Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 11-10-21 The Metaverse Transition

COVID set the stage for more than most people realize.  It introduced us to Klaus Schwab with his World Economic Forum and gave us insights into the dystopian, eugenicist dreams of Bill Gates.  Recently a major player announced its intent to change the world even more than Schwab and Gates.  Mark Zuckerburg declared that Facebook was changing its name to Meta – actually Meta Platforms.  Through this initiative, Zuckerburg plans to transform how we interact with the internet today into a new reality of living.

The metaverse isn’t a new concept.  It’s been around for some years.  In the last couple weeks I saw a graphic someone had on his office wall describing Squirrels of the Metaverse that he said was several years old.

It appears as if all the different buzz words we hear are all related to a common goal.  Schwab has termed it the Fourth Industrial Revolution as he’s spoken about transhumanism and Man 2.0.  This correlates with what I’ve referenced several times in these Prophecy Updates at the website  This site lays out pretty clearly what the transhumanists want to do and the timeframe in which they wish to accomplish their goals.  If we overlay Zuckerburg’s Meta concept onto the template, what we see is that Meta is actually just a way-station – or a transition – to the ultimate objective of those pushing us toward this new integrated digital reality.

It’s stunning in its arrogance as to what they want to do.  Not surprisingly, they are echoing the serpent in the Garden of Eden in their spiritual claims.

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