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Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 6-28-23: As in the Past, So in the Present

There is so much to learn from the trials, tribulations, and underlying apostasies of God’s children, Israel and Judah, when they turned away from Him in rebellion. When we read the Old Testament, we see that sinful people practice their sin regardless of who they are and in what earthly dispensation.  As it was in ancient Israel, so it is today in America and the rest of the world.

2 Peter 2:14 – Insatiable for Sin

God spares no condemnation against false prophets.  The entire chapter of 2 Peter 2 details His intense passion concerning these men from times past to today who lead people astray. 

Numbers 31:49 – Not a Man Missing

The sorry incident of the prophet Balaam attempting to curse the Israelites had many consequences.  King Balak of Moab had teamed up with his allies the Midianites to hire Balaam to facilitate the destruction of God’s people.  That method didn’t work, so Balaam suggested another way to achieve the same result.  He counseled that the…

Numbers 25:1-3 – Yoked to Baal

The Israelites had a constant problem.  Despite the presence of Yahweh in many forms, and in their witnessing His awesome majesty, the children of Israel simply couldn’t help themselves.  They seemed to have an irresistible urge to follow any god but the One who actually delivered them from slavery. While in Moabite territory,  the Israelites…