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Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 5-31-23: Alien Invasion

The topic of angels, fallen angels, and aliens with their UFOs is of paramount importance in these last days.  Going back to time immemorial, various peoples have seen unexplained aerial phenomena and encountered strange beings not of this earth. What are these novelties?  What are the primary manifestations of the demonic today?  Where do they lead?

Pastor Dana Coverstone – August 24, 2020 Dream

This video by Pastor Dana Coverstone discusses three recent dreams he had, the latest of which was Monday, August 24, 2020.  If you’ve followed Pastor Dana’s dreams, you know that they do not foretell a good ending for this nation.  As we come into the Fall months, the context of the dreams becomes worse and…

Prophetic Dreams? How Can This Be?

As many people know by now, Pastor Dana Coverstone’s series of prophetic dreams have caused quite a stir.  As I write this, the two videos on the dreams that he posted are starting to close in on two million views.  In addition, others have made videos discussing the dreams, and there are several hundred thousand…