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Awaken Prophecy Class 6-30-21 Salus Next Prophecies ch 11-13

We’re studying The Next Prophecies by Bill Salus: Chapter 11: Is Islam the Harlot World Religion? Chapter 12: Do Death & Hades Kill the Fifth Seal Saints Chapter 13: The Two Killing Crusades That Martyr Christians After the Rapture Reading for next week 7/7/21: Chapters 14-15   The Next Prophecies:

Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 6-9-21: 4th Turning Crises & Climax

In this Prophecy Update we discuss The Fourth Turning, a book and a secular look at history that shows its repetitive patterns. In this view, the Fourth Turning is extremely critical. As we look at the world around us, we see how accurate this perspective is and how the predictions made mirror the crises we…

Prophecy Update: Convergence Increasing

The hot word among those who watch the signs of the times is convergence.  It’s a good word.  The definition basically means the movement toward a point of conclusion.  In the case of Bible prophecy, it’s where all the disparate strands of God’s end times fragments come together for His final judgment upon the earth. …