Latest Pastor Dana Dreams Tell Us The Rapture Is Near

I hope you’ll take the time to watch this latest video with Pastor Dana Coverstone recounting his latest dreams. They’re quite detailed and intense. The one thing is for sure: God is plainly telling us the Rapture is very near!

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  1. Reply Bill

    Had rapture dream last week Thursday. Wife & I were in this church and everyone was excited for the rapture as if it was to happen any minute. This guy next to us leaning towards us was talking how it’s going to happen literally at any time and I wanted my wife to hear this bc she’s skeptical and it scares her always gets defensive so I remember being relieved that this church was on fire for the rapture then everybody was escorted out onto a tarmac in little groups it seemed.

    This young woman was walking & talking to me embracing me w/ both of her hands it was like she was explaining something to me. There were at least a couple of air planes ppl were boarding them.

    That was my dream I’m always praying that my wife gets raptured too even though she gives me a hard time about the rapture. She is a believer.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Thanks, Bill. Yes, the Rapture is seemingly out of favor with the church. That’s another reason it’s happening soon. It’s like the stock market. When everyone is piling in because the market has gone so high and it can *never* go down, that’s the time to run! (Like in today’s market.). Back – what – 30 years ago, I guess with Hal Lindsey’s The Late Great Planet Earth, a lot of the church was excited and ready to roll. God’s timing wasn’t right and people got disillusioned.

      Now with that timing setting off all sorts of alarm bells, nobody is paying attention and the church is fearful because too many people are invested in this world rather than the one to come. I like the contrarian philosophy on a lot of levels. Reading, studying, and believing Bible prophecy is certainly one of them. I pray your wife gets on board because then she’ll know there’s nothing to fear. RE your dream, the website talks about us “preparing to take off on Flight #777 in the Pretribulation Rapture.”

  2. Reply Bill

    Hi Gary,

    I’m ready to get out of here amen. I scanned a bunch of the articles from that site I’m gonna have to start frequenting them. I knew that Rodney Howard Brown was a false teacher felt it in my spirit after listening to him for about 10 minutes. I record different ppl to consider them or not. I go back & forth whether U.S. is Mystery Babylon or is it Iraq? Been watching Rick Pearson’s program Prophecy USA it makes sense but the traditional view does too.

    I was hoping for a spring rapture it’s summer now so perhaps a fall rapture? I hope it’s this year but I’ll keep occupying. I seek righteousness continually don’t sin on purpose of course I sin by nature everyday I keep seeking not to though. Praise God.

    My wife’s one daughter & husband are moving back into town taking large pay cut to be home I know they will be left behind (life style) so I think God is preparing for the family to be together for after the rapture just some things God is showing me. Their all catholic thats my wife’s stumbling block for not embracing the rapture. Thyatira is the Catholic church but there are a few true believers in her that will go in the rapture. I do think my wife will go it just scares her.

    Institutions take profit on strength which causes a small pull back then bulls buy lower & less which attracts counter trend traders and eventually bulls stop buying which causes a sell vacuum until the same scenario happens again but at a bottom. Retail traders do the opposite.

    Got me a seat on flight # 777 amen

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Bill, I’ll come back to you on a couple of your other points, but as FYI you may find my Prophecy Updates and teachings of interest. In class, we’re going through Bill Salus’ book The Next Prophecies. My Rumble page – Awaken Bible Prophecy – where I’m now posting:

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      There are pastors like RHB who fall into the NAR – New Apostolic Reformation camp, i.e. Dominionism or Kingdom Now. Unfortunately, they declare a lot of unscriptural ideas.

      As to Mystery Babylon, I know there are many different views. I look at the text and see two distinct locations. I believe that commercial Babylon is actual Babylon in Iraq. That location has never yet received the wrath of God that is prophesied. I also see religious Babylon as Rome, as I believe the Harlot is the Catholic Church.

      With Rapture timing, I wrote an article for Rapture Ready last spring that upset a number of people because I said that despite the imminence of the Rapture, I believe the church in America has to see persecution and tribulation (not THE Tribulation) – thus the timing isn’t right yet for Jesus to whisk us away in the clouds. We’ve had it much too easy. I said then and continue to say that God has to shake the church here. Who really belongs to Him? He wants to know where our hearts truly lie, with Him or in the world.

      Finally, interesting observation about families moving home. That’s certainly also the case with God drawing Jews back to Israel with aliyah – the great end time gathering for Him to finish His work with Israel. Absolutely agree about Thyatira – it’s the model for Catholicism.

  3. Reply Bill

    I like Bill Salus just got done watching him on Gary Stearman I like all of his guest and I always sit up when L.A. comes on lol When he did that piece on those little kids that come to your door wearing hoodies w/ coal black eyes I sent that to my sister it really freaked her out. Thats a cool cat.

    I read a lot of articles from Rapture Ready followed them for a while they’re pretty good.

    I do believe more the traditional view of Mystery Babylon being in Iraq not USA we get tumbled probably by Russia as they fulfil Ezekiel 38 39 and China will take over as the world super power by 2030 or sooner.

    There’s a lot more to Iraq than most know like the inner earth tunnels, technology like the Romanian Hall of records crazy stuff but it’s true. I watched Peter Moon do a talk he’s involved along w/ other new age folks they are of that view.

    I’ll follow up w/ u later on this & start checking things out w/ you.

    Bill I ran out of time.

  4. Reply Bill

    I watched your latest video & looked over your books, pretty good.

    I have a theory on what happened in the election, not real popular though I have to admit. That, just maybe mind you, that perhaps more ppl voted for Biden than Trump? I don’t know? It’s just a crazy thought. It’s one that should be considered. And Q is actually a set up.

    The word of God commands us to pray for our leaders and governments. God knows what He is doing even if we don’t. Just like God put Trump in office God put Biden in office. It was not stolen it was won, we lost.

    There is so many other things happening in the world right now and just Netanyahu’s removal from office was a great reminder to me that Israel is part of the end game. After all it’s the place for that false world leader to present a false peace and fake temple to be set up.

    We may be out of here way earlier than you can even imagine. Even the explanation for our sudden disappearing is being worked on right now with the aliens narrative being pushed all around! Forget about the election lets go.

  5. Reply John Escondito

    this is not about a rapture – God is not coming on a rescue mission. the dreams are clearly about the Church (Bride) getting herself ready – how do you get a rapture from that? Having an escape mentality is the worst thing you could do today. We need to bring God’s Kingdom to this world that is aching for the truth. Let’s not twist the clear revelation from the Lord to suit our own comfort and fears. Let’s press into God and walking in His truth more than ever before.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Believe what you will, John. I know the Lord Jesus is coming on the clouds to snatch away His true church. You can look up and eagerly await His coming (occupying while you wait), or you can immerse yourself in the affairs of the world and let them ultimately overcome you – which they will without the hope of Jesus’ soon return.

  6. Reply Gregory

    What if 30 days of 1290 days in the Book of Daniel overlaps the 1260 days in the Book of the Revelations. I believe it does. In 2010 at the age of 45 I had a dream of a 56 year old grey haired man give me title to his house on Shepard Road. This house was listed for sale at 1600 square feet (1600 furlongs). On march 20 2021 I had turned 56 a my mother’s birthdate is 144 days later on august 11 2021 at 77 years old (7 is Gods perfect number); doubled it becomes a double anointing. I also had a dream seeing the letters MOM/Greg (He who is born of God overcomes this world). The 42 months in the Revelations has began and we are in the first 30 days of this from august 11. September 11 2021 ends the first 30 days.

  7. Reply Gregory

    Febuary 11 2025 = 42 months ago the worlds population on August 11 2021 stood at 8.10 billon but when all the judgements of God in the earth during that time concluded 6.66 billion had received the mark of the beast either directly by vaccine injections or indirectly by transmissions. 1.44 billion worldwide at its end survived as their faith in God grew. The mark of the Beast and know its number (in a population count) is 666

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Thank you for writing, Greg. I disagree. The Tribulation cannot begin until the Antichrist is revealed and confirms the peace treaty between Israel and another party. That’s the official start date. True believers won’t be here to witness that because we’ll be with Jesus as He protects us from the coming wrath. That’s the encouragement that Paul spoke of: “Be encouraged by these words.” There is no encouragement for believers thinking we have to go through the most horrible time ever on earth as man literally destroys himself in the midst of God’s judgment upon this unbelieving world. And that’s the key: The Tribulation is for unbelieving Israel so that they will believe and for the rest of the unbelieving (Gentile) world, which also results in millions of people coming to Christ during this 7 years.

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