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Biblical Audio Commentary – Laughed Them to Scorn

Imagine, if you will, that a Godly man became President of the United States.  I know, I know, this is such a far-fetched fantasy that it’s impossible even to conceive.  What are the odds – right?  But humor me.

John 19:14 – The Day of Preparation

God’s plan and His timing are seen through the ages, if we only have eyes to see. The day that Jesus came before Pilate was significant in the Hebrew calendar. The Jews had gathered in Jerusalem for Passover, which had been initiated many years ago by God on the cusp of the Exodus. Of course,…

Matthew 26:59 – Seeking False Testimony

Can you imagine the animosity the religious leaders had against Jesus?  One could definitively say that His Words certainly didn’t tickle their itching ears.  Quite the opposite.  Every Word Jesus uttered must have grated on them and aroused their sensibilities against Him.  To relate these hateful thoughts and feelings to current events, think about how…