Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 12-29-21: The Cryptic End-Times Prophecy of Ezekiel 31

We’re going to take a little flight of fancy today – dark fancy.  Probably the most cryptic and least understood of all the prophecies in the Bible has to be that of Ezekiel 31.  It’s true that the book of Zechariah gives us highly symbolic prophecies that are difficult to interpret, so that’s quite high on the list of “what’s that mean?” but I think Ezekiel 31 tops it.  Have you ever heard anyone teach or preach on this chapter?  You may have run across somebody who took a stab at Zechariah, but not Ezekiel 31.

Why do we care about something as enigmatic as this?  The reason is that God included it in holy writ, so He cares about it, and He wants us to rightly divide Scripture.  So even seemingly obscure writing as Ezekiel 31 has its purpose.  Moreover, there may even be a direct connection between what is described here and one of the judgment plagues in the Tribulation.

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