Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 12-1-21 Vaccine Injury – Gulf War Syndrome to Today

One of the things I’ve tried to do over the last several Prophecy Updates is to show the deep-seated desire of certain individuals to destroy the lives of as many people as possible.  This effort includes mercilessly killing many, or at the very least, stealing their health and well-being.  Oh, look, I just happened to describe one of the traits of the devil who wants to steal, kill, and destroy.  Perhaps there’s a connection between these maliciously evil people and Satan.  Who would have guessed?

We know from numerous sources of late how evil Dr. Anthony Fauci is.  He’s the classic example of the child who becomes an adult psychopath.  Multiple pieces of evidence show how he has tortured animals in the interest of science.  Worse, he has condoned the use of extremely deadly drugs in the treatment of disease.  He is behind the use of AZT to treat HIV, and this drug has been shown to actually cause serious auto-immune symptoms.  Fauci has been around a long time and has a remarkable track record of backing dangerous and deadly vaccines and other drugs.

If you’ve connected the dots like we try to do in these Prophecy Updates, you’ll know that great evil is operating in the world.  It originates from the spiritual realm and infects much of mankind because men choose to reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This opens them up to significant demonic influence in their lives.  Satan seems to work overtime with individuals who are highly placed in society and/or greatly influential in the affairs of humanity.

We currently see this playing out in the creation of the COVID bioweapon that was created so as to release deadly, gene-altering, so-called vaccines upon an unsuspecting public.  As we’ve previously pointed out, the temptation to test certain drugs is irresistible to certain people.  In addition, a small group of wealthy, globalist elites – a worthy few –  have been planning for many years to gain control over the entire world with the purpose of enslaving mankind.  Put these desires together and a long history toward this wicked objective unfolds.

To add to this body of evidence, I want to briefly discuss how the illness, known as Gulf War Syndrome, surfaced after the 1991 Gulf War in Iraq and how that may influence even what is going on today with the adverse effects we’re seeing as the COVID shots are administered.

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