Biblical Audio Commentary – October 7 & Its Implications

Biblical Audio Commentary – October 7 & Its Implications




One of The Israel Guys, who puts out regular updates, wrote an article that I want to share.  Others in their group do video news on developments in Israel a couple times weekly.  Since the Hamas atrocities committed on October 7, 2023, the world has turned on its head against all logic and reason to condemn Israel rather than Hamas for the current conflict.  Worse yet, the world has taken the position that because Israel is so horrible – an apartheid state according to South Africa – that what this Palestinian terror group did to innocent civilians was totally justified.  The world now considers the murder, torture, and rape of men, women, and children to be perfectly acceptable in its increasing moral depravity.

The striking evidence that the world is growing ever nearer to the tipping point of being no different from the times of Noah and of Lot is becoming clearer every day.  To put this into perspective, this article by Peyton Chapman provides an inside look at the terror perpetrated on that October day.

I trust you’ll find this as enlightening as I did:



A Day in Kibbutz Be’eri

One of the imperative responsibilities for every individual during this war and the future after its resolution is to witness first-hand the destruction that took place on October 7th in order to be a personal attestor of the reality of what happened. As many media outlets attempt to deny the severity of the atrocities that took place, it is critical that we must be able to personally attest to its horrifying reality.

When we entered our bus, we were surrounded by the noise of our beautiful, nature-filled, bubble-like group, but upon arriving at Kibbutz Be’eri, we quickly became aware of just how intense the battle was, and still is in Be’eri. Within seconds of stepping off the bus, we heard the shooting of artillery aimed towards Gaza that sent ripples down each of our spines and resulted in flinches from many members in our groups. What felt like thirty seconds later, you would then hear that same artillery shell hit its target in what was a relatively “quiet” burst of noise.

Before and After the Initial Arrival.

We were informed that we had the unfortunate, yet necessary, opportunity to go to Kibbutz Be’eri roughly a week prior to making the trip. Upon learning that we were going to go to the kibbutz, I made the decision to make myself more aware of the raw details about what happened, specifically in Be’eri, in order to better understand the reality and the situation of what happened there. I read article after article recounting the events that had taken place during the painstakingly long days in Be’eri while Hamas held nearly unrestrained power during the three days of fighting. Prior to the knowledge that we were going to personally visit Be’eri, I had chosen to slightly isolate myself from the details of what had taken place during the October 7th massacre. I felt that, while it was important to know the “jist” of what had occurred, the small, stomach-turning details that caused the massacre to be even more atrocious, would be more harmful than beneficial to me. Especially since I was in Israel at the time of the attack.

Once we arrived, we split into two groups, one went with Yuval and our group went with Eyal; both were residents of Kibbutz Be’eri. Eyal showed us his home and shared his personal story of that day and then began to show us other homes and shared others’ stories with us. Stepping over rubble and hearing the shattered glass crunch underneath the weight of each of our footsteps brought a stark contrast to what was undoubtedly a once happy and joyful home to each family.

There was no mercy shown nor any distinction made by these evil perpetrators when it came to the murders they committed: Vivian Silver, a peace advocate and the director of the Arab Jewish Center For Empowerment, Equality, and Cooperation was murdered in her home in Be’eri. She was thought to be taken hostage because her body was not found. However, she was later pronounced dead after archeologists discovered a DNA sample belonging to her from the charred remnants of her home. The damage to these homes and innocent, loving people was so gruesome that archeologists had to be brought in to sift through the ashes in order to see if there were any traces of prior human life that could no longer be discovered by the paramedics. Young children were murdered without second thought. An eighty-year-old man was shot and later died after he pleaded to his attackers by bartering with them that they could take all of his belongings, but begged that they wouldn’t shoot him. We heard his final moments on a recording of a phone call with one of his daughters as she desperately tried to inform him how to stop his bleeding and tell him that he would live. His desperate responses still echo in my mind: he told her that he was losing blood and that he couldn’t hear her. Some of the most heart wrenching words were these: “somebody help me, please somebody save me,” and “goodbye.” His other daughter lived nearby and had the horrifying experience of helplessly watching his home, her childhood home, go up in flames with him inside of it. She had attempted to rescue him by running out of her home with a knife, but the area was so overrun with terrorists that she was forced to retreat back to her own home.

We witnessed where the Evens family desperately tried to hide after fleeing their home, but were later found killed. They and their two teenagers were able to protect the two youngest children from the same fate that they themselves had received by using themselves as shields.

We saw a street where every single house had someone who was brutally murdered within it. We also saw the ruins of the Bachars’ home, a family whose 13-year-old daughter had made a video call to the ambulance services in an attempt to save her wounded father. House after house was riddled with bullet holes, marks of explosions, discoloration from the smoke that filled nearly every inch of the homes, and belongings scattered over the floors. We saw one home where there had been food still in the oven waiting to be happily eaten by a family at the breakfast table. Later, we saw a town home that had been bulldozed and burnt that bore witness that a young family had been living there by a smoke-stained stuffed animal sitting on the blackened window sill.

A Community of Comradery.

Kibbutz Be’eri was a community filled with love. Their hearts overflowed with love for each other and love for nature. The entire kibbutz was a beautiful display of what was certainly an oasis of greenery and life in the Negev. As the tragedies unfolded on October 7th, neighbors WhatsApped and called each other constantly. They shared with each other where the terrorists were and where and when families could escape from their burning homes, they asked one another for advice on how to keep the smoke from entering the safe rooms, they shared the best way to secure their safe room doors in a way that, when the terrorists started shooting through the door, only their hands would be shot and that they would not receive any lethal wounds. They shared when the terrorists would enter their homes and their neighbors’ homes and would share with one another when one of the community members was murdered. This kibbutz of roughly 1,200 people prior to the attack that helped and supported each other throughout the entirety of the massacre gives the heartfelt understanding that they were undeniably a family.

An Attack of Contradictions.

There is nothing about this attack that is even slightly understandable. The attackers had made detailed maps of the community prior to the attack in order to know who would be home at the time of the slaughter, yet appeared to still hit homes at random. At some safe rooms they would spend hours attempting to break in, but at others they would give up and move on after only a short period of time. They claim to be fighting for “freedom from the Israeli occupation”, yet chose to attack the people who made the strongest efforts for peace and friendship on behalf of the Palestinians. The only understandable intention of the attack is this: their intention was to kill without mercy, without hesitation, and without reason and to kidnap without distinction. Nearly 1 out of every 10 residents were killed in Be’eri, but the streets were also strewn with corpses of innocent, scared, and desperate people from the Nova festival, the courageous soldiers and first responders who fought against the enemy, and the bodies of the terrorists who committed these atrocities. Be’eri’s once serene streets had become streets filled with horror and tragedy.

Be’eri was once an oasis and it will be again one day. Many community members have a desire to return and rebuild their lives from the ashes. Hamas had the intention of burning and burying the Jewish people, but Hamas seems to have forgotten that every time the Jewish people have experienced a massacre, they rebuild and return with a renewed zeal and strength. Be’eri will once again be an oasis, but this time it will boast of its perseverance and return to beauty from its bloodied rubble.



Reading this account or listening to me read it to you, neither you nor I truly have any idea how awful this was.  The attack was unprovoked.  It was perpetrated against those who had no defenses.  It was genocidal in its intent.  Yet, the world in the rise of antisemitism literally everywhere is completely hardened against the suffering because of the satanic deceit and brainwashing that has flowed from the pit of hell.

The sad and awful reality is that much of the church is on-board with all of this.  Frankly, I cannot even imagine the scene when all these Christians – both truly saved and only professing in their faith – stand before Jesus at Judgment.  There is no doubt in my mind that these are among the ones described as having withheld a drink of water from Christ Himself.

The other thing of import I want to bring out – by no means considering what happened on October 7 as insignificant – but this is just the beginning of trials and tribulations for the Jews.

Having been specially selected by God as His Chosen People, they had a major responsibility to bring the light of Christ into the world, and they blew it big time.  For that they have suffered through the ages, but are destined for even more.

The purpose of the soon-coming 7-year Tribulation is twofold:

  1. For God to bring about the redemption of Israel so that they will truly, once and for all, be His people by declaring that Jesus is their Messiah
  2. For God to bring His wrath and vengeance upon this Christ-rejecting world – to finally and justly punish the unbelief and rejection of Jesus as Savior

It’s for these critical reasons that those of us who are truly Christ-followers today have no part in the Tribulation.  This is why the pre-Tribulation Rapture is the only valid theological position in this regard.  All other eschatological Rapture or no-Rapture beliefs are in error simply because they do not take into account the character of God and the love that Jesus has for His true Bride, the church.

The Jews today don’t understand this.  Neither of course does much of the church.  As for the Jews and the nation of Israel, what occurred on October 7 will look like child’s play when Antichrist unleashes all of hell’s fury upon them.

We should continually pray for the peace of Jerusalem, specifically that God in His mercy will bring some of the Jewish people into a saving knowledge of Jesus before that time so as to keep them from the perils of those terrible years.

Our prayers for Israel will not go unheeded by God.  They are special in His sight.  The Bible is testament to that.

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  1. Reply Mark Hall

    Hello Gary,
    I am the pastor of a small church. Every single Sunday morning during our worship service, we pause in the middle of our service to pray for Israel. We pray for their salvation. We pray for their eyes to be opened to see Jesus as their Messiah and Savior. We pray for God to protect them and most certainly to fulfill His divine will and promises to Israel. Even though we are a small church, we tithe a part of our giving to bless Israel in whatever way we can. We believe that by blessing Israel, we are blessing the Lord. We believe they are God’s chosen people, and we are humbly grateful for how God used Israel to bless us with our Savior, and His holy word of truth.
    And yes, there will be a pre-tribulation rapture. Yes, the Jewish people are headed for the worst tribulation in world history. And yes, there will be a remnant who will turn to Him, which is what I believe the tribulation is all about. But… until that time comes, we will continue to love Israel, pray for Israel, to stand in the gap for Israel and to bless Israel in the name of our Lord.
    My heart burns with a righteous anger and deep pity for those who hate Israel simply because they are Jewish. I pray for their eyes to be open to His divine truth of why the world so deeply hates Israel, and to see they are Satan’s tool. We both know where this great hatred is taking the world. Toward terrible tribulation…
    I also sincerely believe that just as we will stand before the Lord as individuals at His judgment seat, I also think it is very possible that individual churches will also be gathered before Him at His judgment seat and will be measured by His holy fire based on what they did with the truth of His word, and… based on how they treated His people, Israel. May God find us faithful to His word, faithful to His witness, and faithful to bless His people, Israel.
    Many blessings to you, to all believers, and to the people of Israel…
    Pastor Mark

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Thank you, Pastor Mark. There are precious few churches who do what yours does – with you leading them them. We’re fortunate in our snowbirding months to be associated with such a church as well.

      God bless you and yours for standing with the Lord.

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