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Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 8-16-23: Problematic Catholic Bookend Beliefs – Part 1

I must be a masochist.  Not content to call out erroneous post-Trib Rapture and NAR doctrines, US government conspiracies, and the medical profession for their devilish, homicidal participation in the depopulation agenda which I call Hospicide, I also have to take on the Vatican.  Is it something simple like their faith by works beliefs or the false un-Scriptural notion of purgatory?  Oh no – I have to investigate their thinking about Genesis and Revelation – the two cornerstone books in the Bible.

The Corruption of All Flesh

Aside from the folks who believe the Sethite version of Genesis 6:1-4, most of the rest of us have come to the realization that the sons of God (benai Elohim) the passage references really were sons of God.

Luke 20:36 – Equal to Angels

The scribes and chief priests, the Pharisees and the Sadducees, all came to Jesus with their own agendas hoping to catch Him as a false prophet and thus denounce Him.  At one point, the Sadducees tried to trip Him up with questions about the afterlife.  As opposed to the Pharisees, they didn’t believe in the…

Numbers 9:16 – Supernatural

The Bible is a book filled with wonders, all of which point to God.  Why is it that given all we’re shown He can do, that we still try to limit Him?  How is it that we can accept some supernatural aspects of God and His kingdom, yet are loathe to believe others?  What is…

Mark 1:34 – Demonic Origins

The question arises, “Where did demons come from?”  In reading the Bible, there seems to be no origin for these nasty beings; all of a sudden they appear to do Satan’s bidding and torment mankind.  The reality is that there is a clear and rational explanation, but it all has to do with interpreting Scripture…