Biblical Audio Commentary – Demons of Deceit Denying Damar’s Death

Biblical Audio Commentary – Demons of Deceit Denying Damar’s Death



This is now officially a conspiracy theory, so listen or read at your own risk!

The question is: Has the COVID vaxx struck again with another unacknowledged fatality?  In addition to the two-to-three people highlighted in the alternative media every day who have died – literally the tip of the iceberg – is Damar Hamlin also one of the casualties?  This, of course, is a taboo question because we’re supposed to believe he miraculously recovered from his on-field death from cardiac arrest when his Buffalo Bills played the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday, January 2, 2023.

Let me definitively say that if indeed Damar has recovered and is alive and well – praise God for this miracle!  Sadly, I’m highly suspicious of the narrative.

First up is Dr. Jane Ruby’s excellent description (starting at 20:00 mark) of what happens when someone is placed on a mechanical ventilator, as we’re told happened with Damar.  Ever since the government-mandated COVID treatment plan that I call Hospicide was put in place, we’ve seen more deaths than we can imagine.  Those with COVID who came to emergency rooms were told to return home until their symptoms worsened.  This was against all known medical knowledge, which historically required early intervention within 3-5 days for any serious infections.  Not this round.

When those suffering from COVID returned to the hospital likely sometime after that crucial early treatment stage, they were deemed critical and placed in a COVID ICU ward.  From there, patients were given the kidney-destroying Remdesivir, which itself has a 50% plus kill rate.  If that didn’t work (i.e. to kill them), they were placed on a mechanical ventilator.  Because of the difficulty of inserting a breathing tube down the patient’s throat, a powerful sedative such as Midazolam is given.  Ironically, drugs in this class actually inhibit breathing, so you’ve got the administration of a drug that makes respiration difficult in order to put the patient on a mechanical device that breathes for them.

Once on a ventilator, the chances of recovery go down significantly.  There are also reports that ventilators were set at too high a rate and effectively blew out people’s lungs.  There is also the potential for ventilators to be hacked and cause further damage.  This report by Millennial Millie (if it’s not removed) is quite interesting in this regard.

One of the key points that Jane Ruby makes is the weening-off time it takes to be removed from a ventilator.  Because it’s so invasive, it also causes a patient’s lungs to become dependent on it.  Thus, the mechanical breathing must be reduced incrementally, which takes several days at the least.

A pertinent question for the Damar narrative is also: Did he really wake up and ask about the score of the game as the first words out of his mouth?  Given the severity of his condition, he likely had no idea what happened to him.  Remember also that he was dead on-field for nine minutes before being supposedly resuscitated.  As Dr. Jane points out, wouldn’t his first reaction be to ask what happened and where was he?

So, that’s the medical side – one that creates many issues for those seeking the truth.

Then we have Damar’s sudden and seemingly full recovery.  This man suffered a severe heart attack, was reportedly dead for many minutes, and was on a ventilator.  How is it that a couple weeks later he‘s attending a football game and then doing a video in which he appears perfectly fine?

Questions.  So many questions.

Karen Kingston – besides her extensive work in the medical field revolving around patents – has a background in Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) – which has morphed into the area of DeepFakes.  Given the advanced state of this technology, she also wonders whether the official story with Damar is true.  In this post she includes a CGI-AI video in which someone else is shown to essentially be Morgan Freeman.  That’s pretty easy to simulate these days.  Thus. . . is Damar in his video shown above really Damar?

We add to this the observations that many have made in these Damar sightings.  He’s surrounded by security and FBI agents.  The photos are inevitably blurred or show him bundled up from head to toe.  Are all the tattoos that the real Damar had present on the video Damar?  Following his ICU experience, would he really have been transported back to Buffalo from Cincinnati by plane, when it’s known that air travel aggravates heart conditions (e.g. note all the pilots who have had in-flight heart attacks)?

Then we come to the big one: Why would TPTB (The Powers That Be) go through all this charade if indeed Damar is deceased?  First, why not just allow various media outlets (including alternative) to interview him live?  That would probably be conclusive.  But they haven’t to date.  So, we ask: Who benefits from manipulation behind the curtain?

The best I have is likely the NFL.  The league demanded all players be vaxxed and only a few refused (e.g., Aaron Rodgers, Cole Beasley).  I think it was Jane Ruby who asks: Did you see the look in the players’ eyes when Damar went down?  It was pure fear.  Why?  Because they’d all been similarly vaxxed, and certainly many have heard the accounts of numerous sports figures in Europe dying suddenly of heart conditions in the middle of a game.  The NFL simply can’t afford the tsunami of player lawsuits that could potentially destroy it.  You know how it goes: Follow the money.

Here’s what I anticipate.  Sometime in the near-term Damar will be at the center of a tragic mishap.  Perhaps he’ll be in a serious car accident; maybe a plane crash, a la Kobe Bryant; or tragically he’ll walk into the middle of a gang shooting.

Of course, I don’t wish any of this on Damar.  I pray indeed that he is recovering and can live his life for Jesus.  It’s just that I have my doubts.

As we move forward toward the Tribulation, which is oh so near, we’ll see more and more people dropping by the wayside from this bio-weapon that Big Pharma, governments directed by the World Economic Forum, and the media all hype as the antidote to severe illness, yet is the absolute cause of it.

We who know Jesus can rejoice knowing that the pessimism expressed in this commentary is a reflection of the world and its downhill slide.  Yet, we who are born-again won’t see the worst of it.  In fact, we have the ultimate optimism because we’ll soon hear the voice of Jesus say, “Come up here.”

The puzzle pieces are almost all in place.  It won’t be long now.

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  1. Reply GaryW.

    I’m 81 and feel like I need to keep moving because moving targets are more difficult to hit. I know I’m on the government “Expendable” list and every time another person who is “aged” dies I move up a notch. I’m quite certain Fauci and Gates are wringing their hands together like Dracula in a late 1940’s movie waiting for the inevitable.

  2. Reply Jim Eastman

    I notice that nobody in the media has brought up the covid shot that all players had to take. I saw where another player, Joe Lemonwire died at 25. I dont believe he was on an NFL roster. He was with the Chargers in 2020. If more start dropping they wont be able to cover it up.

  3. Reply Robin McCann

    This is a quote from a contributor, 2021.

    “Consider that they know their jab will terminate you. Wouldn’t it be wise to inject 80% of the subjects with Saline solution so they can tell everyone how good they feel after getting the jab, and the 20% will be easier to cover up?”

  4. Reply Pamela P.

    Conspiracy Theory? Almost perfect title for their coverup! Except we can drop the word Theory and add the word Perfect; then we end up with “Perfect Conspiracy” which is basically what TPTB are all getting incredibly adept at producing.
    Once all the new advances in AI are up and running, then it will be almost impossible to tell truth from fiction, which is exactly what we read happening during the tribulation under Antichrist.

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