How To Obtain Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) & Ivermectin

Initial Post:

[NOTE: Please read and review this entire article.  If you’re looking for HCQ or Ivermectin, it provides the links for you to speak with a doctor to get those prescriptions.  It also provides a wealth of other information regarding COVID prevention protocols.]

Have you ever wondered about something and an answer miraculously appears?  Literally, just a couple days ago I was thinking about how I could obtain Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) to have on hand “just in case” my wife and I happened to get infected with COVID-19.  Since most government authorities and the medical establishment seem determined not to allow the public access to this simple treatment that has shown itself so effective, my mental inquiry wasn’t a flight of fancy.  Then yesterday, along comes Geri Ungurean at her blog: Absolute Truth from the Word of God with an answer.

I have contacted the telemedicine provider noted below and spoken with a doctor.  I’m waiting for the next step in which they will presumably contact me to provide a prescription.  I’ll note an update when that occurs.

If you decide to also go this route, please keep the cautions in mind that Geri outlines in her piece about drug interactions with any medicines you may currently be taking.


UPDATE 7-24-21

Please check out this post at the following link if you’re looking to obtain Ivermectin.  It contain a list of doctors in the United States, but also a link to doctors WORLDWIDE who may also prescribe it:

Doctors Raise Awareness on Ivermectin Treatment for COVID-19 and HOW You Can Get It


UPDATE 7-9-21

More and more good, solid medical information is coming out regarding the COVID illness and the horrific side effects of what I call the Vacijab, i.e. the so-called “vaccines”, which are actually experimental biological agents developed by Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, and AstraZeneca.  To this end, I wanted to provide further useful resources.  The following websites are owned and operated by highly reputable doctors/researchers who have put their medical practices and lives on the line to bring truth and warning to the American people.  Please take the time to explore them and learn what these medical professionals are saying as a contrarian voice against the medical establishment, which has teamed up with the government, Big Tech, Big Pharma, and the mainstream media to produce this constant drumbeat, i.e. the BIG LIE, that the “vaccine” is safe, effective, and that everyone should get the jab.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko:

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny:

Dr. Lee Merritt:


This is a long interview featuring Dr. Zelenko, but well worth your time.  If you have already had the shot and have regrets, this discussion addresses how you can possibly mitigate the effects.



I continue to receive inquiries from folks looking to obtain a prescription for Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).  The website to speak with a doctor and to obtain the prescription is in the text below.  However, just to make it easy, if you wish to get the drug to prevent or treat COVID-19, this is the website where you can do so:

I have personally used this service successfully as have some friends.  Unfortunately, as far as I know, they cannot prescribe in Canada or elsewhere other than the U.S.

In addition to HCQ, the service has expanded its offerings so that you can now receive a prescription for Ivermectin, which many reputable doctors say is even more powerful to treat COVID than HCQ.  I have just ordered it through Speak With An MD.  Caveat: even though Ivermectin is a generic drug and used cheaply all over the world, the pharmacy that contacts you through this service may price it expensively.  For 20 Ivermectin pills I was charged $120, i.e. $6 per pill, which included shipping.


UPDATE 8-12-20 (1)

I actually received the call from the doctor the same evening (Monday) as which I filled out the online questionnaire and paid in advance for the “visit.”  The next day (Tuesday) I expected to receive a call from the online pharmacy but didn’t receive one, so called the contact number for the telemedicine provider.  On the following day (Wednesday – the day of this update) I received the pharmacy call for the HCQ prescription.  Having paid for that over the phone, I was told that I should receive the shipment in 2-3 days via UPS ground.  The shipping cost was included in the price of the medicine.


UPDATE 8-17-20 (2)

I received the pharmacy shipment of HCQ today by UPS, 8 days from start to finish of filling out the telemedicine questionnaire.  The label said that there were 17 pills, as did the receipt, however I happened to count the number of pills and there were only 12!  I called the pharmacy to report the error, and they said they would send me the remaining pills, so the saga continues.  Because you take the pills over an extended period of time, this is not be a crucial problem.  Obviously, it’s important to get what you paid for, so I’ll report again when I receive the final count.


UPDATE 8-20-20 (3)

UPS just delivered the last five pills that I’d been shorted in the original shipment.


Here’s Geri’s blog piece in its entirety:


People Desperately Trying to Get HCQ and AZITHROMAX: I Will Show You How to LEGALLY Attain These Drugs

The Word of the year ‘2020’ aside from Covid-19 is Hydroxychloroquine.

This drug was politicized after President Trump gave it a thumb’s up and told the public that he was on it as a prophylaxis.

The Leftist media immediately jumped on our president and the drug quickly became a “joke.”

Well, it is certainly not a joke!

Here are some articles I have written on this topic:

Censoring HCQ, Azithromycin and Zinc as cure for Covid19: What is Really Going On?

NIH Study Clearly Shows Hydroxychloroquine With Azithromycin Added Kills Covid 19 – Fauci Knew Since 2005 NO ONE NEEDED TO DIE

Leaders of Countries Instructed to Take HCQ As Prophylaxis Against Covid 19: General Population is Told HCQ is Worthless

America’s Frontline Doctors and How they were Demonized:

Various Media outlets banned the video of America’s doctors speaking about the success of HCQ and Z-pak and Zinc in the treatment of the dreaded disease Covid 19.

That video was banned and scrubbed from the Interest numerous times but found its way back.

My doctor refused ever prescribing HCQ – even if I was in the hospital with Covid 19.  I spoke to our pharmacist and he told me that he had HCQ and Z-pak on hand and that he would fill any prescriptions for these drugs. Many pharmacists are refusing to fill the script which comes in- between the patient and his/her doctor.

Dr. Stella Emmanuel

Dr. Stella is one of America’s Frontline doctors. I was able to contact her and asked her if it was possible to get the life saving drugs. She sent me this: Dr. Stella Telemedicine Affiliate

****BEFORE you click that link to get started, you must do this:

Search for “Drug Interactions” and go into the site. Then put in any pharmaceutical drugs which you are presently taking. Then put in Hydroxychloroquine.  Look for any Serious interactions.  My husband went through the process and a doctor called him. She had looked at his questionnaire and he is on one pharmaceutical that has a bad interaction with HCQ.  Tim has PTSD from Vietnam and his VA doctor has him on a low dosage of Zoloft. Zoloft and HCQ are not a good match (heart issues)  Tim is going to see his doctor and try to ween off of this drug so that he can order HCQ. He found out that the VA does prescribe HCQ.

When you click on that link, a series of questions about your health and medicines you take will appear.  Just answer the questions and then at the end you will need to pay with a credit card for the doctor to call you. I was happy to pay……best $90 I ever spent.

The next day, a doctor did call me and asked me more questions. He told me that he would prescribe the two medicines for me. He said that a pharmacist would be calling me. We bought Zinc over the counter . The three pills must be taken together. The dose for HCQ is 2 pills a day for 5 days and then 1 pill each week for 5 weeks. Z-pak gives directions on dosage – follow them.  Zinc is taken once a day. I ordered 30 mg – some people order 50 mg.

I now have the medicines in my kitchen but will not use them unless I develop symptoms of Covid or I am tested and it is confirmed. These medicines must be taken in early-stage Covid; late stage is too late.

I may get in trouble for writing this piece, but if this can save even one person from dying of Covid19 – it was well worth writing.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


58 Responses to “How To Obtain Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) & Ivermectin”

      • Reply Beth Rivera

        I am presently taking ivermectin but recently learned that I should be taking hcq.

        • Reply Gary Ritter

          I have to give the standard disclaimer that I’m not a doctor. Having said that, my understanding is that both HCQ and Ivermectin are good to combat COVID. From what I’ve read, Ivermectin may be even more effective than HCQ. In both instances, it’s very important to begin taking these meds ASAP within the first five days at the initial onset of symptoms.

    • Reply Paulette B Provost

      Nee a prescription for HCQ and a Z-pak, I am 65 years old and a teacher. I have tried everything. But because we had 22 kids our in one day last week, I just want to be prepared. thank you

      • Reply Gary Ritter

        The link I previously gave you can potentially be used for these other drugs as well:

        When I consulted and received the HCQ, I asked about Z-pack. That is an antibiotic, so you don’t want to take it indiscriminately. Based on how they rate you on the call as to severity of need, one of their “protocols” calls for prescribing Z-pack. They’ll prescribe zinc as well, but just go to the health food store for that as a basic supplement. A good practice is to regularly take Vitamin C, zinc, and Vitamin D-3 to support your immune system.

        The medical literature is pretty clear that someone can take HCQ for a long time without any adverse effects and as a preventative for COVID. The other way to do it that I’ve seen works well is to begin taking HCQ and Z-pack within the first 5 days on onset of symptoms, plus increase the zinc dosage.

        Of course, I have to caveat all this with the statement that I’m not a doctor, but from everything I’ve seen this is solid info and primarily kept away from public knowledge (criminally!) by the MSM and even the medical establishment.

        Good luck and God bless!

    • Reply L Christe

      My 73 year old mother , who is late on set type 1 insulin dependent diabetic. (52 age when diagnosed). I have NEVER witnessed anyone take better care of their diabetes. Always checking her glucose levels. Not heavy, eats very well. She had a cold during the week, I spoke with her on Thursday for about 45 minutes and she was feeling fine. Great as a matter of fact… “comes and goes”. She woke up this morning apparently with a very high glucose, called 911 and an ambulance took her to a local hospital. This was 9:30 am…. They didn’t call me until 2:29 pm!!!!!! They had already intubated my mother and gave her remdesivir …..When I asked the doctor that called me why Is my mother not being given Hydroxychloroquine and zinc (allergic to penicil) He states “that is not protocol for this hospital”. I asked why ??? He didn’t answer me. “Why I was not called before my mother was put on a ventilator “ ? and he stated she was becoming agitated and was having a hard time breathing…. SHE WAS PROBABLY LIKE THAT BECAUSE SHE WAS WORRIED ABOUT HER 5 MONTH OLD PUPPY….. I am bawling writing this. I have incredible knowledge about this. I would have never EVER let them do this. They won’t even let me see her. Please help me. I know my mom should have been treated 5 days ago with the cocktail of Meds. I AM THE FIRST NAME ON HER PAPER WORK TO CALL !!! THEY DIDNT CALL ME …..

      • Reply Gary Ritter

        I’m so sorry to hear how poorly the hospital has treated you and your mother. It’s sad that the medical establishment has bowed its knee to politics and falsehoods. We’re truly in a time when the love of many is growing cold.

        I’m not much of one for lawsuits, but as your mom’s representative it seems to me they should have called you much sooner than they did. Depending on how things turn out, you may need to consider consulting an attorney.

        However, throughout any of this, don’t allow your heart to grow bitter. It’s very easy these days with all the things happening that grieve us (and God!) to become angry and to let that anger consume us. Rather, we must (MUST!) do what Jesus told us to do in these situations: pray for our enemies and those who persecute us.

        I pray for your peace of mind – God’s shalom – to help you through this, and I pray for your mom that the Lord would be merciful to her and bring her healing.

    • Reply Michael

      Have returned from a trip to Florida where I interacted with many people. I am typically isolated. Would like to get HCQ and z-pak as a preventative measure.

      • Reply Gary Ritter

        On this website, go to my blog and search for HCQ. That will will bring up the article with the information on how to obtain a prescription from America’s Frontline Doctors.

    • Reply Joanie

      Can I order hydrochloriquine here and Ivermectin here with z-pac

      • Reply Gary Ritter

        Not from me. On this website, go to my blog and search for HCQ. That will will bring up the article with the information on how to obtain a prescription from America’s Frontline Doctors. You’ll find this website in the article where you can order:

    • Reply Don Ketcham

      I DO NOT want to get the dangerous JAB but I do want to be prepared in case I come down with Covid. I know HCQ and ivermectin work, so I”d likd to get scripts for one or both. Thank you.

      • Reply Gary Ritter

        I think it’s a wise decision. If you haven’t already, check further down in the article – or even in some of these earlier comments – for the links.

      • Reply Kimberly

        Can you get an RX for HCQ thru this website? Where does the medicine come from?

        • Reply Gary Ritter

          If you go to, which is provided by America’s Frontline Doctors, you fill out a brief questionnaire and from that a doctor calls you. He then writes a prescription and a pharmacy calls usually within 24 hours. You can get HCQ or Ivermectin (maybe both at the same time?) within a couple days of this process. Hope this helps!

      • Reply Gary Ritter

        Please read the article. As I say right in the beginning, it will give you the information that you’re seeking. Thanks.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      That’s a great question. I have no idea whether the source I provided works in the UK. I would go to the website, fill out the brief questionnaire, and see what they say. Maybe they have a means to prescribe and/or send there. Sorry I can’t be of more help. I wish you luck in finding it.

  1. Reply John Dabney

    I watched a video HCQ by a physician who said that I could get an rx for HCQ by contacting Frontline Doctors. I went on the web and when I attempted to go to a page, the message came up, “This page seems unavailable” ( or words to that effect). I continued my search, and I was suddenly talking with a third party answering service that wanted $50 a month. I have several comorbidities and would like to get HCQ but have not proved tecky enough to get through to someone who can provide an rx. Can you help or direct me? Thanks.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Hi John,
      Further down in the article I posted is a link to at

      I have used this service twice and my wife once to obtain HCQ. The consult with the doctor was about $60 then another $40 or so for the HCQ itself. Just fill out the online form at the above link – simple and brief – and a doctor should call you sometime tomorrow at the latest. Once you’ve spoken with the doctor, they write a prescription and the pharmacy calls to fill the order.

      Hopefully this helps. God bless!

  2. Reply Robert christian

    I am a retired pharmacist. In 45 yrs of owning my own drug store and dispensing several thousand HCQ and never saw a side effect or a drug reaction. I want to purchase 60 tabs and the same with the Zithromax. Will you kindly direct me? Thank you, Bob

        • Reply Gary Ritter

          Hi Carol,
          No, not yet(!). I clicked on the link in your email and it took me right there, so it doesn’t seem to be a problem with their website. Maybe wait several hours or until tomorrow to try again. One other option is if you go to the America’s Frontline Doctors website, there’s a link from there to See if that alternative route might work for you. Good luck!

        • Reply Carol

          oops, nevermind – the website finally came up after 20-30 minutes. Thanks for the info, very helpful!

      • Reply shannon

        Hi, isnt there an easy way to get HCQ or invermection without a dr? I never needed a dr for malaria pills. I want to have these medications on hand. And what is Azithromax? My brother is currently struggling with Covid its the 8th day and he is having difficulty breathing. He went to the Dr and they mentioned medication for pneumonia and inhaler. That does not seem like the best protocol from what I’m reading. Would appreciate your input.

        • Reply Gary Ritter

          I’m not a doctor so I can’t speak with medical authority. However, the one thing I’ve absorbed from all that I’ve read of late and in watching interviews with very knowledgable doctors like Sherri Tenpenny, who has been very much on top of COVID and the “vaccines”, is this: When someone contracts or suspects they have gotten COVID, the first 5 days or so are absolutely critical. If it’s treated then with HCQ or Ivermectin. the odds are extremely good that the illness will cause relatively minor discomfort. If you go beyond the 5 days, then inflammation sets into the body and treatment has to be taken to another level. In general, it’s best to supplement so as to have high Vitamin D3 level, etc. to ward off the disease. Also, have these two items available for immediate use. At recommended dosages, they have been shown over the years to be completely safe. See Dr. Zelenko’s protocols here for both instances:

          Sadly, when President Trump started touting HCQ last year, the Deep State went into action and villanized it. HCQ and Ivermectin are available all over the world – in third world nations for pennies over the counter. Here, we have to have a doctor’s prescription and pay much more than elsewhere getting it through a pharmacy. I believe that Azithromax would be a form of Azithromycin (spelling?) which works well in combination with Zinc and HCQ therapy.

          I know that when patients haven’t been treated early, such things as steroids, etc have to be used. It would be interesting to know in general what the medical team thinks of HCQ and Ivermectin. If they speak positively that’s a good thing; if they pooh-pooh it, you know you’re dealing with someone who is ignorant or compromised.

          The best approach for getting HCQ – as far as I know – is still I have heard from a couple folks in the last few days that they are experiencing significant delays hearing back from doctors. Not much i can do about that as I have no association with them.

          I don’t know if this has helped, but the most important thing any of us can do is to be educated on this subject and – unfortunately – be very wary of the medical establishment. It has not proven to be on the side of patients with this COVID-“vaccine” crisis.

          Good luck and God bless.

  3. Reply Rina

    I wonder if there is any possible way to do a consultation and get the HCQ if i am in Canada??

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Sorry, but I don’t know. Did you try going through the Speak With an MD site? It may come down to doctors being able to prescribe in Canada, and/or if there are any Canadian doctors as part of the network. The America’s Frontline Doctors website has telephone and email contact info, so you could get hold of them that way to see what they suggest.

      • Reply Donna

        Hi, I had a thought about folks in Canada. Perhaps if they have a US mailing address or a friend in the US that could send it to them it could solve the problem of getting it in Canada. It may be worth looking into.
        Thank you so much for sharing this information and for all you are doing. God bless you.
        Donna Wells

  4. Reply Jodi Nettenstrom

    I’ve signed up twice at the for covid meds “ just in case”. It’s been over a week and have heard nothing. My credit card initially said “pending”, but that was removed several days ago without a charge. Am I still on the list to be called or should I keep waiting or submit a request again? Thanks!

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      As I’m not associated with them in any way, I have no idea. Some friends just signed up a week ago, got the call from the doctor and the subsequent call from the pharmacy, having no issues with the process. I have had 1-2 other people tell me they had a similar issue as yours. Somehow it appears there may be an intermittent glitch where some folks fall into the cracks and aren’t contacted. What you may want to do is visit the America’s Frontline Doctors website. They have direct contact info there for email and telephone. Good luck; I hope this works for you!

  5. Reply John Bode

    I obtained an HCQ prescription for my wife and I for by going through in December 2020. I’ve attempted numerous times to obtain another prescription using the same service, but received no response from any doctors. The doctor that provided the original prescription was pressured to stop and has changed her phone number and email address. It appears there are no longer any doctors left in North America who have not been compromised.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      You may want to go to the America’s Frontline Doctors website where they have email and telephone contact info. It does seem like responses have gotten a little spotty as you say. We have friends who about 3 weeks ago contacted through the website and had no problems with callbacks or receiving their prescriptions. Good luck. Hopefully direct contact with AFD will work for you.

  6. Reply Zlatko

    Is it possible to get this filled in Toronto Canada pharmacy?
    Much appreciated! May His grace be multiplied to you!

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Unfortunately, I don’t think it is possible. I saw something on the America’s Frontline Doctor’s page recently (they provide the website to order HCQ) that currently prescriptions from them can only be filled in the US. If you’ve been following alternative media, you may have seen that Ivermectin is another drug that really works well against the Wuhan virus. It’s actually used in veterinary medicine, but has been shown with off-label use to significantly stop the virus. It’s a long shot, but you may want to see if your doctor will prescribe Ivermectin. God bless, and good luck!

  7. Reply Nancy Tate

    Do you have a doc affiliate in the South Carolina area?
    I’ve been trying to get put on hydroxochloriquine as a preventative but earlier in year doc wouldn’t do it.

  8. Reply Robert Kintzer

    I had questions about obtaining hydroxychloroquine from Americas Frontline Doctors and they pretty much ignored me. I wanted to know how they could justify charging $90 just for a prescription. How long would the prescription last? A one-time use? What if I get symptoms again a couple of months later? Do I have to pay for a $90 prescription again? And BTW, the $90 does not include the HCQ, which I hear is quite expensive. It shouldn’t be, but there is price-gouging going on. And what about other people in my family? If everyone comes down with symptoms does each family member have to pay $90 for a prescription? Are these people really in it to help people? Or are they in it for the fast, easy buck?

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Hi Robert, Not sure about that $90 charge. We’ve gone through them several times, initially for HCQ, then for Ivermectin. The doctor consult was $60.

      The HCQ through the the pharmacy that called us was about $30-40. The Ivermectin was more expensive at $6/pill and getting 20 pills – ouch.

      Blame the FDA for the medicine cost. These are generic over-the-counter meds in 3rd world countries at pennies a pill. Here they’re prescription so the cost is way higher.

      Obviously, the first caveat: I’m not a doctor – so you can take what I say as you will. My understanding of COVID from all the research I’ve done is that the first five days are the most critical. Start taking HCQ or Ivermectin early and you’ll likely knock it out. Wait for doctor appointment and tests and go over those five days, and the disease has already taken hold in your body. As a result, the treatment for these meds still works, but takes longer with more symptoms.

      Building your immune system to strengthen your body’s own response to COVID is also very important. See the Zelenko Protocol for vitamins at the website:

      As to refills, etc. One doctor I spoke to from Speak With An MD gave me the option of signing up with his office to get refills. Otherwise, keep your account number and just go back to Speak With An MD. Yes, you’ve got another doctor consult, but many doctor visits in person these days are that much.

      I know the costs can add up, but the option is regular medical treatment that doesn’t seem to have a clue that there are more effective treatments. The people that needlessly died on ventilators is criminal.

      My bottom line is preparation through both vitamin enhancement of my immune system and having the proven meds of HCQ and Ivermectin on hand. I’d rather go this route than trusting the medical establishment these days. Oh, and prayer, first and foremost! I try to put all this – literally everything – in God’s hands.

      Hope this helps a little. God bless!

      • Reply Robert Kintzer

        Gary, thank you so much for the reply. I guess my biggest problem with Americas Frontline Doctors was that they wanted their $90 upfront before any questions could be asked or answered. It’s been awhile so maybe they lowered their charge to $60 but I am positive they were asking for $90 just for the call. You have given me the confidence to order from them and I thank you for that. So. as you said, it is in God’s hands now.

          • Robert Kintzer

            Hi Gary, in your research did you find that Americas Frontline Doctors and speakwithanmd were related somehow? I’m wondering if that was the difference in the price ($90 as opposed to $60).

          • Gary Ritter

            As far as I know, Speak With An MD is part of AFLD. If you go to this page and click on Contact a Physician, it’ll take you right to Speak..
   Down the page is the button for Book Your Consultation Now. You end up on the same page as if you’d gone direct to the Speak… page.

            Looking further, I see the quote for $90, so I’m not sure if they’ve increased the price or what. I was going to show you an image of my last receipt for $60 but can’t do that directly with jumping through hoops. Anyway, it does appear as if they raised the cost. Hmmm. I might have just gotten in under the wire ordering on May 1.

  9. Reply Cathy Broz

    I was in the process of filling out the application to speak to a doctor for the medications, but it will not allow me to click the last acknowledgment on the application. It will not let me continue because of this?? Help please!

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Since it’s not my website, I have no specific idea. Just several thoughts:
      1. Try coming in and beginning again at the start of the application.
      2. Was there a field you missed filling out? I’ve run into this kind of problem on various websites, and until I looked more closely. I simply didn’t see what I was missing.
      3. I’ve run into issues with some websites where they weren’t working for some technical reason. When I waited a couple hours, I had no further problem trying again.
      4. If all else fails, you can find a contact telno on either the Speak With An MD page or America’s Frontline Doctors page to try to call them.

      Hope this helps. Good luck and God bless!

  10. Reply Rondelle Weyand

    Hi, am i able to get HCQ to have on hand in the event of covid? I am a nurse and worried my physician will not prescribe this medication as i have heard such. If i can order, where can i do this?
    Thank you

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Yes, please just read further in the article for information on acquiring HCQ or Ivermectin. I’ve also noted this same information in some of these comments below from other folks.

  11. Reply Joan Maffei

    System keep saying there is a problem with my sign on. System says they will be emailing me ability to correct sign on but it never comes

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Joan, of course, I have no idea what might be going on with their system, as I am not connected to them in any way. If it doesn’t work directly today, try the indirect route through America’s Frontline Doctors website which links to You can also find contact info on AFLD’s website if you continue to have a problem. I do know from what Dr. Simone Gold has said that people sometimes need to be patient. The system sometimes gets overwhelmed by people trying to access it, as do the doctors who respond (see comment stream below). So many folks are looking for an alternative to what the medical profession is not supplying. Good luck and God bless!

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