Awaken Bible Prophecy 4-28-21: Long Hot Summer: Q-Dreams-Chaos

The cancel culture is alive and well. YouTube censored this video and deleted it because “we think it violates our community standards.” Fortunately, I also uploaded it to Rumble.


Awaken Bible Prophecy 4-28-21: Long Hot Summer: Q-Dreams-Chaos

A question that continues to percolate around the internet is whether or not the Biden Regime is truly cemented in power.  Rumors continue to fly that within months Donald Trump will once more step into the Oval Office – having overcome all the fraudulent activities that led to his supposed election defeat and to the ouster from his position as president.

Discussion points:

* Recent discussion & analysis by Praying Medic on the election

* Recent dream by Pastor Dana: The Flaming Spear Dream

* Is there a correlation between the incidents of these two items?

* Will 2021 feature a long hot summer worse than 2020?

* How should Christians approach these issues?


Sources (please view these at the video site below the video):

  • Praying Medic
  • Pastor Dana – The Flaming Spear Dream
  • Real Raw News
  • My website (books & blog)

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