Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 9-8-21: Biblical Curses Upon America

America has entered a time of Biblical judgment.  We are not Israel.  The US is not a theocratic state.  However, our nation was founded on Biblical principles.  God in His wisdom provides patterns of blessings and judgments so that all who read and understand His Word can see the parallels from the past to the present.

Ancient Israel is an example to us of how a nation falls, and what it can expect as a consequence of turning from God.  Scripture is filled with details of how Israel chose not to obey God, and in so doing, followed other lesser gods.  Although the people of Israel knew better, they purposely chose the path away from Yahweh.  God gave them much help to live correctly.  He sent the prophets and gave them the Law, but in their sin and free will, they decided they didn’t want or need God.

The people in America are no different from those in ancient Israel.  We want what we want, and we’ll get it by whatever means necessary.  If that means ignoring God and His warnings of judgment, we think we can overcome through our own self-sufficiency.  That philosophy didn’t work out for Israel and it won’t work for us.  This nation is going down.  The evidence is stacking up.  God has removed His hand of blessing upon us.  We are barrelling headlong at 100 mph toward the oncoming Tribulation.  Literally every marker is in place.  All that is required is for the Lord to snatch His church from this God-forsaken planet in the pre-Tribulation Rapture, and the unbelieving world will proceed to destroy itself.

God gave Moses a lengthy discourse on Blessings and Curses in Deuteronomy 28.  We’re going to look at some of the curses intended for Israel and point out some striking parallels to where we are today.

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  1. Reply clayton wartes

    So, Gary, How do you ignore the words of Jesus in Matthew 24:29-31 ??? How much more plainly could the master speak?? What part of A F T E R , do you not understand??? Has the sun been darkened yet?? Have the stars fallen yet??? If the church has already been “raptured”, then just who are the angels gathering???? Rev. Chapter 7, and verses 9 through 17 also must be explained away or just ignored as well: Verse 9- ” a multitude too large to count “, then verse 14 ” these are those who came OUT OF the GREAT TRIBULATION”. Please don’t waste your time with the same old contorted rationalizations that the pre-trib cult spins, with their human reasonings. Yes, Praise the Holy name of JESUS, HE IS COMING BACK. He has come ONCE, as a suffering servant, and IS COMING ONCE as CONQUERING KING, NOT THREE times. Please also note that the “rapture” false doctrine WAS NOT TAUGHT or believed for OVER EIGHTEEN HUNDRED YEARS OF CHURCH history. So I’m to believe that 1800 years of SAINTS just happened to “MISS” this ??? What unbelievable HUBRIS, on the the part of those who continue to mislead immature believers with this false teaching. And just for the record, I was taught, and believed this false teaching for most of my 67 years, until I began to read my Bible for myself, asking for the HOLY SPIRIT’s guidance, rather than having men tell me what the bible says. Throw out all your commentary’s written by men, and read the WORDS of JESUS. You are so spot on with virtually everything you teach, but I can’t be silent on your teaching on the “rapture”, a word found NOWHERE in scripture.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      I appreciate your commendation on the many other aspects of what I teach and report on. However, it’s a falsehood about the church not having been aware of and teaching the pre-Trib Rapture from the early years. I assume you’re speaking of Darby supposedly getting the concept from a mystic girl. That’s simply incorrect. It’s one of those myths that people grab hold of that isn’t true that originated from those who wanted an excuse to demonize the pre-Trib Rapture.

      Spend some quality time at Now The End Begins also has several solid articles about this, including:

      As I’ve also been saying lately, the pre-Trib Rapture truly goes to the heart and character of God, as well as with these many other strong proofs. Jesus will simply not have His beloved Bride go through the wrath of God that he already took upon Himself for us who believe. We don’t have double jeopardy. Jesus took our sins and paid the price for true believers once for all. Besides, I have yet to find someone who can explain why we as believers are so much worse than believers in 1800 or 1900. Why are we so bad that we’re supposed to go through the Tribulation that’s meant for unbelievers? How come people back in the day get a reprieve? God promised deliverance for all who believed then and all who believe now, and I hold to His Word.

  2. Reply Amy Swift

    Thank you Gary. The Tucson area is still green from rains… the Rillito River south of me yesterday was still showing signs of mega raging waters. Every once in a while we get a bright spot of news. Yesterday the news hit that the City of Tucson would back off their mandatory vaccination policy because they would loose so much money. They were warned hard by the Arizona Attorney General who appears to have woke up. The Governor of Arizona, Ducey, appears to be good at times but is bought and paid for by China. God bless you and yours richly. Yes we are going home soon… see you in heaven!

  3. Reply Burl E Tolley

    Bless you Mr. Ritter for not responding in a hateful, demonizing way to, well, hateful and demonizing comments directed to you by others. It speaks volumes about your Heart and Character as a true believer! I just admonish other followers of Christ to try and direct their “demonizing” to those who decidedly deserve it, such as the false religions out there teaching against the Deity of Christ or His literal bodily resurrection and other absolute essentials of the true Christian Faith. We need to follow ” Unity in all things essential and Liberty in all things non-essential” , right?

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