Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 2-16-22 – Part 2: The End-Times Cult of Catholicism

Last week’s Prophecy Update covered Part 1 of this topic.  Today we’re continuing with Part 2.  In discussing the cultist actions and beliefs of the Catholic Church, we previously discussed the following:

  • Pedophilia in the church
  • Purgatory & Indulgences
  • Ecumenicalism
  • Mary – how Catholics view the mother of Jesus

Today we’ll deal with:

  • #1 – How Catholicism is more than likely the end product coming out of the Church of Thyatira in Revelation 2
  • #2 – The superabundance of material about Pope Francis and his many statements that prove without any doubt that he knows nothing about true Christianity
  • #3 – The eucharist in Catholic mass and how such belief fosters the deception that it’s necessary for salvation

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