Tribulation Terror: Trumpet Judgments

Tribulation Terror: Trumpet Judgments

A Continuation of the Tribulation Chronicles





Tribulation Terror: Trumpet Judgments is the sequel to Tribulation Rising: Seal Judgments.

The world is in the midst of terrible events ever since the Great Disappearance that inexplicably removed millions of people from the earth.  Horrific wars on every front worldwide led to famine and death on an unprecedented scale.  But that was just the beginning as recounted in the first book of this series: The Tribulation Chronicles.

Can things get worse?  Is it possible that greater threats will arise to challenge the people on this planet, bringing more casualties and destruction?

When two mysterious figures right out of the Old Testament appear in Jerusalem and begin speaking disaster upon this weary world, catastrophes grow from bad to worse.  As people suffer by the very words of these despised prophets of doom, they shake their fists at God and hate Him with every fiber of their being.

The masses suffer from supernatural plagues that bring intense agony and horrific deaths.  The man identified as Antichrist, and those individuals shown as the Ten Kings, scheme to escape the ecumenical system of religion that subjects many peoples to its harlotry.

In Tribulation Terror: Trumpet Judgments all bets are off.  When great distress comes upon the world, is there any hope?  Will anyone survive?


We’ll see how things in the world play out as Israel battles for her very existence against the forces of evil.  On October 7, 2023 Israel was attacked mercilessly by Hamas terrorists from Gaza – committing unspeakable atrocities against civilians and military personnel.  Their intent is to wipe Israel completely off the map.  Israel will prevail, but likely at great cost of life to both her own citizens and to her enemies.  Bible prophecy is happening right before our eyes.  The stage is being set for the very events chronicled in this series.

As I wrote this novella of the Trumpet Judgments and thought about the subsequent Bowl Judgments, I realized that many events occur during the Midpoint period.  That led me to begin writing the next chapter of this series detailing many of the woes that will plague the world at that time.

If we haven’t been Raptured from this world yet, hopefully I’ll complete the next set of stories in this ongoing saga.

While we wait for our deliverance, let’s pray that God does what He needs to do, and that He does it quickly.  We’re impatient!  We want to be with Jesus, to see our heavenly home, and then to be set on the tasks that He will give us forevermore.

We who love the Lord have a glorious future, and I can’t wait.



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  1. Reply GaryW.

    As a younger person (I’m 82), I had the typical childhood impatience with things like birthdays, Christmas, etc. Those were great things for me but nothing like waiting for the Rapture. For several years now, people seem to have gotten more cruel, more vicious in their attitude towards other people. I’m seeing things on the news concerning the utter atrocities committed by terrorists. The butchering of babies (not to different from abortion) brings me to tears. The total lack of concern about human life, and the joy on the faces of those committing these atrocities is quite distressing. I feel like going into my front yard and jumping up and down to get a one inch advantage on the Rapture. Of course, at my weight and walking with a cane, I guess I’ll just wait for the Lord to do the heavy lifting. He can use a spiritual forklift. Come Lord Jesus.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      That’s my joke when I talk to a group about the Rapture. I have them stand up and at the count of three – jump! That’s their Rapture preparation – gets a laugh.

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