Tribulation Rising: Seal Judgments

When the wrath of the Lamb falls upon this world, what will those days be like in the 7-year Tribulation– this more horrible of all times? These gritty stories reflecting the Seal Judgments opened in the Book of Revelation will intrigue you. This period will be more dystopian than any fiction writer can imagine. Isn’t real life always that way? Who is Antichrist? What will happen in Israel? Who is the Harlot that rides the Beast? How will people live in the midst of absolute lawlessness?

Amazon has released a new story platform called Kindle Vella (vella – for novella: a short novel form).  They are provided in a serialized format.  You read one episode, then decide if you wish to read the next.  The first 3 episodes are FREE.


Please check out my entry in this format: Tribulation Rising: Seal Judgments – The Coming Apocalypse.

You can go directly to the Amazon page with these stories at this link:

Reading these episodes, you will learn much in the realm of Bible Prophecy in a story format and be entertained – possibly horrified at what is to come.  Please click the above link and see for yourself!

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