They Are Telling Us the Plan

They are telling us the plan: A future virus “more deadly” than COVID is coming

If you’ve watched my Prophecy Updates, you will have heard me say this very thing.  These people telegraph their intentions.  They tell us exactly what they intend to do.  Why don’t we believe them?

Many people think the next BIG thing is a climate crisis, as the COVID scare appears to be winding down.  That certainly could be the case.  However, I’m of the opinion that the globalist elites plan either a major cyber attack or another serious medical emergency, i.e. another pandemic, or both!  They cannot let the gains they’ve achieved go to waste.  They will never allow “normal” to truly be normal again.

Stay on the alert.  I’m not a prophet by any means, but I read the Bible.  The prophetic Word of God says that the Tribulation is coming.  That means the Deep State has to prepare.  What we’ve experienced in this last year is only the beginning.  Mark my words.


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