Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 10-13-21 – What If… ?

What If Pre-Tribulation Rapture Bible Prophecy Experts have Interpreted Certain Tribulation Passages Incorrectly & There Is An Alternative Timing Perspective?

One of the Bible prophecy teachers I appreciate is Bill Salus.  He first came to my attention with his book: Psalm 83 – The Missing Prophecy Revealed.  After studying the Scriptures extensively, Salus came to believe that Psalm 83 wasn’t just an imprecatory psalm as most people have interpreted it over the years.  Rather, to his reading it was prophetic psalm yet to be fulfilled.  In that case, it had real world implications as to the course of events that still have to play out with Israel and the Middle East.

Subsequently, in considering the Tribulation and the opening of the Seal Judgments, Salus has presented an alternative view that is very different from the way that most prophecy teachers had seen.  It is literally a radical way of viewing the timing of these judgments, yet is completely Biblical.  Since introducing this alternative scenario, a number of other Bible prophecy experts have come to agree with his suggestions.

In this Awaken Bible Prophecy Update, I’ll briefly reiterate Salus’ take on the Psalm 83 prophecy.  Then I’ll explore his alternative proposal for the timing of the Seven Seal judgments of the Tribulation.


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