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Biblical Audio Commentary – Coming Persecution: I Might Be Wrong

In contemplating these coming times, I made the assumption that the persecution which has been present throughout history, and more recently in most places around the world except in America, would eventually make its way here.  In large measure – looking at our current circumstances – it seems, for the most part, that I may have been wrong – please note my qualifier.

Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 6-15-22: Another Great Awakening?

Because there’s so much discussion among Christians that there will be Another Great Awakening that will push back the powers of darkness so that we can reclaim this land in the cultural and societal realms, I thought it might be helpful to look back at the first three Great Awakenings. 

Acts 9:18 – Scales Fell From His Eyes

It is almost a cliche to say that the Lord moves in mysterious ways, yet it continues to be an absolute truth. To advance His kingdom, God uses those whom He chooses, and He does so in an often unexpected manner. The classic of this truism is with the Pharisee Saul who became the Apostle…