Biblical Audio Commentary – What Happened to Mike Adams & Natural News Regarding Israel?

Biblical Audio Commentary – What Happened to Mike Adams & Natural News Regarding Israel?




Let me say at the outset that this Commentary is longer than most.  I probably could have made it into a Bible Prophecy Update because of its length, but I wanted to get this information out this week.

Many of us who peruse alternative media are familiar with Mike Adams and his Natural News website.  Over the last several years Natural News has been a good source of information for the many atrocious aspects of the globalists with their attacks on humanity.  Each day numerous posts are placed on the site outlining recent events along with various commentary articles.  They have generally been right on.  One of the defining, badge-of-honor examples of how Natural News has been a thorn in the side of the global elites is the fact that several years ago, Facebook would not allow anything to be posted from there either on someone’s main page or even in a FB Messager discussion.

Mike also offers a free-speech video platform called Brighteon, as an alternative to YouTube and Rumble.  Brighteon has grown, as censorship elsewhere has made it difficult to freely express the truth.  I’ve watched a number of shows that Mike has personally hosted.  He often does monologues, but he also frequently has guests on for discussion.

Periodically, Mike would make oblique statements that touched on Israel in a somewhat negative way.  When hearing them, I essentially ignored the potentially deeper meaning behind his comments.  There was enough other good information that I discounted what his remarks might imply.  I should have paid closer attention.

Mike Adams is a prepper.  He is also a professed Christian.  More deeply, he is a post-Tribulation Rapture believer.  Mike has frequent discussions with Steve Quayle.  Over the years Steve has been very insightful as to the spiritual implications of all that has occurred in the world.  At one point over fifteen years ago, he had a series of discussions with Tom Horn concerning transhumanism and related topics like super-soldiers, etc.  Tom Horn, as many of you may know, hosts a popular TV show called Skywatch TV.  In that show the hosts explore a lot of different aspects of the spiritual world.  Terry James has been a periodic guest discussing the pre-Tribulation Rapture.

I just heard on Thursday that Tom Horn had a massive heart attack, so please pray for him and his family.

Tom Horn used to be an Assemblies of God pastor and certainly has believed in the pre-Trib Rapture.  He may or may not still be pre-Trib, but I think he remains very open to it.  I assumed Steve Quayle also held a pre-Trib position from Tom’s and Steve’s detailed discussions long ago, but that isn’t the case now as far as I can tell.  He is currently post-Trib.  That is evident in Steve’s conversations with Mike Adams.

I go into this background because of what Mike has been expressing lately concerning Israel.  Other than being post-Trib, I never labeled him beyond that.  As we’ll see shortly, it may be that Mike’s theology has devolved into Replacement Theology, whereby, the church is said to replace Israel.  In Replacement Theology, God has had it with Israel and abandoned her, such that the church has taken Israel’s place.  Thus, whatever you read in the Bible about Israel, it’s the church that God is redeeming and supporting through the difficult days of the Tribulation.  I think in Replacement Theology the horrors of the Tribulation are minimized and considered just tough times.  The people who believe that are greatly deceived.  They truly have no idea what’s coming.

When Hamas invaded Israel, Mike Adams immediately wrote an editorial concerning the conflict.  Note the title: Natural News issues statement on Hamas terror attack on Israel, bombings of Gaza, ethnic cleansing vs humanitarian principles.  Mike writes that Natural News condemns the Hamas attacks, but then goes on to condemn Israel for its intention of carrying out ethnic cleansing in Gaza.  He states: “many IDF soldiers will indiscriminately execute Palestinians on sight.”  The editorial goes on in that vein.  Note that this was written on October 11.  As I write this Commentary on October 18, Israel has still not invaded Gaza.

When I saw Mike’s statements, I immediately expressed my concern in a comment to his article that he was neglecting to recognize that Israel has always been concerned about civilian casualties.  In fact, Israel has regularly taken her own casualties in order to save civilian lives of her adversaries.  Twenty-four hours after I posted my comment, it was still waiting for Admin approval.  The next day, my comment disappeared, yet other similar concerns were approved.

Here are a couple examples:

Sorry Mike, the Palestinians were treated with great consideration by Israel, for too long, even when it was patience that endangered Israel, and many Israelis paid with their lives for this patience, and it was patience for terrorists who use their brothers as human shields, the supposedly uninvolved Palestinians had enough time to say goodbye to Hamas. And if they didn’t stay away from them, they took responsibility for it. Because it is impossible for Israel to leave the murderers who declare over and over again that it is their goal to destroy Israel, and do so with inhuman barbarism, even as they hide behind their innocent brothers. Please be really decent and admit the truth. You would not stop yourself from protecting your loved ones even at the cost of non-involved people who serve as human shields for the murderers of your loved ones, no way! They should depart from Gaza & Hamas, and save their lives with all the sorrow. no other way.

 Disappointed in Mike.

 Like others have said… All that has to happen is for the Gazan’s to unconditionally surrender.

 Hamas’ HQ is a hospital, and the AP reported June 15, 2021 that Hamas is very popular with the people. It’s a Hellscape for Israel to ‘soften’ before they go in with ground forces. Hamas uses the people as shields and the people still support them.


My comments were in this same vein – nothing inflammatory or attacking.  I simply said that Mike needed to acknowledge how Israel deals with her enemies.  So, who knows what the deal is as to why my comments were deleted?

As I stated, this Natural News editorial was the primary revealing of where Mike actually stands regarding Israel.

In my transcript for this Commentary, here are additional articles from Natural News just this week that follow along in this same way:

Israel calls Palestinians “human animals” before cutting off fuel, electricity, food and water to Gaza, an open air prison enslaving millions

Israelis prepare ground invasion as Palestinians scramble to evacuate while IDF bombs continue to fall

Lawless in Gaza: Why Britain and the West back Israel’s crimes

This has been a fluid update as I’ve added to it right up to posting.  If you’re watching what is happening on the Israel-Hamas war front, you know that a rocket was supposedly launched a couple days ago from Israel and supposedly hit a hospital in Gaza, supposedly killing 500 children.  This was the story put out by Hamas and, of course, the mainstream media ran with it as fact and the gullible people out there accepted it as truth.

The problem is that late Tuesday and into Wednesday of this week, Israel proved without a shadow of a doubt that this was false – a complete propaganda fabrication.  The rocket was actually launched from within Gaza – not Israel.  It hit the parking lot beside the hospital and didn’t actually touch the building.  And, unless there were 500 children standing around in that parking lot, no children were killed.

Now, watch this.  I got an email notification Wednesday late afternoon from Natural News of their daily shows.  This broadcast is titled: Horrific BOMBING of HOSPITAL in Gaza sets entire Arab world against Israel.

The text on the email from Mike Adams read:

The bombing of a civilian hospital in Gaza just killed 500+ Palestinian civilians, mostly children, setting off a wave of outrage and condemnations against Israel from across Middle Eastern nations.

Even the WHO and UN are now condemning Israel for its endless violence against Palestinian civilians, while China (yes, China) is supplying humanitarian aid that Israel refuses to provide under any circumstances.

The facts of this faux bombing were well known and the propaganda debunked well before the email circulated.  Yet, here is Mike and his news service buying into a completely false narrative.  It astounds me given how Mike has been on the forefront of battling falsehoods by our own government, yet here he is swallowing this nonsense hook, line, and sinker.


Not to be outdone, Brighteon aired a broadcast titled: The Gaza open air prison is a PILOT PROGRAM for globalist ENSLAVEMENT and EXTERMINATION of us all.  There may be some truth to the bottom-line reality of this statement in that the global elites certainly do want to enslave or kill much of humanity.  But the problem again is that Israel is pointed to as the absolute bad guy.  I only listened to the first fifteen minutes of this broadcast, but what Mike says is extremely telling.

This is a summary:

  • What Israel has done to the Palestinian people is because they are run by the Zionist globalists. Israel has starved the Palestinians, treated them like animals, and enslaved this ethnic group for decades.
  • The goal of Zionism is to eradicate all Palestinians. Israel has embargoed their food, encircled them with a giant wall and thus imprisoned them in an open-air prison called Gaza.  Israel has committed much brutality against the Palestinians; in fact, Israel has engaged in a mass, inhumane bombing campaign against Palestinian civilians.
  • All Israel ever does from the Palestinians is take from them.

As far as I’m concerned, Mike’s perspective on this lacks a total sense of the Biblical narrative, how the Jews have been the target for millennia by those who hate God and His people, and it completely misunderstands the struggle Israel has had as a nation from its very inception.  The myth of Palestinians is pervasive and wrong, and Mike has apparently swallowed it.  There is not a Palestinian people group.  They are Arabs.  The reason the so-called Palestinians are supposed refugees is because the Arab invaders in Israel’s War of Independence ordered the few Arabs living in the wasteland of Israel to leave so they could bomb Israel out of existence.

With God’s miraculous help, Israel prevailed.  The Arabs ordered to vacate their homes lost them because their people lost the war.  Instead of assimilating them into Arab lands like Jordan or Egypt, they were kept in limbo as political pawns.  We see this very dynamic in play today with Jordan and Egypt saying they won’t take in the Palestinians.  These nations want them to remain in Israel as a continual thorn in her side.

Mike Adams seems to have no realization of the terror Israel has experienced since her founding by these very people.  That is why Israel built a wall.  They are kept inside so that they don’t wreak havoc in Israel today like they did for many years before the wall, and obviously the Hamas attack on October 7.  Mike doesn’t get it as to the danger these people pose.

Yes, the Palestinians are victims, but they are victims of their own leaders.  The children are brainwashed from infancy to hate the Jews and love death.  They are inculcated with the slogan: “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free.”  How is Israel supposed to respond to that?

Back in the mid-2000s Israel gave free rein to the Gaza Strip and the Palestinians.  Rather than rule over them, they allowed them to hold elections and do whatever they wanted.  The Hamas we see today is the outcome of that.  They created their own “open-air prison.”

Here again are a couple comments from people who watched this video:

I left GAB due in part to all the over-the-top rabid & incessant anti-Semitism fanned by CEO Andrew. Gab could have been the new Twitter but due to its reputation for declaring every Jew ever born to be evil, many important & patriotic political figures avoid it.

 Now Mike is dividing his audience.

 SOME Jews are evil. SOME Muslims are evil. Most world governments are eviL. Most PEOPLE just want to live normal, happy lives & be left alone.

 Mike, please get facts straight & stop blaming everything on one side. I had to tune out this episode, first time ever. I’ll be listening today & hope you better clarify your position.

 Israel & the Jewish people have a role to play in history.

 Replacement theology is a fallacy, like calling God a liar, (according to Chuck Missler)

 Please make it clear that your rant is against Israel’s government, NOT the Jewish people.

 PS Israel has treated its “displaced people” a LOT better than any Muslim government in the ME does. Mostly they just torture & kill them. Israel has provided for them & allowed them to live their lives & practice their religion, for decades.

 How the land was restored to Israel is complex & opinions differ.

 But God said it would happen, so there’s that.


You talk about what Israel’s goals are like you really know.

 Have you read the comments your followers are submitting?

 Were you hoping and expecting such reactions…ones that extremely support your assessments and others that completely disagree w them?

 Sadly, you are exhibiting such a lack of leadership, I am surprised and disappointed. I have already pulled back from your programs.

 One last thing. If a terrorist has a gun pointed at you and is holding a baby to his chest, what do YOU do?


If you want to actually hear the truth as to what’s happening in Israel, here is a video by Caroline Glick, a noted Jewish journalist titled: The Real (and Awful) Reason Biden is Coming to Israel.  She lays out how the Biden Regime is handcuffing Israel from responding as necessary to Hamas and is proving succinctly how the American government is not a friend to Israel whatsoever despite the false words of Joe Biden.  Hamas is a terrorist group, the Palestinian people are in majority support of Hamas, and Hamas is receiving significant funding from nations – including our government – that have no love of Israel.

Perhaps we need to review how special Israel is in God’s eyes.  Israel is the land that God chose as the place for His people – His children – to live.  Anyone reading the Old Testament through any lens of understanding sees this truth.  In fact, God has placed His Name on Jerusalem.  It is the City of God.  All these efforts to create a two-state solution and to divide Jerusalem are doomed to fail.  A taste of that can be seen in Zechariah 12:1-5:

The oracle of the word of the Lord concerning Israel: Thus declares the Lord, who stretched out the heavens and founded the earth and formed the spirit of man within him: “Behold, I am about to make Jerusalem a cup of staggering to all the surrounding peoples. The siege of Jerusalem will also be against Judah. On that day I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples. All who lift it will surely hurt themselves. And all the nations of the earth will gather against it. On that day, declares the Lord, I will strike every horse with panic, and its rider with madness. But for the sake of the house of Judah I will keep my eyes open, when I strike every horse of the peoples with blindness. Then the clans of Judah shall say to themselves, ‘The inhabitants of Jerusalem have strength through the Lord of hosts, their God.’

God does not take kindly to those who curse His people and try to harm them and that which He has specifically given to Israel.  Does Mike Adams not understand this?

Perhaps not.

In the midst of these anti-Israel posts, Mike also released a video discussion he had with a pastor by the name of Brad Cummings.  I resigned myself to listening to this because of the title: The END TIMES are NOT set in stone – A hope-filled interview with pastor and Biblical scholar Brad Cummings on Israel, Gaza and the end of the world.

As it turns out Brad Cummings is the publisher of the Founders’ Bible that David Barton contributed to extensively.  Mike referred to him as a “Bible scholar.”

Overall, the interview was better than I expected, and I had no trouble agreeing with many things that Cummings said.  One of his main points was that prayer is our best and highest resort in any kind of trouble.  Where we have no power, God does.

All well and good; however . . .

Brad Cummings made three major statements that defy Biblical knowledge.  Seemingly, he should know better regarding the issues I’ll discuss, but apparently not.


Issue #1 – Israel as God’s Chosen People

In discussing Israel, Brad made the statement that “the notion of the special Chosen People of God doesn’t come from the Scripture; it comes from the Babylonian Talmud.”  He then went on to say: “God doesn’t have a special chosen people.”

That left me speechless.  Here is Moses in Deuteronomy 7:6 in this regard concerning Israel:

“For you are a people holy to the Lord your God. The Lord your God has chosen you to be a people for his treasured possession, out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth.”

Here is David in 1 Kings 3:8:

And your servant is in the midst of your people whom you have chosen, a great people, too many to be numbered or counted for multitude.

Finally, here is Isaiah 43:20:

The wild beasts will honor me, the jackals and the ostriches, for I give water in the wilderness, rivers in the desert, to give drink to my chosen people,

Please, Brad Cummings, don’t tell me that you aren’t aware of the Hebrew Scriptures that speak of this special relationship that God has with Israel.


Issue #2 – Bible Prophecy as Destiny

Near the end of the hour, we got to the point relating to the title of this video.

Mike asked: “Are we locked into the end-times prophecy of the Bible?”

Are you ready?  Brad responded emphatically: “Absolutely not!  I don’t believe the Bible says we are locked into a fatalistic set of outcomes.”

He continues by mentioning decades to come and that “people have bought into the premise that when it all gets really bad, I won’t be here.”

Mike then clarifies that he’s speaking of the Rapture, which he doesn’t believe in either.  Mike says that we can’t know the timing, nor the trigger points.  What he does know is that “we’re going to live through hell on earth.”


Issue #3 – Judgment of Nations

Finishing up, Brad comments that nations won’t be judged in the hereafter, they will be judged in the here and now.

Finally, Brad concludes that “we’re going to go through ugly, tough times, but God isn’t finished with us yet.”

From these quotes you can see that Brad is post-Trib.  Neither he nor Mike seem to have any true prophetic perspective.  Worse, when Brad states that what the Bible says can be changed, that’s really problematic.  He seems to forget that Jesus Himself had to rebuke Satan by saying, “It is written.”

Well, if what is written in the Bible isn’t reliable as God’s Word, what do we have?  I guess we just make it up as we go along.  As far as they’re concerned, we can pray our way out of what is definitively written as the way the world will be in the end days, and what’s its outcome will be.  Neither Brad nor Mike believe what Jesus imparted to John the Revelator.

They don’t understand the horrors of the Tribulation as they are described in Holy Writ.  Jesus said what He said.  People that discount this are saying that Jesus is a liar.

Regarding nations, again Brad misses the boat.  Here is what Joel 3:2 promises:

I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. And I will enter into judgment with them there, on behalf of my people and my heritage Israel, because they have scattered them among the nations and have divided up my land,

Further discussion of this is found at Got Questions:

The judgment of the nations (Matthew 25:31–46). After the tribulation, the Lord Jesus will sit in judgment over the Gentile nations. They will be judged according to their treatment of Israel during the tribulation. This judgment is also called the judgment of the sheep and the goats because of the imagery Jesus uses in the Olivet Discourse. Those who showed faith in God by treating Israel favorably (giving them aid and comfort during the tribulation) are the “sheep” who will enter into the Millennial Kingdom. Those who followed the Antichrist’s lead and persecuted Israel are the “goats” who will be consigned to hell.

It has been said that those who get their eschatology wrong, get their theology wrong.  This couldn’t be more evident from this video discussion between Brad Cummings and Mike Adams

This is a major problem with the post-Tribulation Rapture belief.  It is a false doctrine of deception.  Much of it is based on Replacement Theology.  Because of this perspective, look at all the aspects of what I’ve brought forth today.

I can’t dispute that Brad Cummings is a Bible scholar and well-respected.  What I can dispute is his end-times theology which greatly impacts others like Mike Adams.  Brad’s influence on Mike is detrimental to his growth as a Christian.  Being discipled by someone who is deceived about eschatology is highly problematic, especially given the platform that Mike has.  Both of these men are unfortunately leading others into error.

When Israel is not seen in the proper perspective as to what God must do with this nation, and even how He influences the people very subtly despite the majority being secular, and these people speak harshly against Israel, they then are skating on very thin ice.

God has said that anyone who curses Israel will themselves be cursed.  Mike Adams, you are on the brink of falling into this error, if you’re not already there.

We need to pray that Mike will begin surrounding himself with people who have a true doctrinal understanding of Scripture and Israel.  He is following false teachers who are leading him astray.  So, please ask the Lord to direct Mike to the truth.


Yes, Israel must act as humanely as possible.  But in a conflict of this nature, Israel must do what she needs to do.  She has pulled her punches throughout her entire history.  It may very well be that now is the prophetic time when Israel cannot and will not hold back any longer.

Israel’s enemies are at her door.  She needs to prevent their entry and eradicate them.  This, in fact, is the punchline for Psalm 83, if indeed this Israel-Hamas war becomes that prophesied conflict.  Eventually, despite all the obstacles placed in Israel’s path by the US government and the United Nations, Israel needs to do what she must do.  The world will be outraged, but Israel will gain a measure of peace for a brief time.

So that we can see what that means, I’ll end by reading Psalm 83:13-18:

O my God, make them like whirling dust,
like chaff before the wind.
As fire consumes the forest,
as the flame sets the mountains ablaze,
so may you pursue them with your tempest
and terrify them with your hurricane!
Fill their faces with shame,
that they may seek your name, O Lord.
Let them be put to shame and dismayed forever;
let them perish in disgrace,
that they may know that you alone,
whose name is the Lord,
are the Most High over all the earth.

15 Responses to “Biblical Audio Commentary – What Happened to Mike Adams & Natural News Regarding Israel?”

  1. Reply Karl Steudl

    Thank u Gary for speaking truth in a discerning manner. Iron sharpens Iron & I pray for Mike that he is able to accept & discern the truth. You have spoken in a reasonable manner.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      I appreciate it. It distresses me that Mike and others profess their love for Christ but neglect the truth of His Word concerning Israel.

      • Reply Donna Thomas

        Really Graceful is in the same camp, as well. She just did a video on Zionism that really took me by surprise. Her videos had, up until then, been very on track.
        I recently heard Stew Peters adamantly declare that the Church is the New Israel. He is now gone from my Rumble line up, as well.

        • Reply Gary Ritter

          I was working on some fiction today that I’m trying to move forward with, and the Stew Peters thing came to my attention. I decided I needed to do a Commentary about Replacement Theology and include him in that discussion. Sad, because he’s been the source of a lot of good info these last three years as has Mike Adams.

  2. Reply Beccy Kramer

    Hi Gary,
    I agree with you 100% regarding Mike Adams and Steve Quayle. My daughter in law takes everything they say as the Gospel truth and has become a hardcore prepper and believer in the post trib position. It has been quite sad watching her go in this direction because along with being very deceived, she has pretty much pushed her whole family away and is just waiting for the first nuke to drop so she can hide in her basement with all the thousands of dollars of food, water and ammo she has stored up. She used to believe in the pretrib but after she started listening to Mike and Steve that quickly changed. She believes God has shown her all that is coming in a dream and like I said she has driven her family away in ways that are very very sad. I try to reason with her but she has closed me off because I am an “escapist” and “coward” and certainly haven’t perpared for what is coming. I could go on and on but you get the point. I have had a very hard time not disliking these two men you talked about. I believe they are leading people astray and making money doing it. I will pray for them though because that is what the Lord commands me to do. I believe you are right though…Mike and Steve will have answer to God on their stance with Israel especially. Thanks for listening. God bless.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      As you see in the comments also on this page, I’ve learned that Stew Peters is also very much in the same RT camp.

  3. Reply Robin L Leigh

    Gary, I had a conversation that included many of your points here with a close friend of mine who is not saved. I’ve been working on her for years now. She is half Jewish and just moved her boyfriend, who is a wealthy, retired, secular, liberal Jew, into her home with her. All the warnings we get from the Bible about how we are influenced by those we associate with are on fully display in her newly found liberal ideology. She used to be conservative. She was on a rant over how Israel is the bad guy in the war against Hamas, fully buying into the MSM narrative. I had to explain how long the land has belonged to Israel, how God made an everlasting covenant with the Jews and gave them considerably more land than they currently occupy, how there is no such thing as a Palestinian, and even explained Mark Twain’s writings after his visit to a desolate Israel over 150 years ago, etc. I’ll tell ya, when the Jews say “never again” it’s maddening how they predictably and consistently align themselves with their enemies in politics, the media, entertainment, and education.

    When I visited Israel in 2019, I daily saw firsthand how blind modern Jews are toward God. If they aren’t atheists (most are) then they are following a form of modern, apostate Judaism, which shows how blind they are to the truth of their Messiah, Jesus Christ. Just as God promised would happen. I explained to my friend that at some point, God stops calling an unbeliever to salvation and gives up on them. He lets them go their own way. I know that concerned her. But she is so desperate to hold on to this new relationship that I have scant hope, although I continue to pray for her, of her turning toward the Lord and away from what she believes will provide for her immediate needs and wants in this life. I share this situation because I see it playing out with Mike Adams, Stu Peters, Andrew Torba, and many others.

    People who are clinging to this world will modify their theology to support their businesses and or relationships because they simply don’t trust God to provide for their needs if they solely embrace His truth. Selling beanie weenies, guns, ammo, medical remedies and bunker supplies will drop off if you correctly state that nowhere does God tell us to “prep” for the Tribulation. (As if that were even a possibility!) Subscribers go elsewhere if you don’t encourage them, at all costs, to pledge allegiance to the USA flag instead of pledging allegiance to King Jesus. Of note: I left Gab in late 2020 when Torba sent out a private-paid-subscriber-only missive filled with much antisemitism. I was deeply appalled and let him know it too. I warned other Believers back then, but some still support his channel, including Jan Markel at Olive Tree Ministries.

    What is most revealing over the past 2 weeks is the worldwide, deep hatred of the Jews, even by their own people. When Isaiah 17 happens, clearly, the entire world will turn on Israel. As I read it, the Bible doesn’t say outright that Israel will be the one to destroy Damascus, and maybe she won’t be. But we can be sure she will get all the blame regardless of the circumstances.

    No matter what comes, I am praying for everyone right now: Believers, Non-Believers, and the leaders of all the nations of the world, according to God’s divine will. We rarely understand precisely how things will proceed, but He’s given us more than enough prophecy to know He is sovereign and in charge, and His plan is perfect. Romans 8:28 is of tremendous comfort to me in these last days.


  4. Reply Bambi R

    Thank you for addressing this issue. I have been very saddened by what is coming from Mike Adams and Natural News against Israel. I am sad to hear the same of Stew Peters. Just goes to show we must always be careful to be a Berean and make sure all we hear is tested by Scripture. Thank God for the Holy Spirit who helps us see the Truth!!!!

  5. Reply Donna Thomas

    Thank you Gary for your very helpful and insightful articles and videos. You are so thorough.
    I am a new subscriber to your site, but am going to share you with as many as I can. You are right on!
    God Bless You

  6. Reply Kelly Pearson

    Thank you for writing this! My husband and I have been avid listeners of Mike and Steve’s for years and we have even bought some of Mike’s health products, but we have recently had to delete them from our regular schedule. HIs perspective on the hospital explosion put the nail in the coffin for us.

    I have been appalled at Mike’s outright disdain for Israel comparing a country’s activities/decisions to an individual’s moral/ethical choices – of which God will judge them differently and tells us so. Israel has every right to protect her country and their people. To even suggest that the Jews are not God’s chosen people is blasphemous. In many ways the wheat and the chaff are coming out in droves these days from people I would never have thought would be so divisive as God also says will happen.

    God help us all when this evil comes to our soil – because it will and soon.


    Back before Trump was elected President there was something strange going on. I saw people in America and all over the world seeing Trump as a Savior. This disturbed me. I did a deep dive into Trump’s background. I found out that Norman Vincent Peale was his religious mentor. Peale wrote the book, “The Power of Positive Thinking”. You wonder why Trump is so positive, now you know.
    Peale was heavily involved in the metaphysical aspect of “new age” thinking. Peale had an influence on those who are involved in the “Prosperity Gospel”. Trump surrounded himself with many of these false teachers. Supposedly, Prosperity false teacher, Paula White lead Trump to Christ. Even today, Paula White is Trumps spiritual advisor. This should throw up a red flag. Trump has a link to the teachings of the New Age Movement. This is the Ocult.
    Before the election of 2020, again Americans and people of the world were looking to Trump as a Savior. I noticed many MAGA supporters wearing shirts and other clothing with Q on them. I did a deep dive into Qanon. There were many Christians getting involved with this movement. Sadly, when you see the language that Qanon supporters and Q himself were saying it became very disturbing. There language was very New Age.
    This brings me to Mike Adams. If you go back, you will find out Mike was spouting Qanon language and interviewing some Qanon people. Thus, it does not surprise me Mike is continually involved in false teaching. With this being the case why would anyone trust anything Mike Adams says? Mike has no discernment and is easily deceived by false teachers.
    What is happening in the 2024 election. Trump is being looked at as a Savior again. In fact, Trump according to many, is the only one who can save the world from the evil of the world elite. This should disturb any true Christian. As you can see I am not a Trump fan, there is something definitely wrong with Trump. So if the LORD tarries, who will I vote for? A godly Christian, as a write-in protest vote.
    If you think, I am off my rocker, I suggest you do the research and read the Bible. The Bible is the Word of God, it is the Word of Truth. Everything must be filtered through the Word of God. One thing to remember, Satan is very deceptive. Satan has his people even in “Christian” circles. The Scriptures teach, “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” (Matt. 7:20) What is the fruit of Mike Adams or Donald Trump. Both use foul language, both follow false teachers, both have an arrogant, I am never wrong attitude etc… I don’t judge according to my own opinion, I judge according to the Word of God. Most professing Christians today have no discernment because they simply won’t read and study the Word of God in prayer.
    A popular Pastor made a comment that if Jesus and Trump were running for President, he would vote for Trump, because Trump is a man of action. What nonsense is that! Israel one time voted God out. Israel wanted a king just like all the other nations, how did that work out?
    Yes, God raises up kings and takes them down. Everything happens for a reason. As the world heads head long into its own destruction, Christians need to shine as lights in this dark world. This means we tell a lost and dying world that Jesus died for their sins according to the Scriptures, was buried and rose again according to the Scriptures, so that those who believe upon Him shall be saved. Do you really think Trump has the answer for the world’s problem or do you think Christ is the answer. If you are paying attention the world is looking for a man to come forth and solve all the world’s problems, they will get their man. That man will be energized by Satan, this is the Antichrist. And no Trump is not the Antichrist. No one knows who it will be, but Scripture tells us what he will be like, pure evil.
    Don’t look to a man, look to God!!!

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