Pastor Dana’s Coming Persecution Dream

This small-town pastor reminds me of David Wilkerson.  Wilkerson was a rural Pennsylvania pastor who received a Word from God that he should go to New York City.  The big city was completely out of Wilkerson’s comfort zone, but he was obedient and went.  From his hearing God’s voice and obeying His direction, Wilkerson ended up founding Teen Challenge, which today is an international ministry dedicated to delivering men and women of all ages from drug and alcohol addictions.  Teen Challenge works because it’s based on salvation through Jesus Christ alone.  He is the only One who can deliver such freedom.

We’re in another time and place now.  The return of Jesus is very near.  This is the reason the world has gone crazy.  Every marker, every sign, that Jesus and His Apostles foretold are coming to pass and converge in this very hour.  It doesn’t surprise me that God would use someone completely unknown to bring this message of persecution.  As a volunteer with Voice of the Martyrs for many years, I’ve long believed that the church in America must suffer persecution similar to that of our brothers and sisters in Christ in other parts of the world.

If this prophetic dream is true – and I believe it is – the church truly needs to brace itself.  True believers in Christ need to make the determination NOW to stand when the raging seas threaten to overwhelm.  If people wait until the scourge is upon them, it will be too late, and they’ll be swept away.

Please share this video with others in your church and with unbelievers.  It’s not too late for all these who don’t believe to get right with God through Christ.  But Jesus will soon snatch away His faithful followers from the earth and then it’ll be too late.  Use this message.  Perhaps God will be merciful upon one who hears and he or she will believe.

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