Tribulation Woe: Midpoint Desecration – Promo 2-22-24

Tribulation Woe: Midpoint Desecration – Promo 2-22-24



Tribulation Woe: Midpoint Desecration is the third book in The Tribulation Chronicles.  The first book was Tribulation Rising: Seal Judgments and the second book was Tribulation Terror: Trumpet Judgments.



With the world reeling, the Tribulation has reached its Midpoint.  Horrific events and supernatural occurrences have caused death and destruction on an unprecedented scale.  What has happened – as recounted in Tribulation Rising: Seal Judgments and Tribulation Terror: Trumpet Judgments – the first two books of the Tribulation Chronicles, is nothing compared to what the remaining inhabitants of the earth will soon face.

After 3 1/2 years, a beloved figure in Israel and throughout the world will declare the impossible.  Could it truly be that he is god incarnate?  When his close associate causes all mankind to worship him, will people comply?  What might inspire them to resist submitting their lives to his demands?

During this crucial timeframe, why does one person die while another lives?  How is it possible that creatures and beasts never seen since before the Flood live now and do the will of one man?

Tribulation Woe: Midpoint Desecration takes you behind the scenes into the hearts and minds of those who are evil and those who are good, continuing the stories of some characters previously seen and bringing new ones into play.  Buckle up.  Experiencing the Tribulation during this awful period is not for the faint of heart.


For all those in our current times who think the world is going to get better and better, I’ve got news for you.  What is happening now all around with potential wars on every side, and even possible civil war in America, this is just the beginning.  Manipulation of the weather creating so-called climate change is already causing devastating damage.  Just ask California about their back-to-back atmospheric river storms.  Was there ever such a thing previously?  Now, we’ve got the global elites dumping chemicals into the oceans to reflect the sun as well as into the skies to rain down harmful substances into our waters and on the earth.  It’s man-made climate change alright, just not accidental.

Lawlessness is going berserk on our streets and in our courts. As the hearts of many grow hard, cold, and ruthless, just wait until the Restrainer – the Holy Spirit – steps aside once the Rapture of the true church occurs prior to the coming 7-year Tribulation.  You think things are bad now?  Believe me, you don’t want to be here then.  And most of the church today has no concept as to how horrible it will be.

Once the Midpoint of the Tribulation hits, things will go from bad to worse.  There are a lot of problems that rise up for Israel and all of mankind during this seminal halfway point.

My advice as always is that if you know the Lord today, do everything within your power to draw nearer to Him.  If you happen to come across this promo for my book before all hell breaks loose, now would be a really good time to become a devote follower of Jesus Christ.

Time is running out.

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