Biblical Audio Commentary – Cancelled!

Biblical Audio Commentary – Cancelled!




Normally, I prefer not to focus on myself in my writing and videos.  I don’t take selfies and have no desire to.  Of course, neither do I have a smartphone that would facilitate such self-expression.  My purpose in what I do is to glorify God through His Son, Jesus Christ.  As a general rule, if I’m putting attention on myself, I’ve got things upside down and backward.  That being said, every now and then something might happen in my life that’s pertinent to my intent of getting people to think, and to encourage the faithful remnant, as we wait (more and more wearily) for Christ’s imminent appearing in the pre-Tribulation Rapture.  My Commentary today fits this mold.

If you’ve followed any of my recent work, you may have come across my mention that I’ve been jousting with YouTube of late.  Over the last couple of years YouTube gave me four “strikes” against my account going all the way back to January 2020.  Their rules state that if someone receives three strikes in a 90-day period, they completely cancel your account.  With their backward-looking analysis of my efforts, YouTube determined this last December and January that I earned strikes for “harassment” and “misinformation” for early 2021 posts (two years ago!) according to their Community Guidelines.  So, I held my breath.  Would their AI censors find another breach of their delicate sensibilities and wipe me off the face of YouTube?

Who needs strikes!  Out of the blue a couple weeks ago – without a third strike or any prior notice – YouTube decided to eliminate me.  Boom!  Gone!

Because it was so sudden and without a third strike, as you can imagine, I was puzzled.  From the perspective of posting Awaken Prophecy Updates, etc. it actually wasn’t a big deal other than the fact that I had so many prior videos that they wiped out.  A while back I had moved my primary postings to Rumble, since I’d seen the handwriting on the wall as to YouTube’s censorship with many others.  What stinks in this whole affair is that I’ve used YouTube extensively to watch and learn many things, both practical in everyday life and spiritual.  My “Watch Later” and other folders of saved content also vanished.  It’s rather inconvenient.

A word about Rumble before continuing . . .  For now the platform is pretty good about not censoring, although who knows when that might end if the powers that be apply enough pressure?  The one thing about Rumble is that it stopped sending me notifications from any channel to which I subscribed, mine or others.  I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this.  Particularly for those of you who read or watch my efforts from Rumble, you may wish to go to my website blog and SUBSCRIBE there.  I seem to have ironed out notification difficulties I was having last year, so that’s been pretty consistent in alerting folks to one of my new posts.

I guess I should be used to being cancelled by now.  I seem to have a history of it.  I was the Missions Pastor at my church and a Bible teacher.  When we got a new lead pastor, I continued leading a Bible study in which we read through the Bible in a year.  Over the course of the classes in 2019-2020, given the development of the COVID narrative, I began adding a Prophecy Update to the beginning of each class.  After both the fraudulent 2020 Presidential election and the January 6, 2021 event at the capitol in Washington DC that resulted in the unjust incarceration of so many conservatives and Christians, I spoke out strongly in my Prophecy Updates against these atrocities.

During that time, a bold pastor in Canada was being threatened by his government to shut down services because . . . COVID.  He refused and preached a sermon on the role of government as laid out by Paul in Romans 13.  A day or two later, the authorities arrested and imprisoned him.  Ultimately, when he was released, he took his church underground.

I posted this sermon and lauded it in a Prophecy Update.  The next week, our new lead pastor preached (coincidently – ahem) on that same passage and came to a completely opposite conclusion to the Canadian pastor, namely, that the church needs to fully obey the government in all circumstances.  Shortly after that, our pastor removed my closed-group Facebook post supporting the Canadian pastor, saying he and our church did not agree with that position.

From there our pastor suggested that I should run all my thoughts by him for approval before speaking them in class.  That wasn’t something I could do.  There was another incident I won’t recount that caused me to lose trust in this pastor.  It was the age-old problem: Do I obey God or man?  I chose God, and shortly thereafter my wife and I decided we needed to leave the church.

Later in the year a fairly well-known blogger asked me if I’d like to contribute articles, and I was happy to do so.  I did that for several months until my blogger friend asked me to clarify my stance on the issue of Once Saved, Always Saved.  If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you may know that I question that dogma.  There’s enough Scripture that clearly argues against it as there might be for those who favor it.  Again, recall my purposes noted above: I want people to think.  This includes warning where I believe it’s necessary.  Although I would never label myself as a Watchman, I certainly perform that function and take the text in Ezekiel 3 and 33 about this issue quite seriously.  Think of it in the same light as those who might brand themselves as Prophet or Apostle versus simply being obedient to God in reflecting those attributes.  I’m not going down that road of spotlighting myself in that manner.

My position on this subject didn’t go over well with my blogger friend, and shortly once more I again found myself cancelled.  Since that time, however, my friend and I had further discussions about this and found ourselves in agreement in the stance I have taken.

It boils down to the questions: Will there be unbelievers in heaven?  Do we have free will?  Can someone choose of their own accord to turn away from Christ and worship another god?  If so, are they a believer any longer?  If not, will God welcome them to heaven with an unbelieving – apostate – heart?

For a year or two I was also sending my various Prophecy Updates and Commentaries to a prominent pre-Trib Rapture website, publishing a couple works each week.  Some of my writings and perspectives – although completely rooted Biblically – can be somewhat edgy.  I speak completely Biblically about the supernatural that’s found throughout Scripture, i.e. the rebellious sons of God, how they relate to the demonic alien/UFO phenomena, etc.  This makes some people uncomfortable.  When I started going down the road of seeing many past events in history as being purposefully initiated to accomplish a demonic purpose, that caused a problem in my relationship with this site.  Although it is thoroughly documented and, I believe, absolutely true, when I spoke about 9/11 being a U.S. operation for Deep State (and satanic) purposes, that was too much for the editor at the pre-Trib website.  Yet, when we place 9/11, the JFK assassination, the Oklahoma City bombing, Pearl Harbor, and many other historical events in the context of a spiritual war – carried out by human puppets – against God and mankind, all the puzzle pieces fall into place.  For some folks, they simply don’t want to believe in such evil.  So, once more, I was cancelled.

Now, we all know the old adage that if everywhere a person goes, and there’s always something wrong in that place, perhaps it’s the person himself who is the problem and not all the places he goes.  If that were proved to be the situation in my case, I’d gladly repent.  But I can tell you that with deep and serious prayer, I’ve never gotten any Word from God that I’ve strayed in this manner.

I think the reason for the pushback against my teachings is because of the very fact that we are at the end of the age.  Craziness abounds, and it’s only going to get worse.  This spiritual war is ramping up to an unprecedented degree.  Truth is being revealed that has for a very long time been concealed.  Satan and his minions are out in full force wreaking havoc with the world.  There’s no longer any subtlety.  When you get Satan After School Clubs, teachers in every grade level literally advocating for gender change, the White House lighting up in rainbow colors, drag queens welcomed into churches, statues erected that glorify pagan deities like Molech, and on and on, it should be pretty easy to see that we are engaged in full-out spiritual war.  Evil in many respects not understood in earlier times is off the charts.

Yet, this is only the beginning.  My being cancelled, even by good and well-meaning Christians, is simply a symptom of all this.  Frankly, it’s surprising that someone with as low of a profile as I have would be voided as much as I have.  But, if it happens to me, I imagine that others who are prominent in this Bible Prophecy space will also soon feel the sting.  Moreover, anyone who has posted on social media and lifted up Christ, or spoken on taboo subjects, may soon get strikes on their pages, leading to likewise being eliminated by that social media site.

These are perilous times.  Never forget that.  Another good reminder is Hebrews 13:3 (NIV):

Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.

We have inconveniences in America when someone comes against us.  For our brothers and sisters in Christ elsewhere in the world, persecution for them means suffering and death.

The world is spiraling downhill fast.  Yet we who trust in Jesus have hope.  Keep your eyes on Him.  Soon, He will come for us in the clouds.

14 Responses to “Biblical Audio Commentary – Cancelled!”

  1. Reply Jessica Smith

    Gary, I found you through a website that no longer posts your updates. And I have to say I am VERY disappointed with them for that. However, I will continue to faithfully listen to your updates. You have opened my eyes to things that I had simply never been exposed to before in Bible study. And it really helps me to know and understand these things during this time. I am growing weary of all the absurdities in this world, but I know God uses folks like you and Pastor JD Farag to help me, and others to make it through. Your insight, your humbleness and devotion to truly understanding the Word of God is exactly what this world needs. See you soon – when we are called home to be with Jesus God bless and protect you. Maranatha!

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Thank you, Jessica. Yes indeed, the Lord has had me pursue some VERY interesting aspects of His Word! Glad you’re still along for the ride. God bless.

  2. Reply Jim Eastman

    Gary, don’t lose heart. We have a lot of similar beliefs. The church isn’t getting what’s happening. The good part about apostasy is that we know were in the last days. I believe God gives those of us that study Bible Prophesy increased wisdom and understanding about what is going on around us, so that we can encourage others to know Gods got this.

    I can see the big lie coming when they introduce an alien on national tv who says we came from his planet. The bible narrative will really be challenged. We need to remain steadfast for the truth. To God Be The Glory!

      • Reply GaryW.

        All the terrible and wicked things happening like Covid, our economy crashing, our education system being trashed, the lies about aliens and climate change, complete corruption in politics, are planned events to create fear and chaos. The over-all plan of globalism is to destroy America and build back socialist. So far, they are succeeding with the help of Satan. The lies about aliens and climate change simply take your focus off of the real plan. Our real focus should be on Jesus and then stop worrying. Jesus is in control but don’t tell a politician that. You’ll ruin his day.

  3. Reply Lisa

    I too appreciate your messages. But i don’t take all at face value. We need to be like the Bereans and not just take anyone’s word for ourselves. Study and pray and hold fast to truth in as much as we are able.

    In regards to the world spiral down, our paper today ran an article about a rapist getting 100+ year sentence for raping infants! (Let us pray for his victims!) A few pages over, the advice columnist answered a mom angry that her “very Christian” parents don’t love her 6 kids (step and biological) who are bi, gay and trans (youngest is 12 years old and ‘came out’ as bi). The advice was as expected in our perverse world.

    Our world grows darker and more depraved by the hour. God help us know how to pray and live and serve Him until He calls us home.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Yes, I absolutely encourage people to research these things that I say. I’m certainly not infallible as to what I understand and report. Sadly, the world has more wickedness abounding in every facet of society and culture than most of us realize. Thankfully, Jesus is on the throne and His will is the one that will prevail.

  4. Reply suzanneamyswift

    I had no idea what the difficulties were that you were going through… Wow! I will continue to pray for you all.

  5. Reply Pamela P.

    Keep keeping on, Gary.
    Unless we are questioning everything we read, hear, see and believe these days we move into a serious position of falling into deception. After all, deception was the most prominent warning Jesus gave His disciples when outlining for them these end days we are experiencing.
    I have meditated upon the difference between deception and delusion, because I see both rampant in our world. My take is that there is a cure for deception: but there must be a willingness to humble oneself and admit the possibility of being wrong, and by doing this, take an open-minded approach into searching the scriptures to verify for oneself whether they are believing the doctrines of men rather than the truths of God’s Word.
    I believe there is no cure for delusion: those who have fallen into this have passed beyond the ability to see, understand, or grasp truth, even when it is presented to them by the Holy Spirit Himself.
    There seems to be a fine line between the two, and deception seems to precede, and definitely will result in delusion, as there comes a time when God Himself sends it upon them and gives them over to it. 2Thess 2:11, Romans 1:28
    We won’t know until we reach eternity who may have been rescued by something you have written, Gary. And this may even happen after we are gone. So keep on keeping on in your very important ministry. Be encouraged in the Lord.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Thanks. It’s certainly one of prayers, Pamela, that something I say reaches someone for the better and for the Kingdom of God. We’re definitely in an era whereby our illusions of being able to trust our government should be shattered by now.

  6. Reply Dell & Michael Rasley

    Gary, after reading this blog and all the comments, I have very little to add except to say we watch and read you every week; we pray for you; we appreciate all of your research and reading that gives you the insight to teach us. You are edgy – no doubt about it – but there have been very few things we disagree on that we would call a salvation issue. (I admit to the occasionally gasp, but that always makes me stop and really think about what you said.) It is obvious to us you are loved and appreciated, so please keep teaching and sharing! We appreciate that God is using you in this way! Blessings to you and your wife!

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