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Biblical Audio Commentary – Wisdom of Man, Foolishness of God

It’s difficult not to see the pride and arrogance of the global elites. These people really do believe their own fantasies. But they do have a good point. The reality is that given what God did in creating us, He succeeded almost too well. With our free will and the capacity to think that we have, do we have any limitations?

Jeremiah 44:16 – We Will Not Listen

Man’s arrogance against God is often stunning.  His conceit in thinking he can exist and prosper without the One who created him seems to be without bounds.

Slaughterbots: Chilling Video of AI in the 7-Year Tribulation

Outside of faith in Jesus Christ and His soon coming for His church in the Rapture, the future is exceedingly dark.  For those unbelievers who don’t know Christ, or those in the church who think we must go through the Tribulation to somehow prove our worthiness, this video will certainly not excite you about that…

Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 5-19-21: The Transhumanist Fallacy

Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 5-19-21: The Transhumanist Fallacy Are people becoming less than human in order to theoretically become more than human? We’re going to consider some of the aspects of the very public push to achieve immortality with the intention of kicking God out of the equation for good. In so doing, we’re going…