Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 1-12-22 The Prince of the Power of the Air

While we’ve been sleeping through the COVID morass for the last two years, another deadly assault on humanity has continued unabated.  Many of us are very aware that the global elites have decided that NOW is the time for them to make their move to cement their power and control over the people of the earth – in preparation, whether they know it or not – for the soon-to-come 7-year Tribulation.  They manufactured a so-called pandemic in order to push a so-called vaccine.  This charade has worked wonderfully in causing anxiety and fear in a large swath of the world’s population, leading to the hypnotic effect of Mass Formation Psychosis, which I spoke about in my previous Prophecy Update of January 5, 2022 titled Prep for Antichrist: Mass Formation Psychosis.  The purpose of the COVID shots, which are untested, gene-altering drugs is to steal, kill, and destroy.  They originate from the Father of Lies who hates God and wants to harm Him through inflicting injury on His creation that He pronounced as very good.

How does Satan accomplish this?  He steals the hope that people have for a normal, productive life by shortening lifespans.  He kills loved ones: family, friends, children, the elderly, and those in between through the sinful actions of those who have pledged allegiance to him and to the useful idiots who follow them without a shred of critical thinking.  He destroys everything that he touches, whether church, government, marriage, or the creation of life.  Moreover, Satan and his minions – in the spiritual realm and among mankind – have determined to move forward with all they have planned for decades to accomplish the final enslavement of mankind and the destruction of the world as we know it.

As I noted in Prep for Antichrist, Satan is setting the stage for the unveiling of the Beast of Revelation, the Antichrist.  He must have the means to control mankind directly and through all economic activities.  This is a multi-pronged attack.  The COVID jabs have substances in them that obviously accomplish a number of different purposes.  Some of the “vaccines” kill, some cause debilitating injury, and some rewire the body in order to be manipulated from an outside source.  The rewiring of the body is the next stage of the Internet of Things whereby all people are connected together through the cloud in the Internet of Bodies.  The means by which this will be accomplished is through the use of nanoparticles containing graphene oxide which forms an antennae of sorts inside people’s bodies that can be communicated with via 5G.  This electromagnetic manipulation will also be facilitated through the implantable chips used for the vaccine passports.  The pieces of this puzzle are numerous and complicated, but Satan and his host have the benefit of having eaten of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Believe me, this scheme did not originate in the minds of men; it is much higher and deeper than what human wisdom allows.

The vaccines and everything associated with them is one facet of the attack on humanity.  As I mentioned earlier, there are other aspects to this assault.  Satan doesn’t have his title Prince of the Power of the Air for nothing.  Another piece of this end-times onslaught centers around the ruse that we’ve been subjected to for years known as Climate Change.

What devious schemes are involved with Environmentalism, Sustainable Development, and their all-encompassing meme we know as Climate Change?

We’ll dive into this today and see what other nasty ideas the enemy has cooked up and has unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

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