Biblical Audio Commentary – Summoning Dark Spirits

Biblical Audio Commentary – Summoning Dark Spirits




People today engaged in occult practices have no idea what a dark and deadly fate they are triggering for themselves.  Among the latest engaging in practices they think will bring enlightenment, but can only result in despair, are sports figures Aaron Rodgers (prior long-time quarterback for the Green Bay Packers but just traded to the New York Jets) and Jake Paul (professional boxer).  A Fox News article revealed that both had taken an hallucinogenic drug called Ayahuasca (pronounced: eye-oh-waas-ka).  Apparently, their purpose in this was to reflect on their lives and to determine their future paths.

Rodgers also went on a “darkness retreat” which Paul also wishes to do.  This quote explains what this is:

The Dark Retreat is an unparralleled [sic] experience in intense seclusion, in which the practitioner is deprived of all light and sensory distractions, and thus plunges into a deep witnessing awareness of the mind, and eventually experiences the perception of the inner light of pure Consciousness.

This experience would be in the realm of sensory deprivation people obtain through using an isolation tank, about which many people became aware by watching the 1978 movie Altered States.

Add these two practices together and you’ve got a very toxic mix.  For this Commentary, let’s understand more about this hallucinogenic – Ayahuasca – these men took, for want of a better phrase: to find themselves.  As we continue, you’ll see that this presents the possibility that they’ll find much more than they bargained for.

As it turns out, the primary psychedelic ingredient that Ayahuasca contains is a substance known as DMT, or N,N-dimethyltryptamine.  DMT has famously become known as the Spirit Molecule, or more ominously, the God Molecule.  Apparently DMT in related forms is found in the psychoactive ingredients in psylocibin and even the substance extracted from various toads that produce such effects.  As I think about it, DMT may have been the active ingredient in the drug that Carlos Castaneda ingested in his well-known interactions with the Mexican shaman Don Juan into the spirit world.

There’s been significant research into this compound over the years, the best-known of this by Rick Strassman, M.D., whose book DMT: The Spirit Molecule is among the classics in this area.

At lower doses of DMT, typical hallucinatory experiences are common with whirling colors and strange landscapes.  It’s when the dosage increases that troubling results occur.  They can have near-death experiences.  Many people report being transported to another dimension where they encounter beings or entities unlike any of this world.  They’re highly varied and could appear like animal-human hybrids similar to pictographs in Egyptian hieroglyphics, they may look like animal-machine hybrids, or even aliens, although not the typical gray or green ones we know and love.  Some people return from DMT trips having had similar encounters as some do with alien abduction experiences.  This can include painful experimentation with or manipulation of their sexual organs.

What few if any of these folks taking the drug or writing about it seem to realize is the danger they’re flirting with.  They don’t have a Christian perspective which means that their understanding is flawed about what is really happening.  It is clear that they are opening doors into dark spiritual realms.  Because they don’t have the protection of the Holy Spirit, they may very well unleash forces in their lives that will bring them great distress.

Several years ago I collaborated with Terry James in writing the third book in his Second Coming Chronicles series titled The Minion Protocols.  In that book I used this drug DMT in part of the plot.  Here are two excerpts in which DMT takes front and center:

According to Lillith, who was threatening Shayla Connors and her daughter Zoe, Connors had to begin a deeper journey into the spirit world in order to please the gods and convince them to leave her daughter alone.  The demand hadn’t sounded right to either Jordan Fuller or Connors, but neither knew what else they could do.  Accordingly, Fuller searched out the substance Lillith had directed Connors to take so as to facilitate this deeper quest.

Before long, Selaphiel came to him in a dream and reminded him of a contact he’d recently made.  It would be through reaching out again that Fuller could obtain what Connors needed.

The next morning, he called Benjamin Griffiths, who not surprisingly, wasn’t particularly thrilled to hear once more from Fuller.  When Fuller mentioned that Selaphiel had directed him toward Griffiths, the man relented and agreed to meet.

Fuller told Griffiths what he wanted.  When they found the same park bench in the Washington Mall, Griffiths handed over a small vial.

“There are different ways to take this.  In controlled experiments I’ve read about, the subjects were often injected with the drug.  What I’ve given you is so potent, my friends and I mix it in a juice cocktail.”  He told him the ratio of drug to liquid to use.

“What can we expect when we ingest it?”

“The substance is called DMT.  It’s a psychedelic drug, often called the spirit molecule.  You may feel like you’re dying because of the out-of-body experiences you’ll have.  The thing is that DMT is a naturally occurring substance in the body which the pineal gland produces.”  He touched Fuller’s forehead between his eyebrows.  “Some say it opens the third eye.”

“Like Eastern yogis and mystics through meditation.”

“Something like that.  You’ve already had extensive contact with Selaphiel.  When you take DMT, you’ll actually be transported into his spirit realm.  There are many more such entities as Selaphiel.  You will probably meet them on their home turf just as my friends and I have done.”

“You’re telling me this is more than simply hallucinations.”

“Oh, yes, much more.  It’s been likened to lucid dreaming.  You’re awake, yet you know that you’re asleep, and what you experience is reality beyond this mortal plane.  It brings you in touch with your god-consciousness and shows you the interconnectedness of everything—the universe, the spirit world with its many different entities, and humanity in this world.  When injected, the effects usually only last for fifteen to thirty minutes.  When you drink it like I suggest, you’ll have a lengthier experience; as much as three to six hours.  As you walk through this portal in your consciousness, the puzzle of life will become clear.  Your eyes will be opened.  You will receive illumination.  In that, you will know that ultimately all is one and that you are god.”

Jordan Fuller brought the vial home that night, being careful to protect it as though it was precious and rare.  Which it was.  The DMT he’d gotten from Griffiths would be the means to deliver Shayla Connors and Zoe from the depredations of Lillith.  Despite what Lillith had said to Connors, he was convinced that through the gateway into their consciousness and beyond that the drug offered, they’d be able to resist what Lillith wanted, perhaps by enlisting the assistance of other spirit entities against her.

He explained to Connors all that Griffiths had told him, and the two of them agreed that the following evening they would take the drug.

Connors arranged to have a friend watch Zoe, and when the time arrived, they mixed the DMT into a potion as instructed.

“Bottoms up.”


The juice had a slightly bitter taste, but both emptied their glasses.

It was still quite light outside, but they had darkened the living room with the curtains drawn.  Connors looked at Fuller, a smile on her face.  Then it hit them both.  He saw it in her eyes as the sensations began for them simultaneously.  He forgot her in that instant.

Coldness raced through his veins, like an icy stream had been unleashed into his bloodstream.  His heart pounded, the decibel level ratcheted up beyond anything his ears could tolerate.  A burning sensation began on the back of his neck.  It rose into the top of his head and came down into the sinuses between his eyes.  The pounding of his heart receded, replaced with a humming that increased exponentially in volume.  It grew louder and louder.  Suddenly, everything broke apart.  He could do nothing but surrender to it as colors, swirls, shapes, mandalas, and lights of every hue tumbled at him at warp speed, thrusting him to the outer edges of the universe.

His layers of humanity crumbled.  He knew he was no longer human.  No concept of time existed, only euphoric bliss.  There was no separation from the light.  He was the light.

A figure appeared bathed in a pinkish glow.  He knew it was Lillith.

The apparition motioned to him, and he realized Connors was at his side.  He took her hand.  It felt cold and lifeless, yet within his own body, heat radiated.

Lillith beckoned them toward her.  A swirling mist emanated outward from the spiritual being, and immediately a host of other entities materialized all around her.  They bowed down and worshiped her.  A feeling of love wrapped Fuller in a silky cocoon.  In that moment he knew that Lillith was good and that anything and everything she wanted of them was only for their benefit.  Even if it meant the sacrifice of Zoe to Lillith and those surrounding her, it was beyond good; it was worthy.  It was the complete surrender of themselves in every way, all that they had and cherished—including Zoe—that would pave the way for their entry into this pantheon of those who had graduated to this higher realm.  Submission—giving of their souls—meant advancement.  Indeed, their status as gods would be fully realized.

Fuller wanted it more badly than anything else he’d ever known.  Beside him, he knew without question that Connors desired this achieving of the godhead as much as he did.  He squeezed her hand and felt the pressure back.

They both knew what they must do next.

No, I’ve never taken DMT, but in my younger days I was quite well-acquainted with psychedelics.  My point in discussing all this is two-fold.  First, Aaron Rodgers, Jake Paul, and anyone else who partakes of such a drug could very well be activating demonic entities who will bring them counsel and direct the course of their lives in a direction that takes them far from the One true God.

We know that in alien abduction experiences, there is a literally a generational curse that accompanies them.  It is seen in family lines from grandparents to parents to children.  Unless it is halted by the blood of Jesus, terrible distress can occur within these various individuals.  Children can be plagued by the demonic only because their elders have engaged with the spirit realm.

My second point relates to the world going forward into the Tribulation.  We see in Revelation 9:21 and 18:23 that sorcery, a.k.a. pharmakeia will be a major aspect of the wicked present at that time:

nor did they repent of their murders or their sorceries or their sexual immorality or their thefts.

 and the light of a lamp will shine in you no more, and the voice of bridegroom and bride will be heard in you no more, for your merchants were the great ones of the earth, and all nations were deceived by your sorcery.

But it gets worse as Revelation 21:8 and 22:15 point out:

But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”

 Outside are the dogs and sorcerers and the sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

Those who are diving into the sin and deviancy of ingesting a substance like DMT are setting themselves up for a Christ-less eternity.  They’re making the acquaintance of demonic entities which will come-a-callin’ at their appointed time.  Just as Romans 1 points out how the path to depravity is progressive until God gives people over to their baser desires completely, taking DMT is likewise playing with that same fire.  These beings want to be worshiped.  Doing these drugs takes one quite far down that path of exalting Satan and his minions, which is exactly contrary to loving and glorifying our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It has an endpoint that results only in fire and torment.

Obviously, a true Christian should never ingest, smoke, or take in any way DMT or ANY other mind-altering drug.  And yes, I’m including marijuana in that injunction.  Anything clouding our minds and distorting the voice of the Holy Spirit indwelling us should be taboo with us.

For non-Christians within our sphere, if you’re aware of any already doing or contemplating the taking of DMT or anything else related, our Godly counsel should always be to steer them far from those substances.

A time is coming when the use of these drugs will be rampant in the earth.  Much harm will come from them.

Praise be to God that He will deliver us from this alien place soon and keep us from the coming wrath of God that must rain down in judgment.

9 Responses to “Biblical Audio Commentary – Summoning Dark Spirits”

  1. Reply JudeC

    Hi Gary, I just want to thank you for your faithfulness to share the full council of Gods word. Your prophecy updates and bible commentary, have been a source of Great encouragement for My wife and I each week. Keep speaking boldly the truths of God word, there are very few in these last days who do so. Looking forward to the soon approaching time when we can have fellowship in our Fathers house.

  2. Reply Jim Eastman

    I always admired Aaron Rogers football ability even though he always beat the Lions. I also liked him when he refused to take the Covid Shot calling it “propaganda”. I hope he gets his act together.

  3. Reply RobinL

    It’s sad to hear how people play with the occult like it’s a game or thinking it’s some kind of special pathway to a better way of life…and that it is going to turn out well.

    Drugs have always been scary to me; there was a huge push in the 60’s to keep young kids away from drugs and what I learned stayed with me. (Alcohol was another matter entirely but that’s a long story. Suffice it to say I will celebrate 25 years of sobriety on May 19th, all to the glory of God.) So tell me our children aren’t influenced for a lifetime by what they learn in school!

    Before I was saved by Jesus I had a personal astrologer and personal psychic. Both are considered to be the best in the world in their professions, are very expensive, can only be found by referral, and are scary accurate in their readings. The psychic is a 3rd generation “reader” and I now understand that a demon has settled upon her family for over 100 years! I can attest firsthand that the sense of power and insight these two women provided me was addictive and, in retrospect, purely evil. Only the Holy Spirit can deliver a person from this.

    When Jesus saved me, HE SAVED ME in this world and the next, His work through the Holy Spirit was absolute. I severed my relationships with both of these people, witnessed to one, and repented of ever consulting them. I begged God to remove the memories of their predictions. At the time I was a HUGE fan of Halloween, thought it was so fun and had a tremendous collection of Halloween decor. As a needleworker, I even stitched intricate Halloween designs that I displayed throughout my home during that “holiday”. Of course, that garbage is ALL gone now; I lived out my own version of Acts 19: 18-19. And like that story, my collections were also very valuable materials that I destroyed…it was a wonderful feeling to be rid of them.

    The first time I read through the Bible I highlighted and underlined every single verse that pertained to the occult. The Word cut right through me. Like all of us, I still sin, but I was aware that what I was doing was against the Lord’s realm.

    If I can be saved, anyone can be saved, and so I pray for Aaron Rodgers, Jake Paul and the millions of people who are trapped in the dark deceptions, teachings, and practices of Satan and his minions. Sadly, we know it is going to get much worse before it gets much better.


    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Isn’t it amazing when the light dawns and we see how evil some of the things are that we used to do? So many people continue in this deception and all we can do is pray for them when they come to our attention.

      • Reply RobinL

        Amen, God knows the wickedness we each carry overtly or covertly. None of us is worthy.

        I was pondering just this morning how improbable it is to the human mind that we are gifts from the Father to His Son. I’m pretty sure caterpillars 🐛 have nothing on us.

  4. Reply Rick H

    Wow never heard of DMT but sounds like it literally takes you into the devil’s playground so to speak…I guess I’ll just call it “The Tribulation Drug”…it reinforces how the lines of our time are starting to getting really blurry especially for the unsaved…I have a question Gary…will these people who choose to be lost will they physically change into whatever demon is consuming them during the Tribulation…I know that sounds like something out of a Hollywood horror movie but it seems that at one time seemed like fiction will leap into reality as we get closer and into the Tribulation…I think a lot of people can read this article and may realize how grossly they underestimate the power of the spiritual realm.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Exactly the kinds of things of that nature that will happen during the Trib are hidden from us. We know it’ll be a time of supernatural horrors, which is enough for me to want nothing to do with it!

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