So, we’ll let this one pass.

Now, if this commenter was referring to the Millennium as the time of world peace after the Tribulation, that would be well and good.  That’s not what she’s saying.

Her point is that upon the exposure of all the evil doings going on today in the world, these people, i.e. the globalists and Deep State, will be brought down with everything being made right in our current day.  Note that she says the Revelation prophecies have not begun, and in her worldview, these prophecies concerning the Tribulation won’t happen until later, after God has restored all things now.  Only after this coming world peace will the Tribulation and those prophetic events occur.

In the early part of her comment, she said that I should check out Julie Green on Rumble.

Simply from what she stated, I made the following response without checking out Ms. Green:

The problem with your scenario is that there is no textual verification for what you say. The text tells us that times will get worse and worse and culminate in the Tribulation – no Revival. Yes, there may be little pop-ups here and there in various communities, but nothing that will halt the descent into the Tribulation. Consider: every single power center in the world is under the sway of the globalists. We have absolutely zero federal agencies (and few if any state or local) that have any integrity – they are all compromised and filled with evil people. Nothing will change this and God doesn’t intend for that. We have made our bed just like the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, and Jerusalem at the point of the Babylonian invasion when He called Jerusalem Sodom. Our nation is toast and so is the world because we have tossed God out on His ear and He has essentially said, “You’ll get what you’ve asked for.” Judgment is coming soon and it is well deserved for this world. In your idealized vision of world peace, you are actually buying into the lie of the enemy in thinking this Great Awakening is going to happen. That is actually a New Age concept adopted by Christians who don’t read the Bible with any depth of understanding or by looking at the world through a Biblical, prophetic lens.  I challenge you to prove your thesis from Scripture without torturing it.

Following this, with a sigh, I figured I should go ahead and hear what Julie Green (a.k.a. Julie Green Ministries) had to say.  I anticipated what I’d find, but to be fair, I looked at her list of messages.  Just the titles of many of them told me what I had expected.  Then I perused the comments to one of her videos titled Things Are Ramping Up.  Here are just three of the many comments:

  1. In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, we declare the plans and schemes of the enemy are doomed, as they are doomed. We declare confusion in the enemy’s camp. We declare distrust in the enemy’s camp. We declare betrayal in the enemy’s camp. We declare in-fighting in the enemy’s camp. We call down all the powers of darkness, in Jesus Name, and we deny them any authority or power over us. They and their plans are defeated and destroyed, in Jesus Name.
  2.  By the word of the Lord thru Julie in this video, in Jesus Name, we call down the Fire of the Holy Ghost. The Fire of God that empowers His army will bring great destruction to the enemies of God, who are our enemies. We declare in Jesus Name, that the pit the enemy has dug for us, they will fall into it themselves. 
  1. I call down all Globalists in Jesus Name Hallelujah I call them down and render them caught and thrown into the sea!!!

Now, Julie Green Ministries has 195,000 followers on Rumble dwarfing little old me and my miniscule reach.  She regularly has thousands of people listening to her messages.  Not dismayed, I noticed in a comment the link to the ministry webpage.  Going there, I noticed her written message/prophecy titled The Coming Fall of the Global Government, Their Economy, and Their Control, which was specified as a Word from God received June 15, 2023.  Oh, good, I didn’t have to actually listen on Rumble!

I won’t subject you to this entire so-called word from God, but here are several paragraphs:

This is the time of a great battle. This is a time of great conflict. This is a time when you see evil and how it’s been trying to reign. You have seen the control that it’s had upon this Earth. 

 But it’s not their time. No, it’s not. The walls are falling. Mighty walls are falling. Big names are falling. Big banks are falling. Big corporations are falling. Hollywood is falling. The three-letter agencies who were against Me are falling. The people (working toward) global governing and governance are falling. These world leaders are falling.  . . .

 Things are coming down- systems are coming down, laws are coming down, presidents are coming down. This is the time that many people have been waiting for. Don’t give up now. Don’t give up now. Because with this great fall and all these things coming down, beauty will rise out of the ashes. 

 (Through) the strength of My church and My body doing what they were called to do since before I made this world, My children will take their place where they were always meant to be, in great authority, saith the Lord. 

Like I said, I greatly dislike the way these people speak in their self-appointed, supposedly anointed, ministries.  Couple this message excerpt with what the commenters to my Prophecy Update said, and here’s what we’ve got. . .

For one, unless one interprets this to happen during the Tribulation with the Millennium to follow – which is not how people see it – there is a clear contradiction to the prophetic Word of God.

Nowhere in Scripture, as I pointed out earlier, is there any indication that this gloomy-doomy trajectory we’re on will change in any appreciable manner.  We would have to believe that we’ve gotten to this state of affairs where we’re on the brink of the Tribulation and God is going to withdraw His hand of judgment to make everything hunky-dory again.  Thus, the wheel of globalism would have to completely restart from scratch at some point in the future so as to once more reach the edge of the cliff that we’re currently teetering on.  This – in contradiction to any Biblical evidence of any kind – means that what Jesus said about the signs of the times were all just a head fake.  That’s hard to swallow, isn’t it?

From the commenters to Ms. Green’s message, we see that her followers are big into declarations which are presumably intended to change the evil plans of Satan and his globalist minions.  However, I don’t know about you, but I cannot point to any Biblical instructions that show us this is how we’re to pray and combat the forces of evil.  Instead, we’re to flee from the devil.  We’re to petition the Lord.  We’re to speak in the authority of Jesus: “The Lord rebuke you, Satan.”

But I declare this and, that and Satan you must comply?  Not so much.

The one time we are to confront Satan is potentially in a possession situation where we have the authority of Christ over unclean spirits to cast them out.  Aside from that, taking on the demonic realm like these people presume to do is foolish and potentially dangerous since the Bible does not tell us it’s our task in that manner.

Julie Green is one of many, many NAR leaders who hold great sway over the churches of the world and probably millions of followers.  If the message being spoken as “Thus sayeth the Lord” is contradictory to God’s written Word – which it clearly is – then all these people are being misled by false prophets.  Is it any wonder Scripture speaks of great apostasy in these final days?  This is simply one aspect of all the different ways that people are falling by the wayside.

I haven’t gotten any response from the woman who commented to me as to my Scriptural challenge.  I’d be very surprised if I did.  She certainly can’t prove textually what she believes based on what she’s absorbed from Julie Green.  You can’t prove that a so-called Word from God is really from Him is it doesn’t line up with the Bible.  God and His Word don’t change.  It’s as simple as that.

Not that it would necessarily do any good, but if you run into someone who follows one of these prophets or apostles – whether they recognize the NAR association or not – simply ask them to show you Biblically/prophetically how what they believe corresponds to Scripture.

Make sure you know the Word yourself so that you aren’t caught unawares.  Be ready in season and out-of-season.  Maybe you’ll have the opportunity to cause someone going down the wrong road – possibly to destruction – to turn back to the narrow path.

13 Responses to “Biblical Audio Commentary – NAR’s Falsehoods”

  1. Reply RobinL

    People lack discernment because they don’t read and study their Bibles. God promises to reveal His truth to those who seek Him with all their hearts.

    These people simply don’t believe in the God of the Bible as He has revealed Himself in His word, and they can’t be indwelled by the Holy Spirit or they would stop taking part in these heresies. They are profiteers, liars, “clouds without water” and include all their “pastors”, and priests, and the laity too. After all, if they didn’t have followers, they wouldn’t have anyone to lie to.

    This is everything one needs to know to reject the NAR, Kingdom Now, Chrislam, Catholicism, Mormon, Buddhist, Hindu, Falun Gong, and 1000+ other forms of heresy that are called “faith” today.

    Great Apostasy is here. Even once credible Bible teachers are falling to deception.

    It can’t be long now.

      • Reply Gwen

        Hi Gary, I’m so glad you mentioned that there would be no major Revival… I hear a lot of people talking about a huge revival that is to take place before the rapture. I went through a lot of thinking about this, and I just didn’t see how it could be and what would be the purpose since we’re living so close to the end and people still don’t seem to understand what’s going on around us. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for mentioning that.

        • Reply Gary Ritter

          Besides prophetically, logistically with all the signs that are flashing red in convergence, it simply doesn’t make any sense. How does all this go away, be wonderful in the world because of revival for x years, then all these things start up once more to get to the same place we are today to meet the conditions laid out in Scripture? As JD Farag has said, in five years and certainly ten or more, the technology will far exceed what’s described in the Bible. Besides, those birth pains that Jesus spoke about aren’t going to just up and disappear. Birth doesn’t work like that last time I checked: greater frequency, greater intensity – then something(!) pops out. In our prophetic case, it’s the Tribulation that birth has been given to.

  2. Reply Danna

    It’s distraction at best, deception at worst. NAR/7 Mountain Mandate/Dominionism/Kingdom Now arose, refueled in the 1940s when WW2 ended, and the West entered a season of unparalleled prosperity over the next few decades. It “looked like” things were getting better, therefore “Jesus could now come back.” 🙄 This ugly “theology” now has intersected with the Q movement, divided those who would profess to be Christ-followers by throwing God/Jesus/Patriotism/good/evil into a “new” crusade, and pointed to “Messiahs” and “Kingdoms” that are as far from Yeshua Hamashiach and Yahweh that can be found (except for Luciferianism). It’s the deceptive lesser light, appealing to the works-prosperity-mindedness of the human flesh. You are right that it is New Age, which is recycled paganism. Satan doesn’t care how he weakens. The cost is the lack of urgency where evangelism is concerned, as lives hang in the balance through the ignorance of where we actually are on the prophetic calendar. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia-of-Revelation churches such as my husband and I shepherd struggle along in human perception, yet buoyed by the approving nod of our Heavenly Father. How I long for Him to set the record straight…where EVERY form of evil is concerned. In my book, this one is right up there with the most blatant of all because of the (not so) hidden harm it does. Thank you for this article, Gary. That name among many unworthy of mention definitely makes the rounds…


    • Reply Gary Ritter

      I keep coming back also to the problem where too many in the church want the things of this world more than the presence of Jesus – want to see kids grown, married, grandkids, make 120 years old (ugh! – that used to be me before being saved), whatever. Holding too tightly and God keeps us here, I think in some measure, so that people will let go and yearn for Him as things get worse. How much worse will it take?

      • Reply Danna

        I’m so thankful that His sovereignty means that His plans will interrupt theirs rather than the other way around. Few stop to think:

        1. With the Rapture, what will I/my generations be SPARED from?
        2. IS this the Cleaver utopia I grew up in (no, and it wasn’t then, either…we just didn’t know it)?
        3. Is there a world outside my own?

        For, frankly, if we’re not yearning for His return, our lives ARE “too good.” A crash course in the Church of Smyrna, ideally with a hands-on field trip to China, N. Korea, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, India…any will do, plus others…is sorely needed. Safely Home by Randy Alcorn would be a great start…

        • Reply RobinL

          Frankly, I am bewildered that people want to continue on in this world.

          Even those who have extreme wealth and comfort, a seemingly happy marriage, and healthy kids, a great career, lots of friends, dream vacations and good health, all of these things exist in THIS corrupted, broken world. None of this holds any meaning for me. I’m not saying that because I want to sound like a Super Christian because I’m not. Like Paul I’m the chief of sinners and truly unworthy of the coming Kingdom. But my mental, emotional, and spiritual attachment to this world is 100% gone and it will not return.

          I have friends like I’ve just described, some even claim to be Christians, but most are not. Last night I was thinking about the Bible verses that say do not envy the unredeemed (the wicked) for they are enjoying their rewards now, and there is no joy waiting for them in eternity. I have one particular friend who brought this to mind. She and her husband of 35 years live a rockstar lifestyle and by all appearances, possess everything the world offers. They are on vacation in Singapore right now, and attended a lavish Barbie costume party last night at the top of one the city’s skyscrapers (we are all now in our 60s and she still looks-and dresses like she’s 30.) Undoubtedly they have many friends who are green with envy as this is another public (all over social media) notch in their “fun experiences” belt; they are living a full-time ‘YOLO’ existence. All I can think is that they are perishing. It makes me very sad.

          In fact, I feel sad most of the time now. I know I shouldn’t, but I do, not for myself, but for all the people I know and love who reject Christ. They know not what they do.

  3. Reply Peggy

    Thumbs up once again to Gary. Julie Green and her followers would be well advised to take heed of what Gary is saying in this audio. Having been a career preoccupied Christian for most of my adult life, when the red flag flew up in my face, I started reading the Bible beginning with The Revelation first. It was a great awakening because, as much as it terrified me at first, it was the first time in 69 years I knew I was reading truth. So that started a biblical journey that has changed my life in ways that I am forever grateful to the LORD and the Lord, and to dauntless biblical scholars like Gary who are not afraid to deliver true, unadulterated gospel, God bless you! Hallelujah!

  4. Reply GaryW.

    It is difficult to imagine either woman as having had any connections in their lives with a good Bible believing church. If so, they would have been brief and unsuccessful. Julie Green is likely seeking her 15 minutes of fame and hopefully, a pot of gold at the end of her rainbow. The other option is that Ms. Green is soul compromised and actually believes what she is trying to teach. Sad for her and those she is infecting with her false beliefs. So many people are reaching out for “something” when that “something” is right in front of you and waiting for you to speak to Him. Why make things so difficult when salvation is actually easy.

    • Reply RobinL

      Gary, I’d gues that it is a combination of both: Julie Green and others want the world’s riches and fame and they have convinced themselves they are serving the Lord, all while they are profiteering off of His salvation. Sure there are those who absolutely do not believe in our Triune God, the Bible, Heaven or Hell…or worse, do believe and have chosen the side of the evil one. But I’d bet most of them are self-deceived and they cheer each other on in their deceptions. After all, if what they are doing is wrong, why do they prosper? Why are they so loved and admired? Wouldn’t God exact the Ananias and Sapphira treatment upon them if they weren’t being faithful?! Like Joel and Oprah say. what kind of God wants you to be broke and miserable?! (That there is some very worldly logic, straight from the pit…so American, and so powerful in its deception.)

      Woe to them. I say WOE!

      I keep thinking about our comments from Wednesday. It just doesn’t seem possible we could be here for much longer. But I dread the idea of waking up in 2 more years, living in the world as it will be by then. Looking back 2 years, our world seemed positively idyllic in comparison to now, which I understood even then would be the case.

      Today is the best this world will ever be before Jesus takes us home, because tomorrow will certainly be worse. Fortunately for us, the greatly blessed among humanity, we KNOW this world is the closest we will ever be to Hell. It’s all sunshine, roses, praise, sinlessness, glorification, face to face worship of our King, and His eternal glory just beyond the next hill.

  5. Reply GaryW.

    As God’s word diminishes in influencing people, Joel and Oprah gain. People see the glamour, fame, and money such lies and misrepresentation of the Bible can bring to people who are unbelievers and therefore do not fear the Lord or where they will spend eternity. You mentioned being here two years from now. At the exponential rate of evil’s growth, say it isn’t so.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      I’m certainly hoping that’s not the case, but as I’ve said elsewhere, this whole aspect about God getting the people in His church to release their clutches on this world is a big deal in my book. What will that take? An ever-worsening world with no hope. Then perhaps God’s people will turn and yearn.

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