Biblical Audio Commentary – Barbarians at Israel’s Gates

Biblical Audio Commentary – Barbarians at Israel’s Gates




The Hamas massacre perpetrated against Israel on October 7, 2023 was the most horrendous genocidal event against the Jews since the Holocaust.  Over 1,200 innocent civilian men, women, and children were ruthlessly murdered that day.  Before they were slaughtered, many were mercilessly raped and tortured.  You may have seen this comparison, but based on population percentages, if the United States had suffered an equivalent loss of life on 9/11, 54,000 Americans would have been killed instead of 3,000.  That’s the proportional difference, why it was so tragic, and why the psychological damage to the Jewish people in Israel has been so great.  Think of how many more people you might have possibly known or come into contact with in our nation with so many more people senselessly killed in that 9/11 attack.

Also, just for the record once more, I believe that 9/11 was a US government inside job, likely perpetrated by the CIA among others so as to further the destruction of America toward a One World Order.  The similarity to Israel is that high-ranking intelligence officials at the very least paved the way for this terrible event to occur because of their leftist/progressive/Marxist ideologies.  Satan and his minions, many of whom are operating in Israel today, very much want to destroy this land and people whom God considers the apple of His eye.

This is why I’m convinced much more is planned to come against Israel in the effort to annihilate her “from the River to the Sea.”  It’s why I believe that Israel is on the cusp of the Psalm 83 War in which all of the nations surrounding Israel will soon coalesce and come against her in the conspiracy outlined in Psalm 83.  We know that on her northern border with Lebanon, a hot war will soon break out with Hezbollah.  As I’ve noted previously, I think it’ll be when the US restricts our assistance so severely and cuts off all the munitions support to Israel that these enemies will attempt to take advantage of that.

One aspect of this hasn’t been adequately explored.  Not only has Israel suffered from the continual hatred of the so-called Palestinians in Gaza led by the terrorist Hamas organization, but there is another enemy within – barbarians at the gates – just waiting for the right moment to strike.

What is this barbarian cohort, you may ask?  It is all the radical Palestinian Arabs living in the ancient Israeli territory of Judea and Samaria, otherwise incorrectly known today as the West Bank.

Let’s look at the problem.  First, from an Israeli organization called Regavim is this statement about Gaza in a report they produced:

In 2021, the Israeli government completed construction of a 65 kilometer (40 mile) security barrier along its border with Gaza. The barrier, which cost the Israeli taxpayer an estimated NIS 3.5 billion [shekels] [$1 billion], was considered a complex engineering and technological achievement -a unique security array that includes a high fence, a subterranean wall, a maritime barrier, high-tech sensors, an advanced radar system, remote-operated weapons, intelligence gathering systems and advanced monitoring elements designed to prevent invasions from Gaza into Israel. When it was finally completed, the security barrier was touted as a game-changing transformation of Israel’s security reality. In the words of then-Defense Minister Benny Gantz, “The barrier is a technological and creative project of supreme importance, which takes away from Hamas one of the capabilities it tried to develop, and places an iron wall, sensors and concrete between [Hamas] and the residents of [Israel’s] south.”

 Despite the massive investment of funds, human resources, technology, iron and steel, on October 7th 2023 Israel awoke to a living nightmare: thousands of Hamas terrorists breached the Gaza barrier, killing some 1,300 people in a single day.

Thus, despite this impressive achievement meant to keep Hamas at bay, something went wrong.  You can see how the Gaza border was breached at this link that provides an interactive map of what happened on October 7.  A major reason for this is how Israel’s security efforts have been constantly undermined from within.  I discussed this in my Commentary a couple months ago titled Israel’s Dependence on the U.S. and Why.  There are – sadly – people in Israel who want to bring about her demise, just as there are in America.

Here’s the current problem.  Judea and Samaria are the home of the PLO – the Palestine Liberation Organization, the direct descendent of the PA, or Palestinian Authority.  This movement has consistently advocated politically and violently for a “liberated” Palestine.  Terrorists from this territory alone have killed 3,135 Israelis over the period from 1948 to 2023.  In these 75 years, the people living here have shown themselves as not only hostile to Israel, but a plague inside the nation with the massacres they’ve committed.

Just as Israel built a sophisticated border fence to attempt to keep Hamas in Gaza from committing various atrocities, Israel has also built a barrier fence around Judea and Samaria that is some 300 km in length – about 186 miles long – that cost NIS 8.3 billion [shekels] ($2.3 billion).

Despite Israel’s desire to keep terrorist forces contained, in 2009 the then-Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority instituted a hostile plan against Israel to begin a massive project of illegal construction along the extensive border fence.  Over the years to date, some 90,000 illegal structures have been erected all along this 186-mile fence.

The map in the Transcript of this Commentary shows the current situation, which is dire.  The green line on the map is the border supposedly protected by the barrier fence.  The mass of red dots all along the border are the current illegal structures built in contradiction to Israeli law.  The issue with Gaza was that the buffer zone between the fence and the various Israeli communities was quickly breached.  If you look at this map of Judea and Samaria, you see that the distance between the barrier against which all these illegal Palestinian building projects have been erected, and the vulnerable communities of Israel, is only from 1-4 km distance, i.e. .6 miles to at best 2.5 miles.

It gets worse.  Israel’s military command – which has certainly been comprised, as I’ve noted – has reduced forces along this entire border region.  Thus, the ability to maintain the barrier fence has been severely undermined.  Continuing to quote from the Regavim report:

In 2017, IDF Central Command decided to stop repairing damage caused by repeated sabotage; as a result, in 2021 it was possible to infiltrate cities in central Israel and the coastal plain without setting off an alarm along almost half the length of the fence; the barrier was abandoned and all semblance of control and governance was lost. As of March 2022, thousands of illegal infiltrators continued to cross into Israel every day either by foot or in vehicles. In 2020, some 918,000 Palestinian Arabs from Judea and Samaria used the gaps in the fence in the Ephraim and Menashe Regions to infiltrate Israel; in 2021 the number climbed to 1.4 million.

To this end, about 1,500 Arabs infiltrate Israel every day near just one of the border breaches alone.

For another discussion of this Judea-Samaria problem, you can watch the Israel Guys podcast at this link.

We just had an illustrated example of what happens when lawless, violent gangs decide to take over.  In Haiti they overran the prisons and released thousands of inmates.  It’s an insane, chaotic, violent mess.

What might happen on that day in Israel when America shuts down our armaments support, Hezbollah under the guidance of Iran invades from the north, and 1,500 or 15,000 Palestinian Arabs in the heart of Israel from Judea and Samaria, attack the civilian population?  Add to that the potential of Psalm 83 allies in other bordering nations, and you want to talk about an existential crisis – this is it!

Given a scenario like this, you can see why I envision God stepping in to protect Israel in unexpected and miraculous ways.  How else could Israel survive?

Regardless of how dark it looks for Israel at any given time going forward, never forget that God has a plan and a promise for her.  These satanically-inspired enemies will not succeed.  The secular world will be dismayed.  The anti-Israel faction of the church will be shown to be the fools that they are for dismissing and distaining God’s Word.  In fact, such a victory by Israel with God’s underpinning will likely cause many in the church to walk away in their hatred.  They truly are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

All this hostile activity against Israel is just a prelude – a warm-up, if you will – to the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.  We should continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and soon God Himself will bring that peace.

A peace that will never end.

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